Summative Assessment Document Based Question

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War Unit

Summative Assessment

Document Based Question

Read the following articles:

“The Doves Were Right” (Holbrooke, 30 November, 2008)

“Why Would Anyone Miss War” (Junger, 16 July, 2011)

“Vietnam: Retuning Home” (South Dakota Archives, 1986)

“Lyndon Johnson haunted by the Specters of Vietnam” (Library of Congress, 1967)

Film: “Born on the Fourth of July”

“The Things They Carried” (O’Brien, 1990)

In a well-developed essay, explain and analyze the significance of what American soldiers “carried” during and after the Vietnam War. Were the physical or emotional/psychological burdens heavier? Reflect on your reading of O’Brien’s novel, the viewing of Ron Kovic’s experiences in “Born on the Fourth of July” and any other information that we have discussed in class. (guest speakers, articles, etc…) In this essay you must incorporate the novel and the film plus at least 2 of the sources provided to assert your claim. You must cite them in the MLA format in order to receive credit for the citation.

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