Suggested Nonfiction Reading Grade 4 Quarter 1 Science: hm leveled Readers

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Suggested Nonfiction Reading

Grade 4

Quarter 1


HM Leveled Readers:
Wild Adaptations Lexile 731-770
Why Are You Here? Lexile 731-770
Wangari Maathai, Planting Trees for the Future
Harcourt Leveled Readers:
Ecosystem Energy Lexile 680
Energy Transfer in Ecosystems Lexile 620
Understanding Ecosystems Lexile 550
Amazing Ecosystems Lexile 750
Animals and Adaptations
Reading A-Z:
The Amazing Undersea Food Web Lexile 831-860
The Amazing Amazon Lexile 771-800
Galapagos Wonder Lexile 771-800
Coral Reefs Lexile 771-800
Mysterious Caves Lexile 770-830
Galapagos Wonders Lexile 771-800
The Mighty Saguaro Cactus Lexile 771-800
Hoofed Animals Lexile 771-830

Social Studies:

Reading A-Z:
The Inuit: Northern Living Lexile 771-800
Page’s School Report Lexile 771-800
The Haidas Lexile 861-890
Ancient Cliff Dwellers Lexile 771-830
Native Americans of the Great Plains Lexile 891-980
The Cheyennes Lexile 891-980
The Cherokees Lexile 891-980
Christopher Columbus Lexile 891-980
Discovery in the Americas? Lexile 801-860
Ships of Discovery Lexile 801-860

Books in Media Center:
We are the many: a picture book of American Indians by D. Rappaport
Juan Ponce de Leon: a primary source biography by L. Hoogenboom
Where do you think you're going, Christopher Columbus? By J. Fritz Lexile 890
Columbus and the age of explorers by N. Higgins
Ponce de Leon: Juan Ponce de Leon searches for the fountain of youth by A. Heinrichs
Story of Columbus by A. Ganeri Lexile 540

Leveled Readers:
Uncovering America’s Past by S. Sigue Lexile 870
Learning About the First Americans by S. Sigue Lexile 830
Archaeologists Explore Early America by S. Sigue Lexile 1020
If You Lived with the Indians of the Northwest Coast by A. Kamma Lexile 870
His Name was Amerigo by E.Cutler Lexile 900
Vespucci Sails for America by E.Cutler Lexile 980
Exploring with Amerigo Vespucci by E.Cutler Lexile1010
Around the World in a Hundred Years: From Henry the Navigator to Magellan by J. Fritz Lexile 1050
In 1492 by J. Marzolo Lexile 310

Quarter 2


HM Leveled Readers:
Space Animals Lexile 731-770
Galileo Galilei, Astronomer Lexile 771-800
The End of the Ice Age Lexile 891-980
Harcourt Leveled Readers:
Our Planet and Beyond Lexile 770
Planets and Other Objects in Space Lexile 530
The Water Cycle Lexile 640
More About Weather and Water Lexile 930

Reading A-Z:
The Sun Lexile 771-830
Venus: Beauty and Beast Lexile 831-860
Jupiter’s Secrets Revealed Lexile 771-800
Leo the Lion Lexile 891-980
Hubble: An Out-of-This-World Telescope Lexile 771-800
The Sun, Earth, and Moon Lexile 801-860
Our Solar System Lexile 691-770
Venus: Beauty and Beast Lexile 831-860
Jupiter’s Secrets Revealed Lexile 771-800
Violent Weather Lexile 891-980
Severe Weather Lexile 731-770
Explorers Guide to World Weather Lexile 651-730

Social Studies:

Reading A-Z:
Ben Franklin Lexile 800-860
Seeds of Revolution Lexile 831-860
Thomas Jefferson Lexile 731-770
Battling for Independence Lexile 861-890

Books in Media Center:
New Hampshire colony by K. Deady Lexile 700
Delaware colony by M. Dubois Lexile 725
New Jersey colony by M. Dubois Lexile 725
Maryland colony by M. Marx
Maryland colony by M. Hintz
Rhode Island colony by K. Deady
Virginia colony by B. Bauer
Georgia colony by T. Schumacher
North Carolina colony by S. Haberle
Pennsylvania colony by M. Hintz
South Carolina colony by S. Haberle
Boston Tea Party by M. Doeden Lexile 800
Boston Tea Party by S. Kroll Lexile 810
George Washington by C. Harness Lexile 850
Can't you make them behave, King George? by J. Fritz Lexile 800
What's the big idea, Ben Franklin? by J. Fritz Lexile 830
Journey of the one and only Declaration of Independence by J. St. George Lexile 890
George Washington : the life of an American patriot by D. West
George Washington : soldier, hero, president by J. Fontes Lexile 700
Picture book of Thomas Jefferson by D. Adler Lexile 700
George Washington : a picture book biography by J. Giblin Lexile 630
Meet Ben Franklin with Elaine Landau by E. Landau
Picture book of George Washington by D. Adler Lexile 750
Leveled Readers:
New World, New Neighbors by C. DiMartino below grade level

If You Lived in Colonial Times by A. McGovern Lexile 590

Making Connections: American Indians and Settlers by C. DiMartino Lexile 1000
Early American Alliances Lexile 1050
Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims by C. Bulla Lexile 360
African-Americans in the Thirteen Colonies by D. Kent Lexile 1040
Valley Forge
The Boston Tea Party
The Declaration of Independence
Paul Revere
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? By J. Fritz Lexile 830
Heroes of the American Revolution by M. Scarbrough Lexile 790
Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George? By J. Fritz Lexile 800
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
John Quincy Adams
George Washington’s Mother by J. Fritz Lexile 250
If You Grew Up with George Washington by R. Gross Lexile 680
John and Abigail Adams: An American Love Story by Judith St. George Lexile 990

Quarter 3


HM Leveled Readers:
Rube Goldberg’s Machines Lexile 771-830
How Did the Lights Go Out? Lexile 771-830
Lights On Lexile 801-860

Harcourt Leveled Readers:
Understanding Light and Heat Lexile 770
Understanding Light and Sound
Heat, Light, and Sound
Light & Heat Lexile 570

Reading A-Z:
How Sound Works Lexile 891-980

Social Studies:

American Hero Series Biographies:
Lewis & Clark with Sacagawea Lexile 501-550
Harriet Tubman Lexile 451-550
Reading A-Z:
The Battle of the Alamo Lexile 771-830
Remembering the Alamo Lexile 731-770
Books in Media Center:
More perfect union : the story of our Constitution by B. Maestro Lexile 860
Great expedition of Lewis and Clark : by Private Reubin Field, member of the Corps of Discovery by J. Edwards
Gold fever! : tales from the California Gold Rush by R. Schanzer
Slavery and the Underground Railroad : bound for freedom by C. Ford
Only passing through : the story of Sojourner Truth by A. Rockwell Lexile 790
Harriet Tubman : a woman of courage by Time for Kids Lexile 760
Harriet Tubman : the life of an African-American abolitionist by R. Shone
Sojourner Truth : a voice for freedom by P. McKissack
Minty : a story of young Harriet Tubman by A. Schroeder Lexile 560
Leveled Readers:
In Their Own Words: Lewis and Clark Lexile 710
In Their Own Words: Davy Crockett Lexile 670
Battle of the Alamo Lexile 940
A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth Lexile 940
Get on Board: The Story of the Underground Railroad Lexile 1180
You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton? Lexile 870
Women’s Right to Vote
Freedom Train: the Story of Harriet Tubman Lexile 910

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