T-test Exercise Open file: binge sav Using the binge. Sav

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ICE4 – CRJ 716

Prof. Kaci

Name: ____________

T-Test Exercise Open file: binge.sav

  1. Using the BINGE.SAV data file, compare the means and perform a t-test to examine the relationship between gender (GENDER) and the number of drinks needed to get drunk (GETDRUNK).

State the Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis:

    • Null Hypothesis (Ho): ________________

    • Alternative Hypothesis (Ha): ________________

State the Independent and Dependent variables.

    • Independent variable: ________________

    • Dependent variable: ________________

  1. Who needs, on average, more drinks to get drunk, males or females? In addition to your answer, paste the means comparison table below:


  1. What is the mean difference?


  1. Is the difference statistically significant?


  1. Recode GETDRUNK to distinguish between needing five (5) or fewer drinks to get drunk and needing six (6) or more drinks to get drunk. Create a crosstabulation to examine the bivariate relationship between this new variable of getting drunk and gender. Ask for a chi-square and lambda. Compare your results of the crosstab to your results of the t-test and comparison of means.

What difference do you see—if any? List the chi-square and lambda and paste the crosstab below:


ANOVA Exercise Open file: gss2008.sav

  1. Use One-Way Analysis of Variance to compare:

    1. The mean age (AGE) of respondents who voted for Bush, Kerry, and Nader (PRES04). Which group had the youngest mean age and which had the oldest mean age?


    1. The mean years of school completed (EDUC) of respondents who voted for Bush, Kerry, and Nader (PRES04). Which group had the most education and which had the least education? Was the group difference statistically significant (i.e., was the significance value less than .05)? Convey a meaningful conclusion regarding the role of education a person had and his/her voting attitudes in the presidential election of 2004.


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