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23rd November 1939

Charlotte Roberts

Many Maori are willing to fight, to sacrifice their lives for their countries. So why are some Maori leaders (such as Te Puea Herangi) against it. “We will lose some of the most promising of our young leaders,” said Sir Apirana Ngata. But if we do not sacrifice some lives all might be lost. If the Maori want to be respected in this country then they should also fight, like the rest of the men in New Zealand. If the Maori do not fight will New Zealand still be protected if an invasion does happen?

Some Maori think that the population could never survive if they fought. If Maori and Pakeha troops fought together will less Maori lives be lost? The Maori and Pakeha can work together and fight for the county that they both love.

Others believe that the Maori should stay in New Zealand for home service but how can this help? If the Maori are of age why can’t they fight and be equal to the Pakeha. New Zealand has a population of two million, shouldn’t every man who can fight? If Maori men are lost they will not be the only race with lives lost. There are enough men who are healthy and fit but would never survive the war but could certainly defend New Zealand shores.

The Maori need to fight. For the safety of this country and respect from Pakeha, Maori need to fight.

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