The Death of the Romanovs

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The Fall of the Romanov Family; Could They have Prevented it?

On a dark July night, in the year of 1917, the Imperial family of Russia was led into the basement of the Impativ house, to keep them away from the roaring crowds outside, since it wouldn’t be safe in the upper rooms of the house if there were gunshots in the street, an elaborate, yet slightly true lie told by the guards, or later to be known executioners (Massie, 1995). Once they were led into the room, including the family physician, a valet, maid, and cook, who had chosen to stay with the family through their 16 months of captivity in the Impativ house, they were all lined up against the wall and shot until dead (Massie, 1995). Once dead, they were wrapped in sheets and loaded into the back of a truck. The bodies were driven out into a forest, stripped of their clothing, and buried (Massie, 1995). But what caused all of this to happen to a family so undeserving of their fate? The calling on and the influence of a spiritual healer named Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, the Tsarvich Alexei's hemophilia, and World War I is the reason that this fate was bestowed upon them.

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