Teacher: Schoneman / Johnson / Collins Topics are grouped together by magazine issue

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Teacher: Schoneman / Johnson / Collins

Topics are grouped together by magazine issue

Magazine Issue

Individual (I) /Pair Topic (P)



Major Events

Leading Up to the War

Boston Tea Party (P)

Boston Massacre (P)

1st Continental Congress (P)

The Stamp Act (P)

The Proclamation Act of 1763

Patrick Henry’s Treason Speech


Paul Revere’s Ride

2nd Continental Congress (P)

Lexington and Concord Battles (P)

Washington crosses the Delaware (capturing Trenton)

Battle of Bunker Hill


Publication of “Common Sense” (P)

Declaration of Independence & Signing (P)


Flag Resolution

Burgoyne surrenders

Hessian attack on Fort Mercer

Winter at Valley Forge


Battle of Monmouth

British occupy Savannah


British burn Fairfield and Norwalk, CT

John Paul Jones captures British ship

The Tappan Massacre

Washington winters at Morristown, NJ


British capture Charleston

King’s Mountain


Articles of Confederation

Cornwallis at Guilford Courthouse

American retakes Augusta, GA and Yorktown, VA

Articles of Confederation

1782 and beyond

British evacuate Savannah, Charleston, and sign Articles of Peace

Treaty of Paris (P)

British troops leave New York/Washington resigns

U.S. Constitution is ratified


Samuel Adams

Mercy Otis Warren

Ben Franklin

John Dickinson

Other Significant People

King George III

Captain John Paul Jones

Patrick Henry

Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson

George Washington


Betsy Ross

Abigail Adams

Phillis Wheatley

Mary Draper

Molly Pitcher

Lucy Knox

Deborah Samson

Sybil Ludington


Francis Scott Key

Paul Revere

Samuel Poor

Ethan Allen


William Allen

Simon Girty

Jonathan Boucher

Thomas Hutchinson

Joseph Brant

Lord Dunmore

William Franklin


Benedict Arnold

Nathan Hale

Ann Bates

Lydia Darragh


British & Hessians (P)

Americans & French (P)

Patriots & Loyalists (P)

Slaves & Indians (P)


[Group of 4 students]

Each student chooses at least 1 famous quote from this time to explain the meaning behind it and why it is remembered in history.

Examples of quotes:

  • Taxation without representation

  • I regret that I have but….

  • Give me liberty or give me death!

  • Etc.

Minimum of 4 quotes in a magazine issue

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