The Catholic Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana Catechetical Curriculum Guidelines

Of the many devotions that are popular, seven will be discussed in this session. They are

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Of the many devotions that are popular, seven will be discussed in this session. They are:

Eucharistic adoration, Novenas, The Sign of the Cross,

Prayer to the Holy Spirit, The Rosary, The Advent Wreath, and

Stations of the Cross

Begin this session VI with ‘Talking Points’

Ask the students:
What was the first (traditional) prayer you learned?
(Do not lead the youth to give personal information but get them to talk in general about prayer)
Since studying about prayer, what have you learned about prayer that you didn’t know before?
Do you know people who have special devotions in their lives? Why do you think these are important for them?

24–26, 36sn, 36, 51e, 57

A Parent Guide to Prayer: 12, 13, 20 When Our Own Words Aren’t Enough: Traditional Prayers Connect Us to Something Bigger; Helping People Pray; How Catholics Pray

Eucharistic Adoration:

A very special devotion is the adoration of Christ out-side of the Mass. A consecrated host is put in a monstrance and placed upon the altar. Because the host was consecrated at Mass, it is the Body and the Blood of the person, Jesus Christ. Believing this in faith, people go to a Church or Chapel where there is exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Christ is always present in the tabernacle at Church. However, taking the host from the tabernacle and exposing it for people to adore allows them to be in His presence at other times in a special way. It is God’s greatest gift of love that He gives Himself each day at Mass. Thus, the Church extends the gift of God’s presence by providing times for people to come and adore him.
In the diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend the Bishop allows special chapels for adoration, all day and all night. In Fort Wayne at St. Jude’s parish and St. John the Baptist parish, there are chapels of adoration, 24 hours a day. In South Bend, Corpus Christi parish has daily adoration from 5:00 am in the morning until 10:00 pm each day. In Mishawaka, the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration allow the public to join them for adoration from 7:30 am Monday - Friday and 8:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays until 7pm each day. Parishes have special adoration times maybe half a day, once a week.
People who make this devotion a special part of their lives experience a growth in love of God and their lives become more spiritual.

193c, 199, 199sn, 200, 200sn, 295 Eucharistic Devotions; Real Presence


A novena is a special devotion of nine days of prayer. A novena can take place before a feast commemorating a mystery of Christ’s life or the feast of a special Saint.

After Christ ascended to heaven, He sent his Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, to the Apostles who were with Mary (Acts 2:1–41). The presence of the Holy Spirit took the form of tongues of fire. This event became known as Pentecost, the birth of the Church. Each year there is a novena in preparation for Pentecost, praying for the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit.
Many who have devotion to Saints such as St. Joseph, St. Thérèse of Liseux and others pray novenas, by praying for special intentions. Mary: The Yes that Changed the World; Orando una Novena


The Sign of the Cross:

This is a ritual gesture which honors the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Made with the right hand and with reverence, the Sign of the Cross is made by touching the forehead, the chest and two shoulders while saying: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. This devotion is used at the beginning and end of prayers as well as during the sacraments, especially Baptism and Confirmation.

72, 175sn, 146, 210, 326

A Parent Guide to Prayer: 34 Sign of the Cross; Traditional Catholic Prayers in Latin; Praying the Rosary


Prayers to the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Blessed Trinity. The Holy Spirit, sometimes symbolized as a dove, is the Spirit of love and truth. The Holy Spirit’s mission is the Church, assisting in making it holy and faithful to God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. He brings God’s grace to all people through the sacramental life, bearing the fruits of new life. He inspires all who pray to Him with many gifts of grace.

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A Parent Guide to Prayer: 42 Prayer to the Holy Spirit; The Holy Spirit Prayer of Saint Augustine; Holy Spirit and Seat of Wisdom: A Prayer by John Paul II

971, 2678, 2708

The Rosary:

The Rosary is a powerful and popular devotion which focuses on the twenty mysteries of the life of Christ. It began in the 13th century when St. Dominic was said to receive it from our Blessed Mother Mary. Mary’s special place in the Church is to assist in the fulfillment of the mission of Christ. The rosary is prayed with beads divided in sections of ten. On Sundays and Wednesdays the Glorious Mysteries are prayed, on Tuesday and Fridays the Sorrowful, on Monday and Saturdays the Joyful, and on Thursdays the Luminous Mysteries are prayed.

159e, 164, 165, 173e, 291, 330–333, 365

A Parent Guide to Prayer: 53–60 Mary: The Yes that Changed the World; Praying the Rosary; Rosary Meditations

The Advent Wreath:

During the four weeks of Advent, a time of waiting for the commemoration of the birth of Christ, the Advent Wreath is a popular devotion to begin the Liturgical Year of the Church. Advent—Waiting for Jesus Christ; Advent Wreath History; Blessing an Advent Wreath: A Family Activity

The Stations of the Cross:

Each parish Church has the Stations of the Cross which take people through Christ’s sufferings prior to his death and Resurrection. During Lent, people make these prayers a remembrance of how Christ suffered and died for our Salvation.

85e, 87, 92, 226, 291, 334–335, 368

A Parent Guide to Prayer: 61–64 Stations of the Cross; 8 Ways to Pray During Lent; Stations of the Cross for Children

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