The Baroque Style in Western Europe Multiple Choice Quiz

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The Baroque Style in Western Europe

Multiple Choice Quiz

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Please answer all questions

Which is the most characteristic feature of Baroque style?

A) elongation

B) violent action

C) restraint

D) flat spaces

E) frontal figures

Which gained new status in the 17th century?

A) landscape, mythology, genre

B) portraiture, mythology, still life

C) landscape, portraiture, mythology

D) landscape, genre, still life

E) landscape, mythology, still life, humanism

The Throne of Saint Peter is

A) an elaborate chair in St. Peter's cathedral

B) a baldacchino

C) a reliquary

D) a triptych

E) an altarpiece

Bernini's colonnades outside St. Peter's are made of

A) marble

B) travertine

C) tufa

D) concrete

E) stucco

Which is by Borromini?

A) The Louvre

B) The Martyrdom of St. Lieven

C) the facade of the Louvre

D) Sant'Ivo della Sapienza

E) Saint Paul's

The purpose of Louis XIV's Academy was to

A) educate artists in humanism

B) establish a national style

C) have a school for the court painters

D) teach the principles of Baroque style

E) revive the Socratic method

The landscape architect at Versailles was

A) Le Brun

B) Le Nôtre

C) Le Vau

D) Hardouin-Mansart

E) Colbert

Which is NOT a feature of Wren's façade of St. Paul's?

A) pediment

B) columns

C) entablature

D) towers

E) pointed arches

Which is NOT true of Bernini's Saint Teresa?

A) she has erotic quality

B) she is on a horizontal plane

C) she is in the process of levitating

D) she is both relaxed and aroused

E) she synthesizes emotion with mysticism

The Farnese Grand Gallery ceiling frescoes illustrate

A) Christian scenes

B) scenes of the Farnese family

C) mythological scenes

D) scenes of Roman history

E) the Triumph of Urban VIII

The Italian Baroque equivalent of Vasari was

A) van Mander

B) Carracci

C) Cortona

D) Bellori

E) Ridolfi

Which is NOT true of Pietro da Cortona's Glorification of the Reign of Urban VIII?

A) it is on a ceiling in the Palazzo Barbarini

B) it depicts three huge bees

C) it exalts the Catholic Church

D) it is organized like a Last Judgment

E) it contains mythological figures

Gaulli's Triumph of the Name of Jesus

A) is in the vault of Saint Peter's

B) is in the vault of Il Gesù

C) is a collaboration between Gaulli and Bernini

D) was commissioned by the pope

E) is on the Farnese ceiling

Caravaggio's Medusa

A) was based on the features of his lover

B) was a wedding present

C) is oil on wood

D) is the same figure as the boy in the Boy with a Basket of Fruit.

E) is in an oval frame

"Tenebrism" refers to

A) chiaroscuro

B) a preponderance of cast shadows

C) a preponderance of darkness

D) the tenets of shading

E) atmospheric perspective

Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith Slaying Holofernes is based on

A) the Bible

B) the Old Testament Apocrypha

C) the Metamorphoses

D) the New Testament Apocrypha

E) Vasari

The figure in Rubens's The Straw Hat was

A) a wealthy patron

B) the artist's sister

C) the artist's wife

D) the artist's future sister-in-law

E) the artist's future mother-in-law

The court portrait painter to Charles I of England was

A) Anthony van Dyck

B) Christopher Wren

C) Hans Holbein

D) Oliver Cromwell

E) Judith Leyster

Three emperors who patronized Mughal painting in India were

A) Genghis Khan, Akbar, and Shah Jehan

B) Genghis Khan, Akbar, and Jahangir

C) Mumtaz, Jahangir, and Akbar

D) Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jehan

E) Mumtaz Mahal, Genghis Khan, and Jaghangir

The Taj Mahal was a memorial to

A) Akbar

B) Mumtaz

C) Shah Jehan

D) Jahangir

E) Genghis Khan

Rembrandt's painted light is typically

A) yellow

B) white

C) light blue

D) gray

E) light green

The predominant planes in Baroque painting are

A) horizontal

B) vertical

C) curvilinear

D) spiral

E) diagonal

The Baroque artist best known for self-portraits is

A) Poussin

B) Rubens

C) Rembrandt

D) Vermeer

E) Bernini

Which is least likely to appear as vanitas iconography?

A) a skull

B) a windmill

C) a watch

D) a candle

E) a shell

Which is NOT by Velazquez?

A) The Nightwatch

B) The Surrender of Breda

C) The Rokeby Venus

D) Las Meninas

E) The Crucifixion
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Multiple Choice Quiz

Please answer all questions

Which are the most characteristic features of Rococo?

A) fussiness

B) frivolity

C) elegance

D) irony

E) all of the above

A salonniere is a

A) hostess

B) waitress

C) countess

D) princess

E) prostitute

Winckelmann is known primarily for

A) German painting

B) a historical approach to studying Greek and Roman art

C) a historical approach to artists' biographies

D) German philosophy of art

E) library science

Which does NOT match?

A) Vivaldi -- music

B) Priestley -- oxygen

C) Halley -- biology

D) Swift -- satire

E) Watt -- steam engine

The Seven Years' War was fought between

A) England and France

B) Prussia, France, and Austria

C) England and Prussia

D) France, Prussia, and England

E) England, Austria, and France

Who is not a Rococo painter?

A) Watteau

B) Boucher

C) Fragonard

D) Chambers

E) Rigaud

"L'etat, c'est moi" is

A) the title of a painting

B) an autobiography

C) an expression of absolutism

D) the title of a philosophical treatise

E) a work by Descartes

Which is NOT a texture depicted in Rigaud's Louis XIV?

A) silk

B) ermine

C) velvet

D) gold

E) marble

Pastels are

A) waterpaints

B) chalky crayons

C) tempera paints

D) light-colored pencils

E) oil paints

July 14, 1789, is

A) the day that the American Revolution began

B) the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed

C) Bastille Day

D) the day that Louis XVI was executed

E) the day that George Washington became president

Who is NOT an 18th-century portraitist?

A) Gainsborough

B) Rigaud

C) Vigee-Lebrun

D) Carriera

E) Boyle

Time Smoking a Picture satirizes

A) artists

B) art dealers

C) art collectors

D) art museums

E) art thieves

The Kaisersaal is

A) a palace

B) a ruler

C) a room

D) a stairway

E) a pagoda

Which is NOT a feature of Tiepolo's Investiture of Bishop Harold?

A) trompe l'oeil

B) stucco

C) oval windows

D) pastel colors

E) velvet curtains

The Zwinger is

A) a German rock group

B) a palace of the Polish king

C) a courtyard

D) an elaborate wall

E) a church

Which is NOT true of Zimmermann's Weiskirche?

A) it is near Oberammergau

B) it is influenced by a Classical revival in Germany

C) it is influenced by Borromini

D) it has a longitudinal axis

E) it is Rococo

Which IS true of Chiswick House?

A) it was designed by Palladio

B) it is in northern England

C) it was originally a library and place of entertainment

D) it is based on San Giorgio Maggiore

E) it is Renaissance in style

Which IS true of Osterley Park House?

A) it was designed by Lord Burlngton

B) it was inspired by Palladian design

C) it was built in East Anglia

D) it was inspired by Classical precedents

E) it is in central London
Strawberry Hill refers to

A) a garden of roses in England designed by Boyle

B) an English landscape painting

C) a Gothic Revival villa

D) a medieval castle known as Otranto

E) a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The term "bourgeois realism" is applied to the work of

A) Chardin

B) Hogarth

C) Wright of Derby

D) Copley

E) West
Paul Revere was

A) a goldsmith

B) a silversmith

C) an equestrian champion

D) a British sympathizer

E) a coppersmith

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