Summer Reading Book Report

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Summer Reading Book Report

Middle School

Summer reading is a great way for children to enjoy great books while helping them to prepare for the upcoming school year. As with other skills, reading improves with practice and research has shown that children who do not read during the summer months begin the new school year at a disadvantage. The books selected for summer reading will be the basis for classroom discussion and activities during the first week of school. Students should read two books from the three choices listed below for the grade they will be entering. ALA students are required to read both books on the ALA list. All of the titles listed are available in paperback through bookstores or online, electronically for an e-reader, or through the public library.

Grade Six

Grade 6 ALA Required Reading:

Grade Seven

  • Fever, 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson

  • The Trumpeter of Krakow by Eric Kelly

  • Peter Pan (Unabridged) by James M. Barrie

Grade 7 ALA Required Reading:

Grade Eight

Grade 8 ALA Required Reading:

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel (Unabridged) by Emma B. Orczy

  • Flags of Our Fathers: Heroes of Iwo Jima by Michael French (Adapted for young people from James Bradley’s bestseller)

For each book, students should write a five paragraph report that will be collected on the first day of school and graded. Each paragraph should contain five to seven sentences, be handwritten, and include the following:
Paragraph 1:

Include the title and author of the book. Describe in detail the setting of the book including the time period in which it takes place. If there is more than one setting, be sure to include all and explain how the setting(s) affects the plot of the novel. Include details to back up your statements.
Paragraph 2:

Describe the main character(s). What part do they play in the plot? Be sure to include details about each character (if more than one)—including physical description and personality traits. Did any of the characters change or surprise you during the novel? If so, how?
Paragraph 3:

What is the conflict (main problem) in the book? Is it solved and if so, how is it solved? Be sure to provide details.
Paragraph 4:

What connections can you make between the setting and characters to other books you have read or personal experiences you have had? For example, have your read another book that took place during the same time period or same place? Did you have an experience that was similar to one of the characters in the book? Explain your answers by using specific examples from the book or your personal experiences to back up your statements.

Paragraph 5:

What is your opinion of the book? Did you find it interesting or boring? Would you recommend it to someone else? Why or why not?

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