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1. Eras leading up to the Texas Revolution - 7.1B historical point of reference


Characteristics, Individuals, Events…

In Absolute or Relative Chronological Order

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Natural TX and it’s People


Farming gave Native Americans a dependable source of food.

Native Americans tribes spoke different languages.

Native Americans tribes were nomadic and hunted buffalo for food.

Native Americans and the 4 regions of Texas.
People: The Native Americans that were there before we came.
Events: native americans crossed the bering strait and they lived a nomadic/sedentary lifestyle.





Age of Contact,

Characteristics:It was the time where Spain and France brought explorers to Texas.
People: Columbus, Cortes, Pineda, Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado, La Salle.
Events:Colombus discovered, pineda mapped the coast, cabeza shipwrecked near the coast of galveston, la salle made fort st. louis.



Spanish Colonial,

Characteristics:Some characteristics of the Spanish Colonial Era are missions, Tejas, and tough.
People: La Salle, Escandon, Hidalgo, de Jesus.
Events:Los Tejas was built,Ysleta was built,Almo built,Bexar and Velro built.



Mexican National.

Characteristics:Some characteristics of the Mexican National Era are establishing, war, and empresarios.
People: Stephen F. Austin, Moses Austin, Baron de Bastrop
Events: Empresarios brought settlers to Texas, Moses Austin started old 300, SFA started a very successful colony.




Historical Point of Reference:Era

Absolute Chronology: Using an exact date or time to describe when an event occurred. Ex: Texas Independence Day is March 2, 1836.

Relative Chronology: Using a span of time to describe when an event occurred. Ex: The struggle for Texas Independence took place during the Texas Revolution Era, which was 1826 - 1846,

2. Significance of 1836 to Texas History - 7.1C

Events in 1836

(in order!)


Significance to Texas Independence

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1 March 2:

Washington on the Brazos

Texans signed their Declaration of Independance


2 March 6:

San Antonio

Texas lose the Battle of the Alamo


3 March 27


Texans rally after the Goliad Massacre


4 April 21:

San Jacinto

Texas wins the battle of San Jacinto and their independence


5 May 14:


The Treaties of Velasco are signed, officially giving Texas its independence.


6 October 22:


Sam Houston is named the President of the Republic of Texas


How do these events compare to The Anatomy of a Revolution?


In the book , Texas still did not have their independence yet , but then these dates were official then Texas gained their Independence.


3. Causes or Issues leading up to the TEXAS Revolution - 7.3A

Causes or Issues

Date (Month & Yr)

Describe what happened

(Before, During & After)

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Fredonian Rebellion

December 21, 1826

It’s an independent colony that two brothers created because the Mexican government would not let them charge people for new land titles.


Mier y Teran Report


Mier y Teran went to Texas to see what was wrong. What he saw was a 5:1 Texans to Mexicans ratio. He also saw


Law of April 6th

April 6, 1830

After the Mier y Teran Report the Mexican government enacts this law stating that the immigration of Americans into Texas is prohibited.


Turtle Bayou Resolutions

June 18,1832

A number of statements in which the colonists declared their loyalty to Mexico.


SFA’s Arrest

January 3, 1834

SFA went to Mexico and saw the riots in the streets he sent a letter to the Texas government it got intercepted with Mexican officals he was arrested.


How did these events compare to The Anatomy of Revolution?

The Anatomy Revolution did not have declared the loyalty and The government is going bankrupt or trying to tax heavily and unjustly because it cannot organize its finances correctly.

4. Significant People of TX Revolution - 7.3

Person & why he came to Texas

Role in TX Revolution

How did his contribution shape TX History?

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George Childress

Wrote Texas declaration

We would not have been a Free nation .


Lorenzo de Zavala

He served as finance minister under President Vicente Guerrero.

A colonizer and statesman , he was also the interim Vice President of the Republic of Texas , serving under President David G. Burnet from March


James Fannin

an agitator for the Texas Revolution

protected and went oder cover for the Texans


Sam Houston

President and general of Texas

Saved Texas from Mexico in the war of San Jacinto and was the general .


Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Dictator for Mexico

almost took away Texas from us


Juan N. Seguin

harsh liberal critic

We would not have the rio grande because he protected it.



William B. Travis

hero of the revolution general of the war

He ended up almost giving up all of Texas but Sam Houston won the next war.



How did the actions of these individuals compare to The Anatomy of Revolution?

People feel restless and held down by unacceptable restrictions in society, religion ,and the economy or the government

In these years the all of these people made a chnge to the government.


5. Key Events of the Texas Revolution – 7.3C


(& Date)

Describe what happened.

What were issues surrounding event?

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Battle of Gonzales

Febuary 23, 1836

After the Mexicans stole the Texans Cannon the Texans wanted to fight back they went to Gonzales and the Texans got there cannon back.

This event was the beginning of the Texas and Mexico war.The events surrounding this event was Travis letter.


Siege of Alamo

March 6, 1836

The Mexicans surrounded the Texans in the Alamo for many days until the Texans fought back in the Battle of the alamo.

The events surrounding this event where the beginning of the Alamo war and the signing of the declaration of Independence.


Travis’s Letter

Febuary 24,1836

The letter of distress made famous by the siege of the ALAMO. Col Travis worried he did not have enough men, but told the people in the Constitutional convention to continue.

Siege of the Alamo, Constitutional Convention of March 1eme


Battle of The Alamo

March 6, 1836

After the siege of the Alamo the Texans and the Mexicans fought for their independence and Texas in the Alamo.

The siege of the Alamo was right before the Battle and also the signing of the declartion for Texas was to.


Constitutional Convention

March 1, 1836

The Texans were signing the Declaration of Independence for the Texans freedom.

The events surrounding this event where they siege and battle of the Alamo.


Fannin’s Surrender at Goliad

March 27,1836

Fannin and other Texans got captured at Goliad so Fannian sent a message to the others at the Battle and surrendered at Goliad.

The events surrounding this event where the Battle and Seige of the Alamo.


Battle of San Jacinto

April 21,1836

When Sam Houston found out that they Texans lost at the Alamo he took his men and found the perfect time to attack on the mexicans. These battle lasted 18 minutes and they Texans won.

The Battle of the Alamo and the siege of the Alamo where surrounding this event.


How did the issues surrounding these events compare to The Anatomy of Revolution?

The anatomy of revolution people had a very hard time all social classes were discontented,but when these event came these people still had problems but these events changed it all.

People from all social classes are discontented. There is growing bitterness between social classes


6. Crane’s The Anatomy of Revolution

What is the Anatomy of Revolution? A book by Crane Brinton about all of the major political revolutions.

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How does the TEXAS Revolution compare to the Anatomy of Revolution?Texas revolution is a very major revolution. The Anatomy revolution is a minor.


a. How do the events that led to the TE

XAS Revolution compare to The Anatomy of Revolution?

It all started coming together slowly in the Anatomy and the TEXAS came together fast.

b. What insight into human nature do the events show us?

Humans have done all they can to get what they want and to have freedom.


c. Demonstrate how actions of individuals in the TEXAS Revolution compare to The Anatomy of Revolution. colonies were built by the revolution.

In the Texas they actions where very extreme and put them where they could die in the Anatomy it was not as extreme.


d. Demonstrate how issues surrounding events of TEXAS Revolution compare to The Anatomy of Revolution.The creation of a book is a very difficult process just as creating colonies is very difficult work. The issues with the Anatomy where not as war like in TEXAS.


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