The Compelling Question

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Is Christopher Columbus a Hero or a Villain?

A Question to Debate!

The Compelling Question

Over the next week we will unpack the life of Columbus, his impact on the New World and begin to answer the question is he a Champion or a Scoundrel? Our investigation culminates in an in class debate over that very question, “Is Christopher Columbus a Hero or Villain?”


1. 3 days of research (August 18-20) on the positive and negative impact of Columbus and the Spanish on the New and Old Worlds. Each individual must compile specific evidence to support both sides of the debate. Consider the following areas:

2. Class will be divided into a Hero and Villain side. Three people from each side shall present their case and three from each side shall rebut the opposing side. A vote will be taken to determine which side had the most compelling argument. Your vote must contain at least two pieces of supporting evidence presented in the debate to fortify your verdict. Debate August 22.
3. Final Task is to write a three page argument, supported with detailed evidence answering the following questions: How has Columbus impacted your life? How would your life be different if Columbus had not come? Paper should be in essay form, 12 font and double-spaced. See Rubric. Due Date August 28.

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