Sunshine State Standards: ss. 8A 7, ss a 5, ss a 6, ss a 7, ss a 15, ss a 16, ss a 1, ss a 13, ss a 17, ss a 18, ss a 3, ss a 4

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8th Grade Lesson Plan

American History

Lesson Title: Native People and European Explorers

Sunshine State Standards: SS.8A.1.7, SS.8.A.2.5, SS.8.A.2.6, SS.8.A.2.7, SS.8.A.3.15, SS.8.A.3.16, SS.8.A.4.1, SS.8.A.4.13, SS.8.A.4.17, SS.8.A.4.18, SS.8.A.4.3, SS.8.A.4.4



Post- Suggested evaluation is a five-paragraph essay entitled: How the arrival of Europeans change the lives of Native Americans

Instructional Objectives

The learner will:

-Discuss different treaties between European Governments and how they affected Native people.

-Know what constitutes the Trail of tears, how it received its name, and who it affected.

-Understand Andrew Jackson’s continued mistreatment of Native people and how American citizens benefited.

-Analyze the three Seminole Wars and their context within American History.

-Assess how America’s continued westward expansion decimated tribes.


  1. Statement of Objectives

The teacher will state to the students that at the end of the lesson, they should be able to discuss how European exploration and American expansion affected native people across the country.

  1. Set

The teacher will have students watch a short video entitled “Seminole Wars.” The teacher will lead a discussion on the video.

  1. Instruction

Teaching Strategies

Over the course of several days, the teacher will teach and review sections of the classroom book covering: The Earliest Americans, European Exploration, Colonization, The American Revolution, The new Nation, and the Civil War. When reviewing these sections, the teacher will make sure to cover these topics:

-Different Native American tribes and their cultural differences

-Particularly the Seminole Tribe

-Native American Empires such as: Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs

-Columbus, Vespucci, and Spanish arrival in the “New World”

-Differences between Spain, France, and Britain’s exploration and encounters with Native People

- Indian wars (Pontiac’s Rebellion, Pequot War, King Philip’s War, Seminole Wars, etc.)

-European wars (Seven Years’ War, French/Indian war, American Revolution, War of 1812)

-Treaties and Laws (Proclamation of 1763, Treaty of Moultrie, Indian Removal Act, Indian Self-determination Act, etc.)

Enrichment (SS.8.A.1.7)

The class will take a field trip to the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, where they will learn about the history of the Seminole Tribe, as well as view historic events in American History from the eyes of the Seminole Indians.

Checking for Understanding

Students will conduct a class discussion of the events of each Seminole War and the major participants (both Seminole and U.S. government).

  1. Closure

A brief summary of the lesson will be given by the teacher.

  1. Alternative and/or supplemental activities

Independent Practice

Students will study major Seminole Warriors of the Seminole Wars and discuss how they helped or hindered the Seminole fight against the United States government.


Have students complete a vocabulary worksheet of important words related to the Seminoles and the U.S. government.


Textbooks, handouts, essay test, sma0rt board or AV equipment, Seminole Wars video.

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