The 24th Annual Book Report Competition for secondary school students

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The 24th Annual Book Report Competition for secondary school students
Class: 6A

Student: Li Ho Wai

Title: A Child Called ‘It’

Author: Dave Pelzer

Publisher: Orion
‘A Child Called It’ is a book that is about an awful experience of a boy, David. When he was small, he had a wonderful family relationship with his family members, traveling through the city, hugging tightly with father and mother all the time, decorating the house on Christmas Eve together, kissing each other with love and care, swimming with his mother, and so on.
Suddenly, he fell from the heaven to hell. His life was changed beyond his imagination because of the change of his mum. He needed to finish all the harsh tasks given by his mum – eat the pancakes left in a dog’s dish, smelling the fatal gases in the kitchen, sleeping on the stairs, for example. It seemed that there was no glimpse of hope in his life as nobody helped him and his beloved father seemed to have left him alone to face the ‘evils’. It’s of course hard to overcome such unbearable tests; however, conviction helped him to fight over his mother, not only himself. He could get rid of his mother’s control.
Having finished reading this book, you will find that there are unfortunately horrendous tragedies among children. Many of them are suffocated by the poor relationships with parents because of a host of complex reasons – anxiety, diseases, fear and so on. ‘ A Child Call ‘IT’ ‘ is a good example to reveal the issue of ‘ perseverance’ and child abuse. ‘IT’ strived for the opportunity of ‘living’ and experienced a lot of pain. Nevertheless, there are two sides of every coin. We can gain some prominent thinking and positive messages from the book no matter whether you are an adult, adolescent or a child.
For children, not taking everything for granted is the first lesson of this book. As yet, many children think care and love that is brought by their parents is one of their essential obligations. They will not seize what they have, on the contrary, they demand more and more. David, the main character of the book, enjoyed the marvelous relationship with his siblings and parents inherently, but everything changed immediately and he couldn’t recognize what was going on in times of ‘change’. In the end, he found that things in his life should be controlled by his own hands, including his chance to lead a better life.
Nowadays, advanced technology, prosperity and affluence in society pull parents to pamper their children when they were small. They, in the long run, do not have the abilities to harvest their success with their own hands, but rely on the help of the parents. After they have read the book, they will know that life is controlled by their own hands. Failure or success just depends on your attitude! David formed a good model of this attitude.
Courage and challenges are absent among the children nowadays. David, however, was brave and courageous when facing those unexpected and difficult tasks given by his malicious mother – she asked him to steal the classmates’ lunchboxes for his lunch and denied the fact, smacked his face without hesitation and did not allow him to have breakfast. The dangers escalated gradually. With the will to live, he obeyed and sought help by himself. He treated his mum as a rival and overcame it as a must. Horrible as it seems, he tried his best to contemplate new ideas for resolving the problems.
All I mentioned above are absent among most of children in Hong Kong nowadays; they lack motives to find out solutions, etc. The never-say-die spirit cannot be found among this generation. I really appreciate David’s spirit. How about you?
Moreover, children can be more confident after they have finished the book. We always assume that children are unable to achieve their limits. I, however, strongly oppose this idea vehemently. Sometimes, we will feel helpless and hopeless in times of depression. If, however, we believe ourselves and trust that miracles can be created by our hands, a solution will lie ahead. Very often, David found that he remained motionless about the shameful tasks, but he insisted on doing them and finally got a bright future. So I strongly believe that we can create our miraculous life just like David’s.
For adults, there are numerous messages they should get from the book.

First and foremost, they should treasure the time being with their children. As we know, children grow rapidly and time really flies. It is imperative for those parents to keep their children company with joy when they are small because the memory at the early stage of life is full of pride and joy. Facing challenges, they will recall their impressive pictures in their mind with you to support them. Thus, the parents’ support and the time being with them are tremendously significant for their development. Unfortunately, David was an exceptional case. He got nothing but pain. If you do not want your children to have such a painful childhood, spend as much time as you can with them in order to let them have a better life in the future!

Anybody should protect the children. If a child suffers from some irreversible experience, it will affect their development such as values, self-esteem, self-discipline and peer development. Seriously, life can be seriously affected just by one incident! So, do not let you have a chance to regret! We, similarly, should pay attention to some unusual matters on children nearby. For example, a child always steals food, exclaims for help but he may be ignored by his parents.; bruises are easily found on the body, etc. Mishaps may happen. Just try to prevent the children from becoming a victim like David. We are responsible for taking care of the children in times of danger.
For me, child abuse is unacceptable! David tackled all the odds alone. However, he needed our help but no one discovered it! Therefore, there are some points I would like to share with you.
First of all, children are our future. We should protect them and ensure that they can grow in a safe and suitable environment. Parents should take care of them with love and care. In the long run, better relationships between parents and students will be formed. Children are more willing to express what worries them most and you can find out the sources of their problems. Because of this, they can seek help in time and on time! Mishaps can be prevented before the tragedy happens! In the long term, a splendid cycle of ‘life’ will be formed and society will be healthier and brighter! Smiles and gaiety may surround the city one day!
Everyone faces the challenge but everyone can overcome the challenge with his or her hands!

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