The Columbian Exchange had a positive impact on the world as we know it”

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The Columbian Exchange


Summary: The Columbian Exchange (named after Christopher Columbus) is considered one of the most significant events of world history; linking the Eastern and Western Hemispheres together. It had dramatic and lasting effects on the world socially, economically, and politically. The exchange of animals, food crops, goods, people, and plant life restructured the biology of both regions and altered the history of the world forever.
Up for debate:
The Columbian Exchange had a positive impact on the world as we know it”
You will be debating whether or not the Columbian Exchange had an overall positive impact on the world and its people from a perspective of a person and/or group that experienced the Columbian Exchange first hand. Research your “role” using your textbook Chapter 14, and be ready to debate whether or not you see the Columbian Exchange as a positive event in world history. You will be meeting up with other “characters” and having mini debates of 2 on 1!

  1. Notecard- as usual, be sure to have five detailed points bulleted on your notecard. You can use this as back up!

  2. Be ready to debate! Also helps to counter-argue 

  3. Be able to identify and summarize what the Columbian Exchange was (pages 433 and 436 text). Really hit your opponents hard (figuratively) when discussing why you are right!

Christopher Columbus, European living in London, member of the Joint Stock Company (2), Mercantilist, Gerardus Mercator, African Slave (2), Native of the Aztec Empire, Native of the Incan Empire, Catholic Jesuit, English settler in the New World (2), Dutch Banker from Amsterdam, Chinese citizen, British banker/investor from London, Native of the West Indies

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