Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan
First 5 El Dorado

Children and Families Commission

Letter from Children and Families Commission

Wendy David Kathleen Guerrero
Chair Executive Director

Table of Contents

Section 1 4

Background 4

Harvard Family Research Project 4

Strengthening Families – Protective Factors Framework 5

Initiatives 5

Community Hubs for Collective Impact 5

Purpose 6

Statement of Purpose 6

Decision Making Guidelines 6

Common Understandings 6

Funding Parameters 6

Vision and Mission 7

Mission 7

Vision 7

Strategic Result Areas and Meta-analysis of Needs 8

Profile of Young Children in El Dorado County 10

Strategic Plan Overview 11

Profile of Commission Activities and Investments 13

Invested 13

Reached 13

Provided 13

Supported 13

Served 13

Geography 14

Community Hubs 14

Long-Term Financial Plan 15

Implementation 16

Evaluation Plan 16

Indicators of Success and Alignment of Other County Efforts 16

First 5 El Dorado Commission 17

Staff 17

Section 1


The First 5 El Dorado Children and Families Commission is committed to improving the lives of children birth through 5 and their families. We do this by promoting, and strengthening comprehensive early childhood systems.

We have accomplished much through collaborative partnerships, and by supporting early care and education, health, and community services. Since its inception in 1998, the Commission has partnered with libraries, school districts, public health, other agencies, and community-based organizations to improve outcomes for children.

First 5 El Dorado receives approximately $1.2 million annually through revenues generated by Proposition 10. Since 2001, approximately $14.8 million dollars has been awarded to programs throughout the county. First 5 El Dorado supports partnerships among agencies, organizations and the private sector, leveraging local resources to increase the value of its investments.

We invest in a network of prevention and early intervention services for families with young children. Our funds are declining annually which makes it important for the Commission to constantly evaluate and align its strategic approach to best meet community needs.

The Commission identifies strategies based on research and best practice models to support services that make a difference in the lives of young children, and directs resources to build a comprehensive early childhood service system.

ways of delivering services that have been found through research or experience as the "best" ways to achieve desired outcomes.”

Because First 5 El Dorado is required to demonstrate results, we have invested in programs that utilize a best practice approach to services. Best practice can be defined as …

The following best practice approaches are used in delivering program services:

Harvard Family Research Project

The Harvard Family Research Project’s identified six key elements for a local, comprehensive early childhood system: family literacy and parent education, developmental screens, high quality early care and education programs, preventive medical visits, connecting families to community services and tailoring services to meet community needs.

Strengthening Families – Protective Factors Framework

The Five Protective Factors
Strengthening Families™ is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. It is based on engaging families, programs and communities in building five protective factors.

Extensive research supports the common‐sense notion that when these five protective factors are present and robust in a family, optimal child development occurs and there is a reduction in the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.1


In previous Strategic Plans, Initiatives were designed and funded to work together, providing a continuum of early childhood services to families with children birth through 5 years of age in El Dorado County. First 5 El Dorado Commissioners and staff also take a regional approach to planning and service delivery, recognizing that different areas in El Dorado County have unique resources and needs.

Community Hubs for Collective Impact

Community Hubs identify underserved children in their community, evaluate the needs of those children and families, and work to ensure that programs and services reach them and meet their needs.

Hubs help leverage and coordinate existing programs to build on their good work, share lessons learned across service providers, and reduce duplicated services in order to provide the most relevant and effective services to families.

Each Hub is a collection of program and service providers who believe that by working together libraries, schools, early education, health, human services and business can better serve children and families.


Statement of Purpose

For this Strategic Plan, the Commission engaged and maximized participation from leaders in each neighborhood for a common purpose.

  • Together, we can help all children and families reach their potential. Our purpose is to assist communities to be more productive and stable. We also want to ensure the best use of available resources.

  • We believe that bringing together partners across service delivery systems will only help families and communities.

  • Together, we can achieve a common goal of strong communities and families.

The Commission will convene communities and partners to leverage resources, accelerate momentum, and bring about changes that are greater than any one partner could achieve alone.

Decision Making Guidelines

The Commission has formally approved Decision Making Guidelines. These guidelines include the vision, mission, common understandings, funding parameters and evaluation objectives to ensure consistency prior to taking action.

Common Understandings

The Commission:

Serves as a voice and advocate for young children

Uses a collaborative, transparent and inclusionary process

Acts responsibly, making First 5 an accountable steward of public funding

Makes investments that are research based, long range and visionary

Focuses on enhancing and supporting existing systems to achieve the Commission mission

Funding Parameters

The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan will be based on funding decisions with the:

Priority to maintain Early Childhood System

Commission funding direct services within the annual allocation

Five-year Strategic Plan serving as the basis for decision-making

Long range fiscal plans assessed over a ten-year period

Vision and Mission


First 5 El Dorado Children and Families Commission is committed to strengthening children birth through 5 and their families by promoting and enhancing comprehensive early childhood systems.


All children will live in nurturing families and enter school ready to learn.

Strategic Result Areas and Meta-analysis of Needs

Result Areas



Child Health

  • Access to oral health care providers

  • Prenatal care

  • Healthy food and nutrition

  • Immunizations/personal beliefs

  • Health professional shortage areas

  • Family violence

  • Perinatal mood disorders

  • Lack of awareness of resources for screening and referrals

  • Lack of specialty providers for areas of concern

  • Health Insurance

  • Bilingual community health workers

  • MHSA focus on early mental health

  • Children’s Health Initiative

  • Best Beginnings

  • Family Engagement Specialists

  • Playgroups

  • ASQs

  • Together We Grow

Child Development

  • Lack of affordable child care including evening and weekend care

  • Lack of understanding of what high quality child care is

  • Lack of sufficient child care options including for special populations

  • QRIS

  • Increased number of providers participating in QRIS

  • More Tier 4-5 Providers

  • Head Start and Early Head Start/State Preschool

  • High 5 for Quality

Family Functioning

  • Lack of books at home

  • Availability of services (times and location)

  • Not knowing where services exist or who to call

  • Social isolation experienced by families

  • Storytimes

  • Libraries

  • Books

  • Mobile child development center

  • Ready to Read@Your Library

  • Access to mainstream resources (TANF, SNAP/Cal Fresh)

Systems of Care

  • Cultural/language barriers

  • Lack of awareness about resources

  • Mental and behavioral health workforce shortage

  • Poverty/lack of resources for basic needs

  • Behavioral health concerns including substance use

  • Transportation

  • Community collaboration

  • Community Strengthening Groups Place-based community services

  • Enhanced provider capacity

  • Mobile outreach teams

  • Implementation of Strengthening Families framework with a focus on social connections

Profile of Young Children in El Dorado County

Strategic Plan Overview





Goal 1:



Goal 2



Section 2

Profile of Commission Activities and Investments


First 5 El Dorado invested more than $1,328,630 in the community.

    • Enhance Early Care and Education: $541,976

    • Improve Health Systems: $544,432

    • Strengthen Families: $212,472

    • Systems Change: $29,750





Community Hubs


Section 3

Long-Term Financial Plan


Evaluation Plan

Indicators of Success and Alignment of Other County Efforts

First 5 El Dorado Commission

Ginger Swigart, Chair
Community Representative

Trey Washburn, MD, Vice Chair
Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society

Patricia Charles-Heathers
Health and Human Services Representative

Wendy David
Community Representative

Jeremy Meyers
Superintendent’s Council Representative

Sue Novasel
Board of Supervisors Representative

Janet Saitman
Community Representative

Drew Woodall
Community Representative

Alexis Zoss
Health and Human Services Representative


Kathleen Guerrero
Executive Director

Andrea Powers
Program Coordinator

Heather Hardy
Program Assistant

2776 Ray Lawyer Drive Placerville, CA 95667

Phone: 530-622-5787 Fax: 530-622-6761

1 For more information on Strengthening Families, visit

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