Syllabus for Western Civilization I history 103 General Course Information

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Syllabus for Western Civilization I

History 103

General Course Information

  • Summer 2013

  • Instructor: Matthew Greedy

  • Email:

Required Text:

Required Text


Donald . Kagan, Yale University

Steven Ozment, Harvard University

Frank M. Turner, Yale University

Alison Frank, Harvard University

ISBN-10: 0205423868 • ISBN-13: 9780205423866

©2013 • Pearson • Paper, 504 pp

Published 10/08/2012

You need your book for the first week of class. If you think time is a problem make sure you rush your book order as no late assignments will be accepted.

Here is the website for the book store:

Or you can use this site to source out your book

Student Learning Objectives

1. Identify and explain the major developments and particular characteristics of the various cultures covered in the topical outline (Ancient Near East [Egypt, Mesopotamia], Ancient Greece, Roman Civilization, Eastern Roman Empire, Medieval Civilization, Renaissance, and Reformation).

2. Analyze the major components of each epoch.

3. Relate the significant trends, developments, and events on the assigned periods to today’s world and to the future.

Disability Accommodation:

The college will make reasonable accommodations and/or academic adjustments to ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in the college’s courses. Students with disabilities, who are requesting academic accommodations, auxiliary aides or services, should contact Access Programs at 760-384-6250 or go to the following web site for further information and forms:


If it is determined that you have plagiarized an assignment or assisted in plagiarizing an assignment, you will not get credit for this assignment, see college policy regarding plagiarism .


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Grading Policy:

Your Chapter(s) quizzes will count for 40% of your grade; your class discussion will count for35% of your grade; your final paper will count for 25% of your grade. office.


Quizzes will consist of multiple-choice questions taken from your text book readings. These quizzes will be weekly, with exception of the first one. They will be online. They will be timed so you need to be prepared to take the quiz before you start it. You will only have one chance to take the quiz. You must take the quiz during the week of its availability. I will grade the quizzes on the curve. Quizzes due by Sunday.

Discussion Board:

You will need to participate in the weekly forum.The forums will count for 30% of your grade. You are to discuss the topic/question that I provide for the week. You can earn 3 points total for your discussion posting. You will receive one point for answering the question using a thesis statement and providing support for you answer from the text with page and paragraph numbers. The thesis statement should incorporate the question being asked. For example, the first question is “ What changes took place in Greek society and culture during its classical period? " Your thesis statement should be structured along the following lines: “Greek society and culture change during the classical period in the following ways:” Make sure that you use the question to construct your thesis statement ( you can use this tool to help ) and then demonstrate how your position is supported by the text.

You will earn another point if your position is well developed and supported by the textbook. I do not want you to use outside sources and you will not receive credit for them. One reason for this is because your classmates will need access to the same source as yourself in order to participate in the forum with you.

You will receive another point for responding to an answer of a fellow student. You are required to agree and or disagree with some or part of your fellow student's answer with a reasoned explanation supported by the text. For example, " I agree with your answer and further support it with tis example from the text..." pg2, prg3. Or, " I disagree with your answer for the following reasons..." pg.1, prg 5.

When citing from your textbook to support a position that you take you are required that you use page and paragraph numbers for ease of reference checking.

I advise you to check your points every week and if you do not have 3 full pts on a weekly basis email me immediately so I can give you more detailed guidance. I shall determine if your posting and response qualifies as an answer to the question. Please read my lecture or any other course materials and chapter before attempting an answer to any of the questions. I expect that your answer will cover all the relevant material from your chapter or primary source material and not just a section of it. If it does not you may not receive a point. Postings are due by Sunday night. The first week posting is due the same Sunday as the second week's posting because it may take time to secure the textbook. Outside the first week, no late postings accepted. I post a new discussion question on Mondays. It is important that you email me immediately if you are unclear about the points or any other issue related to the discussions. Also,if you have any questions about the class, please email me directly. Do not post general comments or questions about the class on the forums. This board is reserved only for relevant historical discussion.

Term Paper:

You must write one paper four to six pages, doubled spaced, with font size not larger than 12 point. You must chose one of the following historical works and write a paper that "answers" the historical question associated with it. You need to email me updates regarding your progress on your paper starting the third week of class, i.e. thesis statement, outline, etc. Your paper is due the seventh week of class. Please email it to me.

Online Primary Sources:

First Choice : The The Epic of Gilgamesh . Answer the following question. What does the Epic of Gilgamish reveal about Mesopotamian civilization? Do you think it is relevant to western civilization today?

Second Choice : Read: The Iliad by Homer: What does this work reveal about Greek values?

Third Choice : Read: The Aeneid . What do you think the Aeneid reveals about Roman Civilization? Do you think that western civilization is still essentially roman civilization?

Fourth Choice : Read: The Inferno by Dante. Do you think that during the medieval period in western civilization a cultural synthesis was reached? Does Dante’s Inferno serve as evidence that such a synthesis was real?

Week One:

  • First, read over the syllabus.

  • Second look over the website if you have any problems using it please email mail me.

  • Third, read chapter one

  • Fourth, read my lecture.

  • Fifth, go to the discussion board and discuss the following issue: Did these early civilizations set the foundation for “western” civilization?

  • Sixth, take the quiz

Week Two:

  • First, Read chapter two in Kagan;

  • Second, read my lecture

  • Third go to the discussion board and discuss the following issue: How important was the concept of the hero in Greek culture

  • Fourth, take the quiz

Week Three:

· Third go to the discussion board and discuss: What changes took place in Greek society and culture during its classical period? Did the concept of the hero change?

Fourth, take the quiz

Week Four:

  • First read Chapter four;

  • Second read my lecture;

  • Third go to the discussion board and discuss: The differences between Roman and Greek civilization

  • Fourth, take the quiz

Week Five:

· First read Chapter five and six

· Second Read my lecture

· Third go to the discussion board and answer this question: Did Christianity fundamentally alter Roman civilization?

Fourth, take the quiz

Week Six:

  • First read chapter Seven and Eight

  • Second read my lecture;

  • Third go to the discussion board and discuss: The relationship between the Catholic Church and medieval society.

  • Fourth, take the quiz

Week Seven: Paper Due

  • First read chapter nine;

  • Second read my lecture;

  • Third go to the discussion board and discuss: the elements that begin to change Medieval Europe?

  • Fourth, take the quiz

Week Eight:

  • First read chapter ten;

  • Second read my lecture

  • Third go to the discussion board and discuss: Do you think the Renaissance and the discovery of the new world brought about the end of the Middle Ages?

  • Fourth, take the quiz

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