Test Review: First They Killed My Father Characters: Know who each character is and significant events, details, quotes associated with each

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Test Review: First They Killed My Father
Characters: Know who each character is and significant events, details, quotes associated with each.

Uncle Keang
Met Bong



Example Qs
Which character is the harsh disciplinarian of the family?
Which character is nicknamed “Little Monkey”?
Who is being described? “[She] lifts her shirts and shows me bruises where the man beat her. The marks look raw…Looking at her face, a rage rises up in me. The image of some stranger beating [her] brings to life such hate in me. And all for a chicken!”

History/Terms/ Understanding the Context of the Story

Cambodia was a French colony
Cambodian Civil War
Lon Nol
Pol Pot
Khmer Rouge
Genocide (20% of population killed)

Example Qs
This was the omnipotent revolutionary organization.
Who does the Khmer Rouge consider to be its model citizens?
How did conditions in Cambodia under the pre-Communist government differ from those under the Communist regime?


Phnom Penh
Krang Truop
Ro Leap
Bat Deng
Lam Sing
Angkor Wat
Pursat City

Example Qs

What is the final refugee camp before Loung departs for the U.S.?

What city does the Ung live in when the book begins?

Cultural Traditions

gender roles
children vs adults
showing respect

Example Qs
Why did Pa have to sweep the path in front of him when he was studying to be a monk?
What is the most important/significant holiday in Cambodia? Explain some of the traditions surrounding it.
Literary Devices (simile, metaphor, personification, symbol, irony, foreshadowing, and imagery)
I will give an example, and you have to tell which literary device is being used.

Test Options

Test A: Objective Test

40-50 multiple choice, matching, T/F type questions
5-10 short answer
Test B: Essay Test (I will circle three test questions tomorrow and you will have to answer two.)
1. Explain the background/history of Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge. What events led up to Pol Pot gaining power in Cambodia, and what was the result of Pol Pot’s rule? In your response use key names, events, dates, etc.

2. How does Loung’s cultural/ethnic identity develop as she moves through the book?

3. What impact did the narrator’s perspective and style have on your experience as a reader? Make sure to comment on both point-of-view and writing style in your response.

4. What challenges did the characters in the book face because of their gender?

5. This book shows that in order to develop the resilience needed to survive, people must be prepared to abandon their values. Please explain. You may use examples from outside of the novel, but make sure to base your response on events from within First They Killed My Father.

6. Discuss the idea of sacrifice as it pertains to the characters of the book. Give specific examples of sacrifice for others, being sacrificed, or not sacrificing. What message can be drawn about the idea of sacrifice?

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