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Since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, Kent State University’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program has offered students opportunities to provide service in communities outside of their own by sending groups on week-long, substance-free volunteer trips during their spring break. Kent State’s Alternative Spring Break Trips expose students to social justice and cultural issues through direct service, community visits, reflection and a variety of activities. The purpose of the trips is to engage students in service as well as to inform them about current social issues and encourage their on-going involvement in social change.

Our trips this year will revolve around issues such as environmental/conservation justice, poverty, hunger, homelessness, education inequity, health care, cultural diversity - specifically Native American, urban, and Appalachian communities. This year, I am planning on attending the [INSERT NAME AND LOCATION OF SITE HERE]. This site will focus on [INSERT SITE DESCRIPTION HERE]. I am interested in spending my ASB here because [INSERT PERSONAL REASON – EXPLAIN WHY YOU WANT TO SERVE AND ADDRESS ISSUES WITHIN THIS SPECIFIC COMMUNITY].

I believe that this Alternative Spring Break will not only challenge my views and understandings of my own privilege and the world around me, but it will also allow me to give back to our society. The [INSERT ASB SITE NAME HERE] runs through [INSERT MONTH, DATE – INSERT MONTH, DATE] and will cost [INSERT COST HERE]. This year, I'm giving up my spring break because [INSERT REASON HERE].I am very committed to this cause and need your help to meet my goal of [INSERT GOAL AMOUNT HERE].I would greatly appreciate any support that you are able to give to me at this time. If you are able to support my goal to serve others and learn during my ASB, you can contact me at [INSERT E-MAIL/PHONE] to discuss payment or you can send a check made out to me and send to the address above.

I believe that through your help this ASB trip will be important part of my Kent State University experience. Kent State University is dedicated to expanding relationships between communities, increasing awareness around social issues, and inspiring students to learn and serve in and beyond their own communities. If you are interested in learning more about the ASB trips please visit: https://app-dev.us.kent.edu/SpringBreakTrip/Index.aspx .

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I appreciate your support of my 2013 Alternative Spring Break trip. Please feel free to contact me at any time at [INSERT E-MAIL ADDRESS].

Thank You,


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