=TC= Weapons Mod + Skinz custom modification for Call of Duty 4

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=TC= Weapons Mod + Skinz custom modification for Call of Duty 4
Thank you for your interest in our Weapons Mod....

This will most likely be the Final Version of The Company Weapons Mod. However, I never like to say never...  Who knows what IW may bring our way as far as expansions go. Also technology and our knowledge of how to further mod the weapons may increase.

The modification has been tested on Hardcore settings only. Thats the only way we game. I see no reason it will not work well with stock.

We have also tested it right along side of all versions of ACE up to and including ACE1.8d and the X4 Mod. That being said, it should work just fine with AWE. Remember if your mod has weapons scripts already inside of its iwd they need to be removed to prevent conflicts.
Weapons Change Log

*All weapons have ranges reviewed and modified if needed.

*All weapons have damage reviewed and modified if needed.

*All weapons now have there correct fire rates according to Military Spec's.

*All weapons had Aim Down Sites Kick Reduction adjusted to what we call close to realism with keeping the best interest of gaming in mind.

*All weapons had the Fire from the Hip Kick Reduction set to what we call realism.

*All weapons have ACTIVE LASER SITES (Exception: MP44... You want to use a WW2 vintage weapon then you must have the full effect. No Laser Site...)

*All Sniper Rifles have had there first attempt to acquire a target slowed ever so slightly to give a more realistic feel.

*P90 / SKORPION / MINI-UZI have been adjusted to be less like the sniper rifles they are on ranked stock servers and more like the close combat ferocious beast they are suppose to be.

*Weapons have an extra clip added to them. (Exceptions: all GL enabled weapons, Side Arms, and Sniper Rifles)

*The SAW249 and the M60e4 now have realistic 200 round box's
*Sprint Duration Shortened on LMG's

*The entire G3 Series is now Full-Auto and Single Shot. Its as simple as clicking a mouse button. Click for Single Shot and Hold Down for Full Auto.

*Silenced G3 Knife Melee issue corrected.

*The entire M14 Series is now Full-Auto and Single Shot. This version is modeled after the Fleet Force Marine Modified M14. Its as simple as clicking a mouse button. Click for Single Shot and Hold Down for Full Auto.

*Silver Desert Eagle is now the .50 version. It is more of a close up stopping power weapon. This Eagle has the 7 round clip of the .50.

*Gold Desert Eagle is now the .357 version. It is more of a high velocity long range weapon with still close up stopping power. This Eagle has the 9 round clip of a .357 version.

*9m Beretta is now the US Military 92 series clip size of 15 rounds.

*USP is now set up to be similar to the Heckler & Koch USP Elite 9 mm Parabellum which includes a 15 round clip.

*Barrett .50 Sniper Rifle now has a 12 round Magazine such as the one that the 502d Regiment of the 101st Airborne used in the Gulf War.

*1014 Benelli is set up to use HEVI-STEEL Rounds and has the ability to pierce walls. The pellet count has also been corrected and is now 21.

*w1200 Marine Defender now loads 7 rounds. Correct pellet count of 8.

*Note: all ranges on Sniper Rifles have been adjusted for Sniper only servers but not tested. If you have feed back on this give me a shout.



The mod iwd can be added to your servers mod folder right along with your favorite game mod or if you have the knowledge just open the enclosed iwd and add the image and weapon files to your favorite mod's iwd file in the correct location. Images go in the image folder Weapons go in the Weapons/mp folder...

All =TC= Weapons Modifications and Skins have been tested on the ACE 1.8c and X4 game mod's...

Any questions please contact =TC= Buster at thecompanyhub@gmail.com or stop over at our website...


note: please do not claim this as your own if you add this to a gaming mod you are creating or a
current one please give credit to www.thecompanyhub.com.......

*Editing, Research, and Skin Design > =TC= Buster

*Military and Civilian Weapons Expert > =TC= Moose, =TC= Goose, =TC= Savage

*Testing > =TC= Bollockhead, =TC= Autolicus, =TC= Muskrat, =TC= Lefty,  COWFLY

Special Thanks to all of "The Company Gaming Community", The makers of the ACE and Extreme Mod's, and all those players that game on The Company Server's...


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