Subject: History Topic: The causes of the February Revolution in Russia Level

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Subject: History
Topic: The causes of the February Revolution in Russia
Level: S.5
Background information:

  1. Content

Concept(s) to be explained: The concept of ‘the main cause’ of a historical event

Prior learning: This is the last (sixth) lesson in the unit. It is assumed that the students possess the following knowledge of the following items:

  1. The historical background of Tsarist Russia (mainly the autocratic nature of Tsardom and the agrarian nature of the economy),

  2. The nature of the reforms launched by the Czars to save their dynasty

  3. The positive and negative effects of the reforms on the dynasty, and,

  4. The effects of Russia’s defeat in the First World War

2. Language used:

S.5 History

The causes of the February Revolution in Russia

Worksheet 1
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Activity 1
Students will complete two integrated activities. The aim of the learning activities is to enable the students to express their views on the focus question of the topic, how significant was Russia’s entry into World War One as a cause of the February Revolution?
Information gathering:

1. Read Chapter 4 (The Russian Revolutions) of your textbook. You have to focus on the concrete results of reform programmes launched by Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II. Identify the negative and positive consequences of their reforms.

2. You will use this information in a group discussion at a later date.

3. The topic of the discussion is "‘What were the main causes of the February Revolution?”

Group Discussion and Oral Reporting:

1. Divide yourselves into six groups (about seven members in each group).

2. Choose a group representative before the beginning of the discussion by drawing lots. The group representative can take part in the preliminary whole class discussion, but he / she has to jot down all relevant points made by the group members during their group discussion. These points will be by the group representative later on in a class debate. In other words, the group representatives are going to take part in a class debate, where they will present their groups findings.

3. After the group discussion, each group representative has to report to the rest of the class their group’s points of view as well as the supporting evidence for this stance.

4. Immediately after the group representatives report their groups’ findings to the whole class, each group representative will draw lots to decide who will take the affirmative and negative sides in the class debate.

S.5 History

The causes of the February Revolution in Russia

Worksheet 1
Activity 2

Debate and Note-taking:

1. The motion of the debate is "The Russian entry into the First World War was the main cause of the outbreak of the February Revolution".

2. While the debate is in progress, students are to jot down the main points from both sides and hand in a written summary of the points to me the next day.
1. The result of the debate is to be decided by a show of hands in class after the debate. In other words, those who are not debaters are to be the adjudicators.

2. Following the debate and the adjudication, some of the adjudicators will be chosen by the teacher to share with the class the reasons behind their decision.

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