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World Geography Honors Syllabus

Teacher: Ashton Jarrett

School: Hanahan High School

E-mail address: jarretta@bcsdschools.net

Course Description

The focus of World Geography is the physical and cultural characteristics of Earth. This course is organized around the topics of region, physical earth dynamics, population, culture, economic systems, urban systems, political systems, and the environment. Within this course students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will also be introduced to map reading and designing skills.

Textbook and Materials

  • Geography, The Human and Physical World; By: Glencoe

  • 3-ring binder

  • Dividers

  • Blue/black ink pens

  • #2 pencils


Curriculum/Instructional goals and objectives are consistent with the South Carolina Social Studies State Standards. Each student is expected to:

  • Complete reading assignments

  • Complete Homework assignments

  • Participate in class discussions

  • Be on time to class

  • Come to class prepared

  • Give 100% effort

  • Respect everyone!

Make-Up Work

Make up work is the responsibility of the student and is required within 5 days of an absence unless extenuating circumstances deem more time is necessary. All missed assignments will be keyed into the grade book with a 0 until the work is made up. Test grades below a C may be re-done after the student has received additional tutorial help by a social studies teacher.

Grading Weights:

Daily Classwork/Homework 20%

Quizzes 30%

Test/Projects 50%

Grades will be maintained in PowerTeacher and can be accessed through the Parent Portal on the Hanahan High School website at http://www.berkeley.k12.sc.us/HanahanHigh.cfm . If you have any questions or concerns about grades, please to contact me directly via email as soon as the concern arises.

Class Rules

  • Sit in ASSIGNED seat BEFORE the bell rings.

  • Eliminate ALL side comments and conversations.

  • Use RESPECTFUL language.


  • Electronics  Turn them OFF and put them AWAY.

  • Only have food and drink when ALLOWED by the TEACHER.


1st offense verbal warning

2nd offense lunch detention

3rd offense parent contact

Additional offenses will be handled with an administrative referral.

Freshman Academy Norms
To help students transition into high school, teachers in the Freshman Academy will be happy to assist students on a need by need basis for any issues that may arise (how to use their locker, understanding the school campus, extracurricular student involvement, etc).  To help with this transition, there are Freshman Academy policies that every 9th grader will be expected to follow. 
In addition to following all of the school rules included in the student agenda, a few rules are highlighted below.
Tardy Policy

A student that is not inside his/her classroom when the bell rings, is considered tardy.  A student is expected to be in class and ready to begin work at the beginning of each instructional period.  

1st Tardy – Verbal Warning

2nd Tardy - Teacher Detention and Parent Notification

3rd Tardy – Office Referral and 1 period of ISS

4th Tardy – Office Referral and 1 period of ISS

5th Tardy – Office Referral and 1 day of ISS

6th Tardy – Office Referral and 1 day of ISS

Each succeeding tardy will result in one day of OSS.

Approved devices can be used in schools as an assistive technology tool, but must be in the “off” position and not be displayed for use during the school day from bell to bell, unless otherwise specifically allowed by a staff member for a specific instructional purpose. Student devices are allowed under the direct supervision of school faculty and staff for guided instructional purposes.

1st Offense

2nd Offense

3rd Offense

  • Confiscation

  • Parent/legal guardian pick-up after seven calendar days

  • 1 day ISS (Elementary will have time out in an alternate location.)

  • Confiscation

  • Parent/legal guardian pick-up after 14 calendar days

  • 1 day OSS

Student Agenda

Freshman students will be required to write homework for all classes in the agenda provided for them.  There will be agenda checks throughout the year.  Occasionally, teachers will ask for a parent/guardian signature for major due dates, tests, etc.  Additionally, students will use their agenda as their hall pass and will be required to have it with them at all times. Students are not allowed to leave the room to go to the snack machine for any reason.


Students will be required to keep a separate binder with dividers for each core subject within the Freshman Academy. Periodically throughout the semester, teachers will check for binder organization and will also give assessments to ensure students are using their binders and keeping up with class materials.

Hanahan High School

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to an exciting semester of World Geography! Through this course students will learn about the physical and cultural characteristics of planet Earth. Students will also be well informed in how to accurately read and create a map.

To insure a successful grade students should refer to this syllabus as it clearly states all rules, materials, and expectations for every day of class. Attendance is a major factor of the students overall grade. It is vital that the student attend class to be able to keep up with classroom and homework assignments. Students must come to class to excel in this course as well as pass this course.

To help in creating the most effective learning environment I ask that students and their parent/guardian sit down together and go over this syllabus. Please discus and then sign, cut, and turn in the designated portion below.

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to having you as a part of this course. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns, my email is jarretta@bcsdschools.net.


Ashton P. Jarrett

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Student Signature Print Students Name

Parent Email Contact Address

Student Information Sheet

Name: _________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian: _________________________________________________

Home Phone #:__________________________________________________

Father’s Work #:_________________________________________________

Mother’s Work #: ________________________________________________

Student Email Address: ___________________________________________

Mother Email Address: ___________________________________________

Father Email Address: ____________________________________________

I belong to these clubs at Hanahan High _____________________________________________

I belong to these Athletic teams at Hanahan High ______________________________________

My favorite hobbies include ______________________________________________________

My favorite food is _______________________________

My favorite movie is ______________________________

My favorite TV show is ___________________________

My favorite color is ______________________________

My favorite time period in History is _____________________________________

One word that describes me is ___________________________________________

What is your favorite subject in school? ___________________________________________

Do you have any brothers or sisters? ______________________________________________

Do you have any pets? _________________________________________________________

Tell me one thing about yourself that you think I should know: ____________________________________________________________________________

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