The Book of Sand

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Sifting Through “The Book of Sand”… (Jorge Luis Borges)

English 12 AP (Burns): Points Available (25)
1. The anonymous salesman reveals that his “book was called The Book of Sand because neither sand nor this book has a beginning or an end.” Given your rather extensive experience with books of all kinds, AND material evident in Borges’ story, provide at least two other connections between this strange book and sand: your answers should reveal not only the connection, but also a reason for this connection!
2. How are all books in some way “Book[s] of Sand”? (Perhaps material from item 1 will help you answer this question)

3. The narrator admits that he quickly became “a prisoner of the Book,” an observation that implies authors are wardens or jailers. Defend how writers of books assume such roles and/or how books are comparable to prisons.

4. The narrator hides his book “behind some imperfect volumes of the Thousand and One Nights.” After researching the scope/substance of this text, discuss why the Thousand and One Nights might belong on the same shelf as The Book of Sand.

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