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Facet: --[country]

UF: Tyrants

BT: Rulers

RT: Fascism

RT: Military regimes

RT: Totalitarianism

Control No.: lctgm003061

MT: Dictionaries

USE: Encyclopedias & dictionaries

Control No.: lctgm003062
MT: Dictographs

USE: Dictating machines

Control No.: lctgm003063
MT: Die industry

USE: Tool & die industry

Control No.: lctgm003064
MT: Diesel donkeys

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For usually portable, auxiliary diesel engines used in logging, to load at landings, move

equipment, etc.

BT: Donkey engines

RT: Gasoline engines

RT: Lumber industry

Control No.: lctgm003065

MT: Diesel electric locomotives

USE: Diesel locomotives

Control No.: lctgm003066
MT: Diesel locomotives

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Diesel electric locomotives

UF: Locomotives, Diesel

BT: Railroad locomotives

Control No.: lctgm003067

MT: Dietary laws

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Religious laws that permit and prohibit certain foods, or specify methods of food


BT: Concepts

RT: Cookery

RT: Eating & drinking

RT: Kosher food industry

RT: Religion

Control No.: lctgm003068

MT: Dieting

USE: Weight loss

Control No.: lctgm003069
MT: Digging

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Activities

NT: Gravedigging

RT: Excavation

RT: Shovels

RT: Spades

RT: Steam shovels

Control No.: lctgm003070
MT: Digging graves

USE: Gravedigging

Control No.: lctgm003071
MT: Digital images

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003072
MT: Digital photographs

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003073
MT: Digital prints

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Computer-generated prints

Control No.: lctgm003074

MT: Dignitaries

USE: Clergy

USE: Diplomats

USE: Government officials

Control No.: lctgm003075
MT: Dikes (Engineering)

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Dykes

BT: Hydraulic facilities

RT: Embankments

RT: Erosion protection works

RT: Levees

RT: Reclamation of land

RT: Sea walls

Control No.: lctgm003076

MT: Dikkas

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: In mosques, a wood or stone raised platform from which the prayer leader's Koran readings

and gestures are repeated for worshippers.

BT: Religious architectural elements

RT: Mosques

Control No.: lctgm003077
MT: Dilapidation of buildings

USE: Building deterioration

Control No.: lctgm003078
MT: Diners (Railroad cars)

USE: Railroad dining cars

Control No.: lctgm003079
MT: Diners (Restaurants)

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

BT: Restaurants

Control No.: lctgm003080
MT: Dining

USE: Eating & drinking

Control No.: lctgm003081
MT: Dining cars

USE: Railroad dining cars

Control No.: lctgm003082
MT: Dining rooms

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Interiors

NT: Mess halls

NT: Refectories

RT: Dining tables

RT: Eating & drinking facilities

RT: Employee eating facilities

RT: Tables

Control No.: lctgm003083

MT: Dining tables

UF: Tables, Dining

BT: Tables

RT: Dining rooms

RT: Eating & drinking

Control No.: lctgm003084

MT: Dinner parties

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Parties

RT: Eating & drinking

Control No.: lctgm003085
MT: Dinosaurs

BT: Extinct animals

BT: Reptiles

Control No.: lctgm003086

MT: Diocletian windows

USE: Palladian windows

Control No.: lctgm003087
MT: Dioramas

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Exhibitions

RT: Galleries & museums

Control No.: lctgm003088
MT: Diplomacy

USE: International relations

Control No.: lctgm003089
MT: Diplomas

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003090
MT: Diplomatic service

USE: Foreign service

Control No.: lctgm003091
MT: Diplomats

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

CN: Subdivide by nationality of country diplomat represents.

UF: Dignitaries

UF: Ministers (Diplomatic agents)

BT: Government employees

NT: Ambassadors

NT: Consuls

RT: Consulates

RT: Foreign service

RT: International relations

Control No.: lctgm003092

MT: Dipsomania

USE: Alcoholism

Control No.: lctgm003093
MT: Diptychs

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003094
MT: Direct mail

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Advertising mail

UF: Direct-mail advertising

UF: Junk mail

Control No.: lctgm003095

MT: Directors, Theatrical

USE: Theatrical producers & directors

Control No.: lctgm003096
MT: Direct-mail advertising

USE: Direct mail

Control No.: lctgm003097
MT: Dirigibles

USE: Airships

Control No.: lctgm003098
MT: Dirt

UF: Soil

BT: Land

RT: Earth

Control No.: lctgm003099
MT: Dirt roads

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Earth roads

BT: Roads

RT: Mountain roads

Control No.: lctgm003100

MT: Disabled persons

USE: People with disabilities

Control No.: lctgm003101
MT: Disabled veterans

Facet: --[nationality]

BT: People with disabilities

BT: Veterans

RT: War casualties

Control No.: lctgm003102

MT: Disarmament

USE: Arms control

Control No.: lctgm003103
MT: Disaster housing

USE: Emergency housing

Control No.: lctgm003104
MT: Disaster relief

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Assistance

NT: War relief

RT: Canteens (Wartime, emergency, etc.)

RT: Clothing relief

RT: Disaster victims

RT: Disasters

RT: Emergency medical services

RT: Evacuations

RT: Food relief

RT: Relief ships

RT: Rescue work

Control No.: lctgm003105

MT: Disaster victims

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

CN: Double index under type of disaster. Used in a note under REFUGEES.

BT: Victims

RT: Clothing relief

RT: Disaster relief

RT: Disasters

RT: Evacuations

RT: Food relief

RT: Rescue work

Control No.: lctgm003106
MT: Disasters

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes the event and any resulting damage. Search also under the subdivision

--DISASTERS used with corporate bodies and named events (Appendix D).

CN: Used in a note under RUINS.

UF: Calamities

UF: Catastrophes

UF: Collisions

UF: Damage to property

UF: Property damage

UF: Wrecks

BT: Events

NT: Bridge failures

NT: Building failures

NT: Droughts

NT: Famines

NT: Fires

NT: Nuclear holocausts

NT: Pier & wharf failures

NT: Shipwrecks

RT: Abyss

RT: Accidents

RT: Danger

RT: Disaster relief

RT: Disaster victims

RT: Earthquakes

RT: Emergency housing

RT: Explosions

RT: Floods

RT: Landslides

RT: Lightning strikes

RT: Rescue work

RT: Spontaneous shrines

RT: Storms

RT: Tidal waves

RT: Volcanic eruptions

Control No.: lctgm003107
MT: Disc jockeys

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]


BT: People associated with entertainment & sports

RT: Radio broadcasting

Control No.: lctgm003108

MT: Discharges, Military

USE: Military discharges

Control No.: lctgm003109
MT: Disciplinary action

USE: Child discipline

USE: Punishment & torture

Control No.: lctgm003110

MT: Disciplines

PN: Fields of study or areas of specialization.

BT: Activities

NT: Art

NT: City planning

NT: Economics

NT: Education

NT: Science

Control No.: lctgm003111
MT: Disciplining children

USE: Child discipline

Control No.: lctgm003112
MT: Disclosure of personal finances

USE: Financial disclosure

Control No.: lctgm003113
MT: Discos

USE: Discotheques

Control No.: lctgm003114
MT: Discotheques

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Discos

BT: Sports & recreation facilities

RT: Dance

RT: Dance floors

RT: Dance halls

RT: Nightclubs

Control No.: lctgm003115
MT: Discounts

BT: Prices

RT: Business & finance

RT: Cost & standard of living

RT: Selling

Control No.: lctgm003116

MT: Discoverers

USE: Explorers

USE: Inventors

Control No.: lctgm003117

MT: Discoveries

USE: Discovery & exploration

USE: Inventions

USE: Patents

Control No.: lctgm003118
MT: Discovery & exploration

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

CN: Subdivide by nationality of those doing the discovery & exploration.

UF: Discoveries

UF: Exploration

UF: Journeys

BT: Activities

NT: Expeditions & surveys

NT: Westward movement

RT: Events

RT: Explorers

RT: Frontier & pioneer life

RT: Guides & scouts

RT: Investigation

RT: Prospecting

RT: Travel

Control No.: lctgm003119
MT: Discrimination

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For overt discrimination. Search under PREJUDICE for the subject of prejudiced attitudes in


CN: Used in a note under PREJUDICE.

BT: Activities

NT: Hate crimes

NT: Race discrimination

NT: Segregation

NT: Sexual harassment

RT: Civil rights

RT: Ethics

RT: Interpersonal relations

RT: Prejudice

Control No.: lctgm003120
MT: Discs, Sound

USE: Sound recordings

Control No.: lctgm003121
MT: Discus throwing

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Track athletics

Control No.: lctgm003122

MT: Discussion

PN: Search under CONVERSATION for casual talking.

UF: Group discussion

UF: Panel discussions

UF: Speaking

UF: Talking

BT: Communication

NT: Forums (Discussion & debate)

RT: Debates

RT: Meetings

RT: Public speaking

Control No.: lctgm003123

MT: Disease prevention

USE: Preventive medicine

Control No.: lctgm003124
MT: Diseases

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search under SICK PERSONS for images of persons affected with unspecified ailments.

Search also under the subdivision --HEALTH & WELFARE used with names of ethnic, racial

and regional groups, and with classes of persons (Appendix A).

UF: Ailments

UF: Illnesses

UF: Maladies

UF: Sickness

BT: Physical characteristics

NT: Alcoholism

NT: Allergies

NT: Anemia

NT: Black lung

NT: Cancer

NT: Communicable diseases

NT: Cystic fibrosis

NT: Hypertension

NT: Kaposi's sarcoma

NT: Motion sickness

NT: Multiple sclerosis

NT: Scoliosis

NT: Sickle cell anemia

NT: Vision disorders

NT: Voice disorders

RT: Bacteria

RT: Drug abuse

RT: Healing

RT: Health

RT: Malnutrition

RT: Pain

RT: Sick persons

Control No.: lctgm003125
MT: Disfigured persons

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: People

RT: People with disabilities

Control No.: lctgm003126
MT: Disgrace

UF: Ignominy

UF: Shame

BT: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm003127
MT: Dishes

USE: Tableware

Control No.: lctgm003128

MT: Dishonesty

USE: Honesty

Control No.: lctgm003129

MT: Dishonorable discharges

USE: Military discharges

Control No.: lctgm003130
MT: Dishwashers

USE: Dishwashing machines

Control No.: lctgm003131
MT: Dishwashing

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Washing dishes

BT: Cleaning

RT: Dishwashing machines

Control No.: lctgm003132

MT: Dishwashing machines

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Dishwashers

BT: Appliances

RT: Dishwashing

Control No.: lctgm003133

MT: Disks, Sound

USE: Sound recordings

Control No.: lctgm003134
MT: Dismemberment

BT: Activities

RT: Amputees

RT: Death

RT: Executions

RT: Punishment & torture

Control No.: lctgm003135
MT: Dismissal of employees

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Employee dismissal

UF: Firing of employees

UF: Layoffs

UF: Terminations of employment

BT: Employee-employer relations

RT: Employment

RT: Resignations

RT: Unemployed

Control No.: lctgm003136
MT: Displaced persons

USE: Refugees

Control No.: lctgm003137
MT: Displaced persons camps

USE: Refugee camps

Control No.: lctgm003138
MT: Display cards

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003139
MT: Display cases

USE: Showcases

Control No.: lctgm003140

MT: Display drawings

USE: Presentation drawings (Proposals)

Control No.: lctgm003141

MT: Display rooms

USE: Showrooms

Control No.: lctgm003142
MT: Display windows

USE: Show windows

USE: Window displays

Control No.: lctgm003143

MT: Displays of merchandise

USE: Merchandise displays

Control No.: lctgm003144
MT: Disposal of refuse

USE: Refuse disposal

Control No.: lctgm003145
MT: Disposal of waste

USE: Sewerage

Control No.: lctgm003146
MT: Disrobing

USE: Undressing

Control No.: lctgm003147
MT: Dissections

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Processes & techniques

RT: Animal experimentation

RT: Biology

RT: Experiments

Control No.: lctgm003148
MT: Dissenters

PN: For those who express nonconcurrence with reigning opinion, beliefs, or decisions.

UF: Dissidents

UF: Nonconformists

BT: People

RT: Activists

RT: Freedom of religion

RT: Freedom of speech

RT: Individuality

RT: Opposition (Political science)

RT: Rebels

Control No.: lctgm003149

MT: Dissidents

USE: Dissenters

Control No.: lctgm003150
MT: Distance running

USE: Marathon running

Control No.: lctgm003151
MT: Distillation apparatus

USE: Stills (Distilleries)

Control No.: lctgm003152
MT: Distilleries

USE: Distilling industries

Control No.: lctgm003153
MT: Distilling industries

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

CN: Double index under INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on


UF: Alcoholic beverage industry

UF: Distilleries

UF: Liquor industry

BT: Beverage industry

RT: Retorts (Equipment)

RT: Stills (Distilleries)

Control No.: lctgm003154

MT: Distress

PN: Search under PAIN for physical distress.

CN: Used in a note under PAIN.

UF: Agony

UF: Anguish

UF: Misery

UF: Suffering

BT: Mental states

RT: Depression (Mental state)

RT: Despair

RT: Pain

RT: Sadness

RT: Stress

Control No.: lctgm003155

MT: Distribution of wealth

USE: Wealth

Control No.: lctgm003156
MT: Districts, Business

USE: Business districts

Control No.: lctgm003157
MT: Distyle-in-antis buildings

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Buildings distinguished by form

RT: Columns

Control No.: lctgm003158
MT: Diversity (Ethnic)

USE: Pluralism (Social sciences)

Control No.: lctgm003159
MT: Divination

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge

usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers.

UF: Augury

UF: Predictions

UF: Soothsaying

BT: Supernatural practices

NT: Fortune telling

RT: Astrology

RT: Divining rods

RT: Prophecy

RT: Sibyls

Control No.: lctgm003160

MT: Diving

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For diving into water, as from a diving board.

BT: Activities

RT: Aquatic sports

RT: Pearl fishing

RT: Skin diving

RT: Swimming

Control No.: lctgm003161
MT: Diving suits

BT: Clothing & dress

RT: Skin diving

Control No.: lctgm003162

MT: Divining rods

UF: Water witches

BT: Magical devices

RT: Divination

RT: Dowsing

Control No.: lctgm003163

MT: Divinity schools

USE: Theological seminaries

Control No.: lctgm003164
MT: Divorce

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Law & legal affairs

RT: Custody of children

RT: Divorced women

RT: Marriage

Control No.: lctgm003165
MT: Divorced women

UF: Divorcees

BT: Women

RT: Divorce

Control No.: lctgm003166
MT: Divorcees

USE: Divorced women

Control No.: lctgm003167
MT: Dizziness

UF: Giddiness

UF: Lightheadedness

BT: Physical characteristics

RT: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm003168


USE: Disc jockeys

Control No.: lctgm003169

UF: Deoxyribonucleic acid

BT: Body parts

RT: Human body

Control No.: lctgm003170
MT: Dock hands

USE: Longshoremen

Control No.: lctgm003171
MT: Docks

USE: Piers & wharves

Control No.: lctgm003172
MT: Docks, Loading

USE: Loading docks

Control No.: lctgm003173
MT: Dockyards

USE: Boat & ship industry

USE: Naval yards & naval stations

Control No.: lctgm003174

MT: Doctors

USE: Physicians

Control No.: lctgm003175
MT: Doctors' offices

USE: Medical offices

Control No.: lctgm003176
MT: Doctors' surgeries

USE: Medical offices

Control No.: lctgm003177
MT: Document signings

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Signing of documents

BT: Events

RT: Autographing

RT: Petitions

RT: Writing

Control No.: lctgm003178

MT: Documents

CN: TGM II term.

HN: Changed 10/2004 from TGM I term.

Control No.: lctgm003179

MT: Dodos

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Extinct birds

Control No.: lctgm003180

MT: Doffing

USE: Textile industry

Control No.: lctgm003181
MT: Dog breeders

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Breeders, Dog

BT: People

RT: Dogs

Control No.: lctgm003182

MT: Dog catching

USE: Dogcatching

Control No.: lctgm003183
MT: Dog food industry

USE: Pet food industry

Control No.: lctgm003184
MT: Dog guides

USE: Guide dogs

Control No.: lctgm003185
MT: Dog licenses

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Licenses, Dog

BT: Licenses

RT: Dogs

Control No.: lctgm003186

MT: Dog mushing

USE: Dogsledding

Control No.: lctgm003187
MT: Dog pounds

USE: Animal shelters

Control No.: lctgm003188
MT: Dog racing

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Racing

RT: Dogs

Control No.: lctgm003189
MT: Dog shows

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Animal shows

RT: Dogs

Control No.: lctgm003190
MT: Dog sledding

USE: Dogsledding

Control No.: lctgm003191
MT: Dog teams

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Animal teams

RT: Dogs

RT: Dogsledding

Control No.: lctgm003192

MT: Dog walking

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Activities

RT: Dogs

Control No.: lctgm003193
MT: Dogcatching

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Dog catching

BT: Activities

BT: Animal treatment

RT: Animal shelters

RT: Dogs

Control No.: lctgm003194

MT: Doghouses

USE: Kennels

Control No.: lctgm003195
MT: Dogs

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Puppies

BT: Animals

NT: Bloodhounds

NT: Bulldogs

NT: Chow chows (Dogs)

NT: Collies

NT: Dachshunds

NT: Greyhounds

NT: Hunting dogs

NT: Irish wolfhounds

NT: Poodles

NT: Watchdogs

NT: Working dogs

RT: Dog breeders

RT: Dog licenses

RT: Dog racing

RT: Dog shows

RT: Dog teams

RT: Dog walking

RT: Dogcatching

RT: Dogs of war

RT: Dogsledding

RT: Fetch (Game)

RT: Kennels

RT: Sled dog racing

Control No.: lctgm003196

MT: Dogs of war

BT: Symbols

RT: Dogs

RT: War

Control No.: lctgm003197
MT: Dogsled racing

USE: Sled dog racing

Control No.: lctgm003198
MT: Dogsledding

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Dog mushing

UF: Dog sledding

UF: Sledding, Dog

BT: Activities

NT: Sled dog racing

RT: Dog teams

RT: Dogs

RT: Sleds & sleighs

Control No.: lctgm003199
MT: Dollar signs

BT: Punctuation

BT: Symbols

Control No.: lctgm003200

MT: Dollhouses

UF: Miniature houses

BT: Building models

RT: Dolls

RT: Dwellings

Control No.: lctgm003201

MT: Dollies (Moving equipment)

BT: Equipment

RT: Moving & storage trade

Control No.: lctgm003202

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