The Commissioners’ meeting was called to order in their meeting room at 9: 00 a m. K. Skoog was excused for the week

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February 23, 2015
The Commissioners’ meeting was called to order in their meeting room at 9:00 a.m. K. Skoog was excused for the week.

M. Manus discussed Tri-County Health and Better Health Together; S. Kiss discussed constituent concerns and County security.


Lobbyist Jim Potts held a telephone conference and reported on last week’s legislative activity and upcoming items. Policy bills deadline was last week and it was noted most of the nearly 2,000 bills introduced thus far will die at the cutoff. He noted a couple of wolf bills are moving along and the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) has a bill regarding use of the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) which is still moving. February 27th is the cutoff for the fiscal committees with the next cutoff being March 11th at which time the bills need to be out of the house of origin. Also noted was several bills regarding taxation of marijuana and several bills dealing with water.


Senator Brian Dansel called in with an update. Items discussed were: GMA opt-out timeline extended to December 2016; . Two wolf bills that call for delisting have moved out of Committee. Also discussed hound hunting of cougars bills; and a bill allowing quad county meetings. M. Manus discussed GMA opt-out and obtaining local control for the small counties. – moved out of committee. Federal forests were all discussed.


A motion was made by M. Manus allowing S. Kiss to sign the vouchers this week. Motion was seconded by S. Kiss. Motion carried.


M. Manus was excused until this afternoon.


Consent Agenda – Motion was made by M. Manus to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion was seconded by S. Kiss. Motion carried. The Consent Agenda includes today’s Agenda, the minutes of the Board’s February 9, 2015 meeting and the following items:

Investment Earnings (February 1-20, 2015) $ 551.96

2015 Courthouse/Hall of Justice Bargaining Unit Salary Schedule

2015 Sheriff Deputy Bargaining Unit Salary Schedule

ZBA Fee Schedule for Jail/Garden Building Projects

Office Assistant Job Description (Assessor’s Office); Approval to advertise and hire pending successful pre-employment requirements
Approve ER&R’s purchase of: 1) Used John Deere 482 C 4x4 from Rowand Machine for $15,500 plus tax; 2) From State Contract one Ford F150 Extended Cab from Legacy Ford for $28,332, plus tax; and 3) From State Contract one For F350 regular Cab flatbed from Legacy Ford for $29,967, plus tax

Approval for Sheriff to hire two Correction Officers

Approval for Sheriff to Surplus Firearms

Annual Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification (Sheriff)

Contract Amendment for FY15 E911 County Contract (E15-034, Amendment A)


Approval for Bid Opening to be scheduled March 16, 2015, 1:00 p.m. regarding Request for Quotes for Tree Removal, Log Hauling and slash Abatement Services Within Pend Oreille County Park Campground Area.
Payroll Change Notices:

Counseling Services: Judy Malby, Longevity, $170.00, Effective 03/01/2015

Prosecutor: Elaine Webb, Step 4, $3,393.81, Effective 03/01/2015

Prosecutor: Tonya Martin, Longevity, $75.00, Effective 03/01/2015

Public Works: Joshua Bogle, Discharge, Effective 02/15/2015

Public Works: Amanda Griesemer, Solid Waste Coord., Step 2, $2,954.39, Effective 02/17/2015

Public Works-Road Division: Eli C. Doolin, Resignation, Effective 02/17/2015

Public Works-Solid Waste: Allen DenAdel, Step 2, $3,248.76, Effective 03/01/2015

Sheriff: Jordan Bowman, Step 3, $4349.88, Effective 03/01/2015

Sheriff-Emergency Management: JoAnn Boggs, Longevity, $225.00, Effective 03/01/2015

Weed Department: Loretta Nichols, Weed Specialist III, Step 4, $3,960.55, Effective 02/01/2015

The Board recessed for lunch.


Public Works Director Sam Castro and County Engineer Don Ramsey provided an update on the Garden Building interior repairs and the roof structural modification.

Ecology Grant Amendment for additional $55,000 in funding for Solid Waste
S. Castro discussed the service proposal from ZBA Architect which outlines the hourly cost as opposed to project cost, and proposal for jail modification and the Garden Building. D. Ramsey discussed the Garden Building roof structural issues. The item is within the Consent Agenda.
S. Castro discussed the Road construction planning meeting held on February 19th. He also noted the recent small landslides in the north end of the County.

Prosecutor Dolly Hunt provided a legal update. Also present was The Miner reporter Don Gronning. D. Hunt noted the City of Newport has hired a City Prosecutor; and drew the Board’s attention to HB 1905 regarding preparation of a master list of all vacant and tax title lands. Currently there are no hearings set on this bill.


D. Ramsey and S. Castro discussed the AVISTA franchise and their communication with D. Gronning of The Miner. Also discussed was the Little Spokane River Road.

Solid Waste – S. Castro met with Robanco on February 19th regarding fees and extension of the current contract. Discussions are on-going.
Approval was requested for Amendment to the Agreement with the Department of Ecology for additional funding in the amount of $55,000 for Solid Waste


Fair – Board direction was requested regarding the withdrawal of the Fair’s pickup from ER&R and direction on purchasing a replacement vehicle. The Board directed ER&R to move forward as discussed.
Buildings & Grounds- Structural issues on the Garden Building roof were reviewed; the counter in District Court’s Office is out to bid; as well as requests for proposals for a counter within Community Development
Other matters discussed were: PILT and SRS and Washington Counties Risk Pool Training regarding Contracts Manual training on February 26, 2016 and noted those attending will be S. Castro, Office Manager/Risk Manager Teresa Brooks, Community Development Director Mike Lithgow and D. Hunt.

Public Comment Period – No members of the public were present.


Motion was made by M. Manus to continue the meeting to February 24, 2015. Motion was seconded by S. Kiss. Motion carried.

February 24, 2015
The meeting resumed. K. Skoog was excused.

Social Hour – Present were: Assessor Jim McCroskey, Auditor Marianne Nichols, County Clerk Tammie Ownbey, Prosecutor Dolly Hunt, Community Development Director Mike Lithgow, Assistant Planner Andy Huddleston, Treasurer Terri Miller, ITS Director Chad Goodhue, Office Manager/Risk Manager Teresa Brooks, County Engineer Don Ramsey, Public Works Director Sam Castro, Public Works Receptionist Annie Suchocki, Solid Waste Coordinator Amanda Griesemer, District Court Judge Phil Van De Veer, Assistant Treasurer/Financial Supervisor Lisa Vallieres, Sheriff Alan Botzheim, and Human Resources Coordinator Shelly Stafford.


Department Heads/Elected Officials – Present were those that attended the Social Hour. S. Kiss commended the team effort of County employees. He also discussed the annual inventory and the ruling RCW.

Alan B – new policies to reduce liabilities, need for female corrections officers, remodel of Jail, camera security;

M. Nichols – Budget books are available and will also be available on the website; T. Ownbey – court update; D. Hunt – City of Newport cases will be transferred by to Newport this week as they hired a city prosecutor; T. Brooks – SRS budget revenue of 410,000 and was reduced to 81,000 from SRS, risk management training available through the Risk Pool; T. Miller – taxes were billed a couple of weeks ago, following legislative bills that may affect county treasurers; J. McCroskey - nice weather has enabled assessments into the rural areas earlier, HB 1905; S. Castro – SRS funds are used to leverage projects, current challenge is to come up with county match on road projects; introduced new employees A. Suchocki and A. Griesemer, Buildings and Grounds work orders; M. Lithgow - introduced A. Huddleston who has a background in natural resources and construction/contracting; C. Goodhue – working on new website; GIS & Pictometry meeting this afternoon regarding funding for a fly-over to update current records; P. Van De Veer – court update; M. Manus – Thanked D. Hunt for making the transition in Prosecutors seamless, discussed legislation regarding mental health and testified against the legislation that would add an additional tax; local coalition, regional healthcare, movement in Stevens County to eliminate Tri-County Health, GMA opt-out bill which would extend the time to opt out to December 2016, making sure cities don’t lose their REET funds, also discussed future legislation regarding appeals to Superior Court rather than the Hearing Board; S. Stafford, new 3rd party administrator regarding Labor & Industries and tour of buildings, and Colonial Life voluntary programs.


C. Goodhue discussed the planning taking place for the new County website. Also discussed were: management of website, social media policy, Pictometry/GIS software, Extension wiring infrastructure; and certified project management training.

C. Goodhue requested approval of the contract with the Kalispel Tribal Police for IT Services. Motion was made by M. Manus to approve the Agreement. Motion was seconded by S. Kiss. Motion carried.
Information Technology Services Agreement Between the Kalispel Tribe of Indians and Pend Oreille County for the period of January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.



The Board recessed for lunch.


Public Hearing – Limited Amendment To The Shoreline Master Program. The notice was read and the hearing was opened. Present was M. Lithgow. No members of the public were present. It was noted this limited amendment only pertains to Historical Structures within Shoreline Jurisdiction. The original request came from the PUD and the Department of Ecology is supportive of this amendment. This amendment will allow the taking of historical structures within all shoreline jurisdictional environments and allow the repurposing of them for an adaptive use.


M. Lithgow discussed Requests for Proposals received regarding the bank stabilization guide. There were two proposals received. Also discussed was involvement of local contractors and the scheduling a meeting with the contractors.


GIS/Pictometry Online Software –Present were J. McCroskey, M. Lithgow, M. Nichols, GIS Analyst Josh Shelton, C. Goodhue, and D. Ramsey. J. Sheldon discussed the project details indicating the total flight area is 467 square miles as follows: 417 square miles at 9” resolution and 50 square miles at 3” resolution which would be paid for by Seattle City Light. Total Flight cost is $48,643.00 pre-tax and after tax is $52,339.876. Contributions are: for the 3” area by Seattle City Light at post tax is $21,762.10; For the 9” area: PUD - $5,000, Kalispel Tribe - $3,000, The County $15,000 ($5,000 from Parks, $10,000 from Roads/Public Works) Total contributions are $43,225, with a deficit of $7,577.77 (including tax). Currently the GIS resolution on the County’s website is at 12”. These prices are contingent on a non-binding three flight agreement. The Board would like to delay the decision until Commissioner Skoog returns on Monday, March 2nd unless Pictometry will not allow the decision delay, which will be known by end of today. C. Goodhue and J. Shelton returned, indicating that Pictometry would not extend the current contract which had already expired and received one extension. J. Shelton demonstrated the information that would be available to the public and that which would not be available to the public, but only be available to County staff required to use the information.

Motion was made by M. Manus to proceed with the GIS Pictometry project. Motion was seconded by S. Kiss. Motion carried.

Correspondence Received (Non-electronic):

2.3 Department of Ecology-Re: Selkirk School District Calendar Year 2014 Federal Funds

2.4 Washington State Liquor Control Board-Marijuana Producer Tier 2/Marijuana Processor – Iron Lung Enterprises/Justin and Ricky Howell, 302 Juanita Lane, Elk, Wa.

2.5 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-Public Utility District No. 1 Project No. 2042-153, Order Granting Extension of Time

2.6 J. Lee-Letter of Interest to serve on Civil Service Commission

2.7 Washington State Liquor Control Board-Marijuana Producer, processor and Retail Licensees regarding firearms (Federal Law on Firearms)

2.8 Washington State Liquor Control Board-Austin L. Peaker (Green Peaks) Approval of license for Marijuana Producer Tier 2 and Marijuana Processor

2.9 Washington State Department of Natural Resources-SEPA lead agency & mitigated determination of non-significance re: Woodman Road Timber Sale #92212 and Forest Practice Application #3019801

2.10 G. Sears, Newport/Sullivan Lake Ranger District-West Branch LeClerc Creek Restoration project Environmental Assessment

2.11 L. J. West, Colville National Forest-Renshaw Vegetation Management Project

2.12 K. Fitzpatrick-Letter of Interest to serve on the Planning Commission

2.13 C. McMorris Rodgers-Current status of Eastern Washington’s forests and future of the Secure Rural

Schools program

2.14 US Department of Interior-Bureau of L and Management’s Spokane District accepting nominations for positions on the Eastern Washington Resource Advisory Council (EWRAC) through March 20, 2015


As of this date the Board approved for payment the following vouchers as listed and made available by the Auditor’s Office:

Salary and Claim

Current Expense $ 316,334.73

Counseling Services $ 71,968.05

Crime Victims $ 199.96

Fair $ 1,277.57

Park $ 4,491.63

Road $ 184,650.83

Veteran’s Assistance $ 444.83

Emergency 911 Communications $ 38,590.04

Extension Education $ 37.01

Solid Waste $ 6,572.63

Risk Management $ 3,888.91

Equipment R&R $ 85,933.64

Public Facilities $ 2,614.84

IT Fund $ 9,472.42

Arts, Tourism & Recreation $ 690.00

Law Library $ 223.81

Growth Management $ 358.72

Homeless Program/2163 $ 5,289.46

IT Services $ 5,744.04

Sheriff’s Trust $ 153.00

TOTAL: $ 738,757.26


Motion to adjourn was made M. Manus. Motion was seconded by S. Kiss. Motion carried.

ATTEST: __________________________________ APPROVED: ______________________________________

Clerk of the Board Chair of the Board

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