The Cultural Impact of Slavery

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The Cultural Impact of Slavery
Different sections of the country/Summarize economic development
Why didn’t South industrialize?
Initial differences in transportation grow

Lack of capital


No immigration

Aristocratic mindset

After cotton gin, attitudes about slavery change
Anomaly => Necessary Evil => Positive Good
Southern Impact


Diaspora: Cultural holocaust?

English w/West African grammar (double neg/verb conjugation)

Ebonics: History as argument (ESL?)


Barrier Islands

Family Patterns

Single Motherhood


“It takes a village” History as argument

Male slave management

Jumping the broom (Gay rights co-option)

Daniel Patrick Moniyhan’s The Negro Family: The Case for National Action

Out of wedlock births today.


Oppression v. resistance

Vernacular architecture: balconies

Slave preachers/hymns


Historiographical problem: sources

Eugene Genovese: “Roll, Jordan, Roll! TheWorld the Slaves Made”

Rich Whites

Face (Pulling the nose)

Violence: Dueling, caning, horsewhipping

Brooks/Preston Caning

Code Duello

Code of Chivalry

Poor Whites

Trapped in poverty

Imitative violence (emulation) (APING – Veblen)

David Roedigger’s Wages of whiteness


Moonlight, magnolias and mint juleps?

Female isolation


Wet nurses


Aunt Jemima

Religion: Pro-slavery sermon

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (link to historiography)

North slowly became increasingly opposed to slavery. As religion got involved, opposition raised to a fever pitch. (Next class: JIHAD!)

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