Syllabus Course: Fusion 1 Semester: 1 & 2 Year: 2015-2016

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Course: Fusion 1 Semester: 1 & 2 Year: 2015-2016

Teacher: Justin Peik and Christian Canepa

Phone: 668-3499 and ********* respectively


Office hrs/

Availability: Before and After School, 5th and 7th hr.

Course Description/Overview: Fusion Reading is a two- year program in which you will learn a variety of really practical strategies. These strategies will enable you to become a proficient reader and a proficient test taker. Along the way, you will read highly engaging novels that you select, and apply the newly learned reading strategies to those novels.
Required Materials: Course texts, supplemental resources, lined paper, and Steno pads are provided.

Students should bring a sharpened pencil every day

Course Units and Summative Assessments:

Vocabulary tests, multimedia projects and presentations curriculum-based measures (CBMs)

Qtr 1- Establish the Course “Coach Carter”

Qtr 2- Prediction Strategy: “The Bully”

Qtr 3- Possible Selves: “Brothers in Arms”

Qtr 3- Bridging Strategy: “Enders Game”

Grading: Grading is done on a Standards Based 0-4 point Grading System. Partial points can be used to indicate mixed levels. Assessment-specific rubrics will be provided as assessments are given. Scores will be averaged in each category to determine final grade.

Grading scale

4-Exceeds Expectations (A)

3-Meets Expectations fully (B)

2-Partially Meets Expectations (C)

1-Struggles to fulfill expectations (D)

0- Does not fulfill any expectations and/or does not attempt expectations (F)

Grade Make-Up:

70% Summative Assessments

Projects, Vocabulary Quizzes, Essays

30% Formative Assessments

Warm-ups, Vocabulary Steno work, Curriculum-Based Measures (CBMs)

Missing & Late Work:

Due dates:

-The date of the quiz for that Vocabulary work.

-Warmups are due on the day of assignment unless absence is excused

-All work turned in by due date receives full credit

-All work turned after the due date but before handed back (or presented) will be reduced by .5 as it is an unfair advantage to see what others did before doing it yourself.

-All work turned in prior to the last week of the quarter will be reduced no more than 1 standards point for reasons of fairness as well.


-All work with a due date two weeks or more prior to the end of a quarter and turned in during the last week of the quarter will have a reduced grade by half of what could’ve been received.

Extra Credit: Extra credit is offered to all equally as attachments to projects as well as writing assignment every once in a while. No individual opportunities will be designed during the term.

Re-Learning and Retakes: Tests cannot be retaken. But projects have an opportunity for re-do with only .5 reduction in grade.
Grading modifications may be made for IEP considerations, but know many common accommodations are built into this course syllabus.

Washburn High School 2015-2016

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