Summary of Francisco Franco Born December 4

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Summary of Francisco Franco

  • Born December 4th, 1892. Died November 20th, 1975.

  • Franco`s family was heavily involved in the navy and military.

  • Became youngest general in Europe by 1926.

  • Named head of state in 1936, ruled from 1939 to 1975.

  • Came into power with a military coup.

  • Aligned himself with Hitler and Mussolini prior to WW2.

  • Alliance led to Franco`s Nationalist victory of Spanish Civil War.

  • Franco eliminated political opposition. Only one legal party (Falange EspaƱola Tradicionalista y de las JONS)

  • Franco executed, exiled, or imprisoned all remaining Republicans.

  • Had low tolerance of diversity.

  • Believed in unity of the Catholic Church.

  • After WW2 Franco maintained power through force and fear (concentration camps, censorship, coercion, forced labour in prisons, heavy use of death penalty)

  • Following WW2 Franco isolated Spain from international relations.

  • Franco rapidly industrialized Spain following WW2 with the use of the steel industry.

  • Franco banned contraceptives, homosexuality, practice of any other religion, prostitution, divorce, and languages other than Spanish.

  • Franco put the church in charge of the direction of education and censorship.

  • Francisco hand-picked his successor, Juan Carlos, and oversaw his education and political development.

  • On November 20th, 1975, Franco died due to heart failure.

  • Juan Carlos then became King of Spain and transitioned the country to a democratic constitutional monarchy with Arias Navarro as Prime Minister.

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