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Who wrote it? When? What type of source?

Percival Phillips

July 3, 1916

British newspaper article

George Coppard, a British soldier

Published in 1969

In a book called “With a machine gun to Cambrai”

Otto Lais, German soldier

Publish date unkown, memoir

Author’s Tone (include 1-2 examples)


He says that the British and French were “attacking vigorously.” He also says the sun was shining, which indicates something good is going to happen.

“We the gunners surveyed the dreadful scene.” This indicates a negative tone. “Quite as many died on the enemy wire like fish caught in the net.”

“Our artillery which was firing courageously” – indicates a positive tone. “The machine gunners were earning their pay.”

Did the author witness the events he describes?

No. He received the message from a member of the British army at ten o’clock.

He personally witnessed the event because the first sentence says “we the gunners.”

He personally witnessed the event because he says, “all around us…was the roaring of the storm.”

Who won the first day of the battle? How?

According to the journalist, the British were winning because he received a report that “German prisoners are surrendering freely.”

Germans won the first day of battle because they had defenses using the barbed wire and had “concentrated machine gunfire.”

The Germans won because “the youth of England bled to death.” He describes machine gunfire. “Belt after belt was fired…”

Is this source trustworthy? Why?

It’s trustworthy for the British because it comes from British soldiers. On the other hand, the journalist did not see it first hand.

It is trustworthy because he was a British soldier who fought in WWI.

Yes, because he was a gunner who fought at the Battle of the Somme

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