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University Teaching Evaluation Forms

Philosophy of Law

PHIL 352I-01 -- Spring 2005
NOTE: All comments are included, with no editing or omissions. The complete set of original forms is available for inspection by authorized individuals.

Great class, great teacher!

She is a great professor.
The great Dr. Van Camp as usual. Always willing and ready to help at a moment’s notice.
Great class as always.
Thank you for everything. I enjoyed this class very much.
A very well organized teacher. Site was clear and well-structured.
Truly one of the most organized instructors I’ve ever had. Extremely helpful and understanding. Always available, even for assistance outside of her class. Fun sense of humor . . . love her!
Dr. Van Camp is an exceptional instructor. She is well prepared, highly educated and an inspiration to many. I attended this University because of her reputation and I was not disappointed. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn from this amazing woman.
Dr. Van Camp was always available almost every hour of the day. She has been very helpful in answering all questions that I have had. A wonderful and great instructor.
This professor is wonderful. I truly enjoyed this course. She was always prepared, always energetic and a wonderful lecturer. She always made sure she was clear. Her organization was wonderful. You always knew what to expect and there never any surprises. I would highly recommend this professor.
I really enjoyed this course and the hybrid format. Sometimes tech. can be difficult to deal with; however the professor was understanding and accommodating.
Great course. I like the hybrid online format along with in class lecture. Dr. Van Camp ensured that this format was well understood and utilized by everyone!
This is the second hybrid class I’ve taken with you, and I’ve enjoyed both of them. Thanks . . . you’re a great professor.
352I is one of the best courses I have taken in the philosophy dept. The course touches important and relevant topics. Dr. Van Camp is successful at channeling all the different topics. She is one of the best lecturers on campus. She takes time to comment on our work.
The grading system is well-designed and encourages students to learn more about the subject. The instructor is nice, understanding, lenient. Fast communication through email even on the weekends. Overall, I highly recommend this instructor.
The internet supported class has developed into a well-oiled machine. It is useful in both instruction of course materials and online skills.
I appreciated your effort considered toward each and every student despite the class size. Some teachers are far less patient. Thank you!
This is a great teacher. I really learned a lot in her class. I wish we had more teachers like her.
You are a wonderful teacher and I really enjoyed being your student this semester. I’ve never had to write as much as I did for your class, but it was enjoyable, not a pain. Thank you for a wonderful semester, and I did learn a lot.
I really enjoyed this class; it was well structured and clear. Thank you.
I think you are a wonderful professor and I enjoyed your class very much. It was a great way to end my college experience!
The level of student participation was excellent (usually instructors do too little or too much). The pace of the course was consistent and appropriate. Maybe have the course notes on Word as well as PowerPoint. I appreciate your teaching. Keep it up.
Ms. Van Camp, I feel, is one of the best professors at this school. Her lectures are interesting and are really help make the readings more understandable, and the virtual assignments are very helpful.
I really enjoyed that she took advantage of the resources in the room. Very good teacher. I learned a lot. I’m a nursing major, but I’m so glad I took this class! I love that we do everything online because I forgot to bring stuff sometimes. It’s much more convenient. She is a god grader. Grades fairly based off of what is expected. Very professional and fun at the same time. Perfect personality for a teacher. There isn’t a better person to teach this class. Very knowledgeable!
I enjoyed your class sessions. It was a little to transition myself at the beginning of the semester, but I think I have gotten a hang of understanding the material. You have been a great instructor and someone I would look into taking again for another course. Thanks for the help when needed! I stuck with it and I’m glad I did.
Great selection of material, though I did detect a slight liberal bias (though I’m not complaining). Also very appreciative of her sensitivity and dedication to further academic goals (i.e. law school) of all students in the class.
The instructor was excellent in explaining the concepts of the philosophers and their views. Although the theories were hard to comprehend, she made it seem so easy. Thank you.
I enjoyed your class. More quizes and [?], because students are more likely to miss points on quizes.
Professor Van Camp presented compelling material in an organized, interesting format. She has a thorough understanding and is able to clearly articulate the main points of the test. I learned a lot in her class. And she learned names too!
I loved this class. Julie was always prepared and explained the information thoroughly. I was apprehensive about taking a philosophy class as a non-phil major, but I found this class accessible and interesting. Love the hybrid format. I wish more classes were offered this way.
I enjoyed the class! I learned a lot about some part of the law. I also found out that there are many philosophical problems in the law. Thank you!!
I found Professor Van Camp very accessible and willing to help any student at any time – online office hours, while I did not take advantage of them, were useful to know they existed if I did need them. She is very clear about expectations and her point system is useful to know where we stand in the class. I plan on taking further classes with Prof. Van Camp
I enjoyed the course. The material was presented in a manner that was easy to understand. The grading was consistent. The fact that PowerPoints were available online made it even easier to be prepared for class.
I found Dr. Van Camp to be very informative and interesting. She showed enthusiasm for both law and philosophy. I hope to take more classes with her.
I took your race, ethnicity, and sex and the law class last semester. I was pleased to hear you lecture more in this class. You communicate clearly, and maintain an interesting lecture pace/style. I wish that more instructors would lecture. Thanks. Also . . . you have introduced court cases in an easy to understand format.
The scope of the assignments were well-thought out as to difficulty, amount of time required to complete and relevance to the course material. The virtual format was a great success!
Fun class.
Good job, Dr. Van Camp
One of my favorite professor on this campus. Great teacher.
This class was very enjoyable and I will definitely recommend this professor to my other peers who have not yet taken any of her classes.
For one class I did feel that the workload was a bit much. A feasible way of cutting it down would be with the readings, some were redundant and the material could have been well understood without it. The PowerPoints were helpful.
I recommend your class to everyone I know – philosophy major or not. Your material is very informative and useful. One thing – something your PowerPoint makes us lazy and not want to “really” pay attention. Could you maybe include page # on the slides for those of us who did not get a change to read it all thoroughly.
It would be great if you could grade the essay faster. Everything else was really good. The course was not easy, but I’ve learned a lot.
Great course overall. I’m taking your class again this fall. I wish that we had more interactive assignments (as opposed to just briefing cases).
I really enjoyed this class and felt that I learned much on the subject matter. Although I appreciated the on-line format I was somewhat disappointed to miss out on the interpersonal debate that exists in many other philosophy classes. Not to say that it was completely absent. would like to have seen more of the on-line debate, as we did in the beginning of class. Overall was very satisfied. Very clear lectures as well as entertaining.
This was my first “hybrid” class. I enjoyed the freedom it gave me to do assignments on my own time. However, I enjoy class discussions and thought we could have had some good ones in this course, had we had more class time. Beachboard is great but it’s not the same. I’m torn. The instructor was great though. She was very helpful and understanding. I would take classes with her in the future if possible.
Dr. Van Camp has taken difficult philosophical issues and broken them down into understandable pieces all semester. Even though we only met once a week in class, I didn’t feel cheated due to this, because the internet portion was useful to understanding the subject.
The class should be made just a little longer since we only met once a week. Other than that, it was a pleasure to attend your class. Excellent e-mail communication!
It was difficult for me to finish the assignment for the week two nights before the class considering my schedule. Maybe you can reconsider the due date for assignments for your future students. It would have been easier for me if they had been due the night before our class.
I would have preferred the online assignments to be due the night before class (Tues), because usually on Monday I am not thinking about my Wed. class. Other than that, the class is excellent.
Please change due dates to the day of actual attendance. Other than that, keep up the good work.
I enjoyed the class. The material presented was interesting and workload for the class was reasonable. I like the fact that the class was held one day a week with a virtual assignment. The only thing I’d change is having the online quizzes later on in the semester and the briefs earlier because all other classes are piling on essays at the end of the semester and the quizzes take less time to complete than the briefs.
Van Camp had some useful assignments, but wasn’t able to related all of the material to our everyday class. I feel we could study broader cases than just the normal Supreme Court cases which achieved national attention.
Professor Van Camp did an excellent job in presenting the material in this course. However, the idea that she does not have a room in where her students can take a final is outrageous.

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