Taki and Tut –explorer or archeologist costume (tan/khaki shirt & pants). I have hats for them to wear. Lucy and So Long Ago Dancing Group

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Taki and Tutexplorer or archeologist costume (tan/khaki shirt & pants). I have hats for them to wear.


Lucy and So Long Ago Dancing Group- skeleton costume- Long-sleeved, solid, BLACK shirt and solid black pants, WHITE T-shirt or similar material (this will be used to cut bones out of - stretchy knit or Tshirt material will not fray). Please see the template for the bones.


Mesopotamian Talking Group, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Worker #1, Mesopotamian Acting Group, Speakers 1 &2, Money Maker, Inventor- Shepard costume or Mesopotamia costume (I found a shepard costume on the Oriental Trading website for $7.50). Long robe or oversized T-shirts or scrubs with a rope or other similar ‘belt’ and khaki shorts, pants, or skirt. Another idea- cutting a pale colored bath towel as if it were a poncho. They can wear shorts or tan pants and this towel. Belt the towel with some rope and you’re all set.

http://ludwigteachers.d92.org/danley/music/mesopotamia_files/mesopotamians.jpg http://www.aditi.edu.in/wp-content/gallery/grade3a/grade3-b_0.jpg
In My Tomb Dancing Group, In My Tomb Talking Groups- Mummy costume- the easiest way to accomplish this is by using white ace bandages over plain clothes (white or tan in color, if possible). You can wrap as much of them up as you want, but make sure they can comfortably move around!


Egyptian Acting Group, Peasants 1,2,3, &4 – Egyptian peasant costume- tan /white/brown shirt and tan pants, shorts, or skirt. Think "dirty" looking costumes- big, ill-fitting clothes with a rope (or similar) belt. Other ideas- you could use some burlap to make a vest or shirt, or you could get a T-shirt and sweatpants ripped into shorts and stain it in tea. Possible additions- Dirty faces & messy hair would be a great touch.


Zoser, Khnum, Imhotep- .Egyptianor Pharoah costume- Long robe (could use a shepard costume from oriental trading) and Egyptian accessories- headdress, belt, sash, collar, sandals, etc.


Confucius- Ancient Chinese costume- either a big shiny robe with large sleeves or an oriental looking top. I have a hat for him


Greek Chorus Talking Group, Greece is the Word Dancing Group, Sophocles, Herodotus, and Greek Acting Group -Greek costume- I have white sheets for the TALKING GROUP (with a green sash) and for the DANCING GROUP (blue sash). Everyone else should wear a white robe/sheet/dress with a sash (any color) tied around the middle or across the shoulder. This can also be achieved with light colored shirts/shorts and/or a graduation style robe and a sash.


Remus, Romulus, Romans 1,2,3 &4 and Toga Party Dancing GroupRoman costume- I have white sheets they can use as togas (VERY simple!). They should wear plain white clothes underneath (short sleeve or tank top white shirt). Possible additions- sandals, gold headband, sash, etc. If you would like to make your own toga, that’s perfectly fine! These are very similar to the Greek costumes above, so please see above for extra ideas

http://ludwigteachers.d92.org/danley/music/rome_files/togakids.jpg http://images.halloweencostumes.net/products/1432/1-1/roman-princess-kids-costume.jpg http://img.escapade.co.uk/salehire/large/u36410.jpg?2
Vultures- vulture costume- wear all black. Could add feathers, wings, or beak.


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