The Civil Rights Movement 1 What did you find most striking about the civil rights movement?

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The Civil Rights Movement
1) What did you find most striking about the civil rights movement? It was meant to be peaceful, yet it became a bloodbath because of the racist people.
2) What surprised or confused you about the civil rights movement? The way that some people said they wanted peace, yet they still fought.
3) What were the goals of the civil rights movement? To give blacks equal rights.
4) What were the strategies of the movement’s participants? To be peaceful even if no one else is.
5) In what ways did the civil rights movement succeed? What made those successes possible? They finally were heard and answered by the government. Their leaders made this possible.
6) What remains to be done to create a truly just and equitable society? There still are some racist people out there.
7) What questions do you still have about the civil rights movement? What exactly was the Ku Klux Klan? Who was the head of it?
Workshops for Nonviolence
1) What is the purpose of this document? To explain why there needs to be no violence.
2) Why did CORE believe it was important to train people in nonviolence? So there would be no violence.
3) What if anything surprises you about this document? No, not really.
Core Rules for Action
1) How does this add to your understanding of nonviolence during the Civil Rights Movements? It was very well noted and organized, and it was specific.

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