Summary petar popović and serbian revolution 1804-1813

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By two books of his, as we! by some dozen other lesser works -which he devoted to the period of the First Insurrection in Serbia and to the reign of Petar I in Montenegro, Petar Popović presented first among the historians the historical position of the Serbian people under the Turkish (rule on the area stiretching from the Danube to the Bay of Kotor, including the liberaited part of Serbia and the free Montenegro as two Serbian States and protagonists of the idea and active warfare, struggle for the liberation of the Serbian people in the Ottoman Empire. In the Serbian historiography, for this time, it was a visible and certain sign that the historical science has got among Serbian people both important works and diligent workers. In the studies concerning the problems of the First Serbian Insurrection 1804-1813, after V. Bogišić, St. Novaković and Milenko Vulkićević who studied the First Serbian Insurrection also by the documents from Russian archives, together with Iv. Pavlović, Mih. Gavrilović and G. Jakšić, Petar Popović is the following Serbian historian who for the studies of the Insurrection 1804-1813, used the French official materials. Critical soieotafic method, first-rate documentation of original character and wide erudition of these educated historians-experts raised the Serbian historical science to the level of the European scientific historiography of the French and Serbian revo lutions from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. If we add to these also Dragoljub-Drraža Pavlović, further Alelksa Ivić and Dušan Pantelić, who got deeper into the utilization of the archives funds in German, which occurred a decade and a half before and after the First World War, then we can see to what extent has developed the historiography of the First Serbian Insurrection in its purely scientific and investigating undertakings.
In this renaissance of the scientific method and scientific thought of the modern Serbian historiography of the twenties and thirties of the 20th century in general, Petair Popović was its contemporary, participant and immediate creator. Hence, when the problems of the First Serbian Insurrection, and particularly the international position of Serbia (and of Montenegro, too) in this period will be treated and discussed, it will not be passible to avoid mentionening the name of Petair Popović as its historiographer. In this respect, his work, though not voluminous, deserves full scientific recognition and his scientific personality our complete esteem.

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