The Causes of ww1 recap test What was the name of the German responsible for unifying Germany?

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The Causes of WW1 recap test

  1. What was the name of the German responsible for unifying Germany?


  1. In what year was Germany unified- 1870? 1880? Or 1890? ________(1)

  1. Germany fought three wars of unification – against Austria, Denmark


  1. What two areas were taken from France by Germany? ____________(1)

  1. Which country did Germany try to isolate diplomatically? ___________(1)

  1. Which two countries did Germany try to keep friendly with in the 1880s and 1890s? ______________________________________________(2)

  1. What event does the term ‘Dropping the Pilot’ refer to? _____________


  1. What was the name of the King of Germany? ____________________(1)

  1. What does ‘Weltpolitik’ mean? ________________________________(1)

  1. What was the ‘Kiel Canal’?__________________________________(1)

  1. What did Britain build that began an arms race with Germany? __________________________________________________________(1)

  1. What name was given to the treaty between Britain and France in 1905? ____________________________________________________(1)

  1. In 1907 which country joined the ‘Triple Entente’? ______________(1)

  1. Which three countries made up the ‘Triple Alliance’? __________________________________________________________(3)

15. In 1908 Austria annexed which Balkan country? ________________(1)

16. In 1912 the 1st Balkan war was fought when Serbia and other Balkan nations defeated who? _______________________________________(1)
17. In 1913 which Balkan nation was defeated by other Balkan nations? __________________________________________________________(1)
18. Which Balkan country did Austria feel threatened by? ___________(1)
19. What term is given to the unconditional backing of Germany to Austria?___________________________________________________(1)
20. What was the name of the Austrian assassinated in 1914 in Sarajevo? __________________________________________________________(1)
21. What was the name of the assassin? _________________________(1)
22. Which country seemed to give Serbia total backing? _____________(1)
23. What was the name of Germany’s plan to win the war? ___________(1)
24. What was the name of France’s plan to win the war? ____________(1)
25. What country did Germany plan to pass through in their plan and who declared war as a result? _____________________________________(2)


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