Stepping Stones Child Care Center 1501 and 1505 Locust

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Stepping Stones Child Care Center

1501 and 1505 Locust

(605) 665-9964

President: Hollie Pearson

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At Stepping Stones, it is our goal to provide the children in our care with the finest child care environment possible. We strive to help children grow physically, emotionally and socially. The first five years of childhood are the most important in development and learning; therefore, children of all ages will be taught skills that will help them reach their fullest potential. Children from toddlers on up will learn several life skills through play and exploration such as:
Emotional Maturity- Learning to make choices, involvement in the classroom, self- motivation

Social Skills- Getting along with others, making friends, taking part in conversation

Self Help Skills- Being responsible for personal belongings, cleaning up after oneself, learning to dress oneself

Learning Skills- Finding solutions to problems, solving age appropriate puzzles, repeating patterns and references

Creative Thinking Skills- Thinking "out-of-the-box", sharing new ideas, being inventive in the thinking process

Physical Skills- Playing action games, doing simple exercises, participating in fine and large motor activities

Creative Music and Movement Experiences- Singing new words to songs, moving in different ways to music, learning rhythm and sound patterns

Self-Esteem- Growing confident in what he/she can do, building friendships, having positive self-efficacy
Because play is the foundation for all learning, we at Stepping Stones think play is a serious matter. Teachers are given the freedom to design lesson plans for the individual needs of the children in their classroom. Although it may seem like the children are "just playing" at times, they are actually learning about themselves and the world around them. Children will take part in several fun activities during the day such as:
Pretend play- Children acting out real life or imaginary experiences are trying to make sense or feel in control of their world.
Art - Scrubbing, tearing, cutting, painting, rolling and pounding clay are all art experiences that help children learn how the mind and hands can work together to create. Art assists in gaining control of hand muscles, which is necessary for pre-writing. Art experiences can also prepare children for math and science by using colors, textures, forms and shapes.
Language - Written and spoken words will help children develop a love for reading that will flourish over a lifetime. When children use their own language to express feelings or thoughts, they begin to feel the power of speech. When they sing, listen to poetry, are read to, and are given time to review books, they experience the joy of the written word.
Music and movement - Music and moving the body informally help provide children with a physical outlet. Soothing music can ease fears and anxiety, whereas dance music can help children develop motor skills, be silly and have fun. Singing helps children integrate new words into their vocabulary and experiment with speech patterns.
Manipulatives - The doors to the world of math are opened wide with manipulatives such as stacking blocks, puzzles and stringing beads, because they offer opportunities to classify, sequence, sort and match.

Blocks - Decision making, planning, sharing, cooperating, sense of accomplishment and pre-math skills are just a few of the familiar skills that a child will develop in the block area.

Science - Basic cognitive skills of cause and effect and a deep appreciation for the natural world are gained in this exploratory area.
Stepping Stones incorporates a weekly theme unit that all children ages toddler on up participate in. If you have any special skills, talents or ideas that you would like to share with the children that relate to a certain theme, please let your teacher know right away. Parent participation is very important and it lets your child know you are interested. Occasionally, we may take a field trip to expand on the theme we are working on. Parents will be notified and will need to sign a permission slip before we take a child on a field trip. During field trips, children will be transported by teachers, staff member, parent volunteer, or by Yankton Transit. All children and vehicles will use passenger restraint systems, following current SDCL and each vehicle will carry only the number of children allowed by vehicle passenger capacity (determined by the number of seat belts present).
Stepping Stones understands that children begin learning at birth. We encourage babies to communicate by playing games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake. Our daycare supports a child's need to be nurtured and loved by caring adults. Through holding, singing and talking to your child, we give individualized care and attention that help develop the foundations for language and learning.
Feeding, sleeping and other activities are all individualized and will compliment your schedule at home. Infants will have their own crib to use while at daycare. Cribs are disinfected regularly. Each infant will have a sheet on their crib that is only for use by them. Sheets will be laundered weekly or more often as necessary. Infants will be placed on their backs to sleep.
Parents are responsible for bringing breast milk /formula and baby food. When infants are ready for baby food, we will work with you on which foods you would like served first, next, etc. Parents should bring disposable diapers to leave at daycare; we will provide the wipes. If your child has sensitivity and needs a certain brand of wipes, please bring a package also. Infants should also have two complete changes of clothes to be left at the center.
All infants are held while drinking a bottle and fed on demand. At Stepping Stones, we practice safe sleeping practices. There will be no blankets in a crib, unless you provide a sleep sack. Infants are ALWAYS put on their back to sleep. A CPR trained staff is in the infant room at all times, even when babies are sleeping.
After hours of exciting, educational and fun activities, your child needs rest. Each classroom has its own rest time in the afternoons. We provide cots or rest mats, sheets, blankets and pillows. Cots and mats are disinfected regularly and sheets, blankets and pillows are kept separate in the child's own nap drawer. These items are washed weekly or more often as needed. Some children need a special item to help them at nap-time such as a blanket or stuffed animal. If your child would like to bring them, please explain that they will need to go in their basket when they get to daycare and only come out at nap-time.
Even though children are learning every day at Stepping Stones, our main philosophy is to let kids be kids. We encourage the children to play and explore their world. We take the children outside as often as possible, weather permitting, even in the winter. It is important that parents bring appropriate clothing and outerwear for their child according to the season and weather.

In the winter, children ages 3 and older will need:

  1. a heavy coat, snow pants or a snow suit

  1. hat and mittens or gloves

  1. snow boots

  1. either shoes or slippers to change into once we get inside

  1. extra socks, as these usually seem to get wet even with boots on.

In the summer, children should dress in light clothing. We also suggest they wear tennis shoes or strap sandals. Flip-flops, although they are easy to slip on and off in the mornings before daycare, hinder a child during the day. They are unable to run correctly and keep up with their peers and the shoes always end up falling off, which leads to unnecessary frustration for the child. Shoes with thick soles (over 1/2 inch), while they are very cute and stylish, are also discouraged because of the possibility of sprained ankles.
Also in the summer, children are sun-blocked and bug-sprayed for protection. We ask that every parent bring one bottle of sun-block at the beginning of the season. Our staff will be sun-blocking around 40 children, sometimes 2x a day, so we cannot switch bottles in between 80 applications. Therefore, we will put all bottles in storage and pull one out per day to use on all of the children. This is the best method that we have found works to ensure the children are getting proper sun protection. We recommend Block Up Baby in the pink bottle, but any brand is acceptable. If your child has allergies to a certain brand, let us know and we will make an exception to use a special brand you bring only on your child. Stepping Stones will supply the bug spray.
Being outside is a very important element to a child's development, and being outside means getting dirty. Children's hands and faces are washed several times during the day, but again, kids need to be kids. To a child, getting messy is a very big part of discovery (and sometimes it is just plain fun) and we will NOT interrupt a child's impromptu learning experience to get the dirt off of his face or clean his shoes. There is plenty of time for clean up when they are finished. Children may engage in several messy activities during the day, including playing outside, eating, and painting, so children should wear washable play clothes to daycare, plus at least two extra outfits to leave in their baskets in case of extreme messiness. We understand that as working parents you may need to run errands with your child after daycare and don't want them to be filthy around town. If this is the case, just let the teacher know to please have their clothing changed when you pick them up.
All clothing should be labeled with your child's name or initials. We cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged clothing. We have an enrollment of approximately 60 children, this means 60 shirts, 60 pair of pants, 60 jackets, 120 socks and 120 shoes per DAY go through the daycare, not to mention during the winter when hats and mittens are added. PLEASE LABEL ALL PIECES OF CLOTHING, ESPECIALLY SOCKS!! Baskets should be checked and maintained regularly by parents.
Your child will be playing with fun, educational toys at Stepping Stones every day. Therefore, to avoid loss or breakage and problems with sharing, we ask that you keep your child's toys or special personal items at home. For occasional Show and Tell and sharing times, your child may bring in an item when ok’d by the teacher, as long as it is safe and labeled with his/her name. If your child loses an item, contact your teacher right away. We will be glad to look, but we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.
All meals are closely monitored to be sure they are meeting or exceeding a child's daily needs. Weekly menus are posted in the main room. We encourage children to try their meal; no child will ever be forced to eat. It is against state regulations and against our own policy. Forcing a child to eat may lead to weight issues and eating disorders in the future. Children need to learn to listen to their bodies when they are full or not hungry and have control of what they put into their mouths. On the other side of the coin however, if a child chooses not to eat what is served, he or she will not be served a separate or special meal. We offer plenty of options per meal, so if a child is really hungry, he/she will choose to try something offered. In general, meal and snack times are at the same time every day. There may be occasions, however that we feel the children need to eat earlier or later depending on how their days are going. For example, the toddlers normally eat at 11:30 am, but if their teacher notices that they are struggling to stay awake and need an earlier lunch, we may move it up to 11:15 for the day.

7:30am-8:00am Breakfast for school students

8:45am -9:00am Breakfast

11:30am -12:15pm Lunch

2:45pm -3:15pm PM Snack

3:30pm-4:00 Snack for school students

Again, these times may vary depending on the needs of the children. If your child has already eaten breakfast at home, please let your teacher know upon arrival. If you are not going to be at daycare during the meal or snack periods, please feed your children before arriving. Please do not bring half-eaten meals, sippy cups or snacks in with your child. The children quickly learn that they are all served the same thing (unless, of course, there are food allergies). It undermines what we are trying to teach them and confuses the other children when a child brings in outside food. If a child brings food into the daycare, please inform them that they will have to throw it away immediately upon arrival or put it into their basket for after daycare.
Occasionally, you may want to bring in a special treat to celebrate birthdays or special events. This is fine with us, just please let us know ahead of time and be sure you bring enough for your child’s class to share- usually about 10 children. Please ask your children's teacher if there are any allergies in their class.
Each day, when you drop-off and pick-up your child at daycare, we require that you sign your child in on the computer. It is imperative to our licensing and record keeping that you are diligent about this. The State of South Dakota checks these records thoroughly when we have inspections and if parents are not signing in and out, it could mean consequences for the daycare.
It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents in the morning or not wanting to leave when it's time to go home. Please be very brief (no more than a few minutes is sufficient) during these transition times. The longer you prolong the departure the harder it gets, and teachers need to focus their attention on the other children as well. A smile, cheerful good-bye kiss, and a reassuring word that you will be back are all that is needed in the morning. Never sneak out without saying good-bye to your child, this will confuse the child and perhaps affect their trust in you. In our experience, children are nearly always quick to get involved in play or activities as soon as parents are gone. Pick-up and drop-off is often a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (the parent and the provider). Most children at some point or another will test to see if the rules still apply. We feel consistency is very important, so we require children to follow all daycare rules even when mom and dad are picking them up. This includes no running except in the large motor room, no screaming and no leaving the building ahead of mom or dad.
Parents of children in diapers, please do not bring them to daycare in dirty or wet diapers. We understand that sometimes children "go" in the car on the way to daycare. If this is the case, out of respect for our teachers, we ask that you change them before you leave. If you are in a major rush, we will make an exception, but please do not make a habit of it.
Infants should not be brought to daycare starving, that extra ten minutes it may take you in the mornings to feed him/her may make a difference in your child's temperament for the entire day.
We will release your child only to parents or guardians with legal custody or persons over the age of 18 who are authorized by you on your contract. Adults other than parents will be required to show ID if we have not met them before.
Stepping Stones will not release a child to any parent or authorized person who has alcohol on their breath or appears to be intoxicated. We will call the next person on your emergency contact list. If we cannot get a hold of anyone, we will call the police. If this person should try to leave anyway with the child, we will call the police. The child's safety will ALWAYS come first in ALL situations.
Learning self-control is just a normal part of growing up, and our policy is never to embarrass or ridicule a child when he or she misbehaves. Corporal or physical punishment is never allowed at Stepping Stones and peers will be prohibited from administering discipline. Instead, we use positive strategies that strengthen the self-esteem of children. Most situations can be handled by redirecting a child to another, more appropriate activity. Occasionally, when necessary, we use a time-out procedure. It gives children time to think about their actions before returning to a group activity. It's a positive form of discipline that teaches appropriate behavior while allowing a child to make the choice to improve his or her behavior. Time out periods will last for one minute for each year of a child's age. Consistency is the single most important thing when it comes to discipline, whether from the provider or the parent. There may be times when a child's behavior has gotten progressively worse and time outs are not being effective. At this time, we will send home a discipline notice and a meeting with the teacher may be scheduled. If your child has received three discipline notices, a mandatory meeting with parents and director(s) will be scheduled. If a solution cannot be reached, termination of daycare services will be enforced. We will try very hard to work to remedy the situation before it gets to this point, but when the needs or safety of the other children are compromised or we cannot care for your child without hiring additional staff, we will have no choice other than termination.
At Stepping Stones, we try to teach children respect for other people, respect for property and respect for themselves. We understand that sometimes toys get broken because of normal wear and tear, but if your child deliberately damages a toy or other property, parents will be billed for the cost to replace the item.
All Stepping Stones staff members are mandatory child abuse and neglect reporters as outlined in section SDCL 26-8A-8. Each staff member has a background check and signs a form stating they will report to the appropriate agency immediately. This is obtained BEFORE employment begins at Stepping Stones. We are required by law to log any injuries we observe on a child which have occurred outside of the daycare. In the case of any suspected child abuse, South Dakota Department of Social Services will be notified. Any suspicion of in-house child abuse will be reported immediately and any staff member involved in a child abuse or neglect allegation will be investigated and removed from contact with the child to prevent any further occurrences during investigation.
As a lead teacher in a classroom, providers must be 18 years of age. Each full time staff will complete 20 hours of training per year. Part time staff will complete 10 training hours per year. All staff must have CPR. If a staff member is under the age of 18, he/she MUST be in the room with someone who is at least 18 years of age at all times. All volunteers must follow these same training guidelines. All staff must at least be 14 years of age. In order to volunteer or be employed at Stepping Stones Childcare Center, the individual must pass a Child Abuse and Neglect, Criminal Record, and Sex Offender Registry check.
There is a lead teacher in each room that supervises all activities and responsibilities for that specific classroom. This entails supervising the other staff in this classroom. There are 2 managers available on-site for staff and parents. All child care workers are supervised by Hollie Pearson, President of Stepping Stones Childcare Center.
In compliance with our state licensing standards, the Program Planner must have a CDA or comparable education and/or experience. This individual plans all preschool activities and oversees all staff to make sure they implement this in their own classrooms. Amanda Fields is the center’s Program Planner.

Teamwork is the key to mastering this often challenging phase in child development. The parents should start toilet training, however, if a child is asking to use the bathroom and parents haven't started them yet, we will let them try to use the potty. Asking to use the potty is a good indication that the child is ready. Some other signs to look for include appropriate language skills to communicate the need to use the potty, staying dry for long periods of time, the ability to dress and undress oneself, and an interest in staying dry or clean. Please realize this should be your child's accomplishment and not yours or ours.
Children should not be compared to how others are doing. When your child is potty training, we ask that you supply us with several changes of clothes and underwear or pull-ups, whichever you choose to use. Sometimes children do wonderfully with potty training when awake and have accidents at rest time; if this is the case, a pull-up at nap is a good solution until your child's bladder has matured a little more. Parents should keep in mind that the activity level at daycare can distract the child from responding to an urge to use the potty, and the child may have more accidents at daycare than at home, regardless of how diligent the teacher is. No child will ever be punished for lapses in potty training while at daycare.
We prefer to look at your daycare tuition as an investment. You are making an investment in your child's future and there is no greater investment than our children. Your weekly investment is:

Please call or e-mail for up-to-date rates

Weekly tuition must be paid by closing time on the first day of attendance (typically Monday) of each week or a late fee will be charged. Late fees are $5 per day for late payments. Some parents choose to pay us through their bank while others use Paypal on our website or use checks/cash and put them in the payment box next to the computer. You may pay as much in advance as you want.
To maintain our standard of quality, we budget for everyday costs related to our dedicated teachers and educational resources. To cover these costs, we charge a full week's tuition regardless of holidays, vacations or sick days, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Please do not ask us to hold your checks. We have a budget that we plan for and will be making deposits on a regular basis. If your check is returned to us as non-sufficient funds, a $25.00 NSF fee will be added onto your tuition and you will be asked to pay in cash for the next six weeks.
We have two 15-passenger vans in order to transport children to and from field trips, school, and various activities. We offer a before and after school program and summer program for school-aged children. We will pick up your child if necessary when school releases early due to inclement weather, etc. By signing this contract, you have agreed to let us transport your child. However, we will let you know ahead of time where we will be venturing out too. We take all safety precautions such as: working seatbelts for 13 children and using booster seats when needed. There may be a separate fee for certain outings.
Stepping Stones is state licensed and accepts child care assistance. You will be charged full tuition until we receive an official letter from the state saying you have been approved. If you are approved for less reimbursement then our weekly rates, we will bill you at the end of the month for what is leftover. For example: if you are approved for $300/month and our rates equal 105/week x 4 weeks = 420/ month, you will be charged the extra $105 at the end of the month. Co-pays are due by the 15th of each month.
When you sign your child(ren) up with Stepping Stones, you will be required to pay their first week's tuition. This ensures that your spot will be held for your child until the day he/she starts. This fee will be applied towards your child's first week in attendance.



There will be no child care available for the following holidays:

  1. New Year's Day

  2. Memorial Day

  3. July 4th

  4. Labor Day

  5. Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving

  6. Dec 24th and 25th for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Regular weekly rates still apply.
We may have holiday parties during the week with the children, such as a Halloween party or Christmas party. If your beliefs are such that your child does not celebrate certain holidays or they celebrate holidays that we may not be aware of, please let us know and we will work with you on options that will be respectful of all children's customs and beliefs.
If a parent is on maternity leave, sick leave or is a student or teacher with summer and school breaks off, you are still required to pay full tuition in order to hold your spot regardless of the amount of time your child is out of daycare.
Even with the most vigilant care, germs will be spread among children. Your child WILL get sick at some point in ANY daycare/school setting. This is simply a fact of life when your child is around other children. With all of our parents' help, we can try to decrease the chances and severity of illness.

Communicable Diseases: Not permitted by law in child care. Some of those illnesses are, but not limited to: Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Impetigo, Hepatitis A, Scabies, Ringworm, Infectious Diarrhea, Chicken Pox, Scarlet Fever, Lice, Strep Throat.
If your child is thought to have a communicable disease, you will be notified and asked to pick him/her up. Your child will be accepted back into care when no longer contagious. All other parents will be notified of the possibility of a communicable disease and what symptoms to watch for.
Fever: Not permitted. Anything 101 degrees or more is considered a fever. A child needs to be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to child care; that means the child is fever free without the aid of any fever reducing substance. If your child has a fever in the morning before daycare, please do not administer Tylenol to mask the symptoms so they can come to daycare.
Diarrhea: Not permitted. Children should not be in daycare for 24 hours AFTER the last incidence of diarrhea.
Vomiting: Not permitted. If your child vomits while at daycare, you will be expected to come within the hour to pick up your child. The child must stay home until 24 hours have passed with no vomiting episodes.
Runny nose: Your child may be brought to daycare if he/she has a common cold (slight occasional cough, clear runny nose, occasional sneezing). Discharge of any color other than clear may require a doctor’s visit.
Rashes: Not permitted. When a child has any rash other than diaper rash, a note from the doctor stating it is not contagious is required.
Runny and/or Crusty Eyes: Not permitted. Watery, matted, and/or red/pink eyes are not acceptable in child care unless you have a note from the doctor.
Excessive Irritability: If your child is irritable, wants to be constantly held, or requires more attention than we can provide without jeopardizing the health, safety, or well- being of the other children in our care, you must keep your child home regardless of the presence of other symptoms. If this occurs during child care hours, you will be called to pick up your child.
Lice: Not permitted back to child care until after the second hair treatment and all lice and eggs are gone.
24-hour Rule: Your child must be free from any of the above symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours before you can return to child care. No exceptions.
Please take the illness rules seriously. It is always best to call the daycare and ask if you are unsure whether or not you may bring your child. You should have a back- up plan available to you in the event your child is ill and you feel you cannot miss work. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know when a child is too sick for daycare or maybe "borderline." Our best advice is to use your parental instincts. You know your child better than anyone and if you know that they will not be able to participate in regular daily activities, then that is a good sign they need to be home with extra love and snuggles from Mom or Dad. If your child becomes sick while at the daycare, we will separate the child and call you to come and pick them up. We need you to pick him/her up right away (within the hour) -not only to help keep other kids from being exposed, but because your child needs you when he/she is sick. We realize that it may be an inconvenience for you to have to miss a day of work or school, but it is twice as inconvenient for the child, the other children, their parents and daycare staff to have sick children in the daycare exposing everyone else. All contagious diseases will be reported to the Department of Health.
Both nonprescription and prescription medications, ointments, and creams can be given to your child if needed. Parents are required to fill out the proper forms and to supply all medications in their original containers. All written instructions will be valid for six months unless the physician, dentist, or parent designates a shorter time period. These must be labeled with the child's name. We may not exceed the manufacturer's recommended dosage unless with written physician's instructions when administering nonprescription medication. We may not administer nonprescription oral medication for longer than three consecutive days.
Biting is very hard to discipline. Some children bite when they are tired, teething or upset with a friend. If your child bites 3 times in any given day, we will call you and send him/her home. Please keep in mind that biting is worse than it seems only because it leaves a mark. However, consistency with your provider is key to getting through this stage.
We take every precaution to make sure your child is safe. All members of our staff are CPR and First Aid certified, however because children will be children, accidents can happen that may require medical attention. When this happens, we will call you or your designated contact. In case of EMERGENCY, we will administer the necessary first aid required. We will call 911 and parents will be notified as soon as possible.
On the first day of your child's enrollment, you will need to have a copy of his/her immunization records for us to keep on file at daycare. These records must be kept current.
To prepare for fire, severe weather or disaster evacuation, we have regular drills and practices so your child can react in a safe and orderly manner. If an actual emergency requires evacuation of our center, we will notify you as soon as the children are safe. In the chance there is a huge fire or other emergency in the childcare center, we will escort the children to Morgen Park where you can pick them up.
6:30 AM-6:00 PM Monday-Friday
Our staff clocks in at 6:30 and clocks out at 6 PM, or before depending on children scheduled. If an employee gets to daycare before 6:30, it is so they can "settle in" and get things ready for the day. If you arrive earlier than 6:30, we ask that you are respectful of our employees and our schedule and wait in your car until 6:30.
If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to view our website at There is a payment option for tuition when you click on the PAYPAL icon. Also, make sure you “like” our Facebook page; we tend to put a lot of reminders, pictures and silly quotes via your children!

Parents are expected to pick up and drop off their child(ren) at the time contracted every day. Only under pre-approved circumstances, may a parent arrange a late pick up or early drop off. Overtime fees will apply if prior arrangements are not made. Overtime charges are $5.00 for each 15 minutes after your contracted time beginning with the first minute. Although an extra 15-30 minutes while you are running errands may not seem like a big deal, we have children scheduled at different times throughout the day and if you are not on time, this may compromise our child-adult ratios. Parents who receive child care assistance are receiving state benefits for child care while you are at work or school ONLY. Running errands is not covered and the state requires us to be diligent about reporting misuse of child care assistance. Parents on child care assistance are not allowed to bring their children on their days off due to strict state regulations. Abuse of child care assistance will be reported to Child Care Services immediately.

Should you no longer require our services, two weeks notice must be given and must be accompanied by payment to cover those two weeks. Should you need to terminate and cannot give a two week notice, you will still be responsible for two weeks payment to be made immediately.
Stepping Stones is not required to give termination notice for:

  • *Non-payment of fees

  • Non-compliance with daycare policies

  • *Failure to complete required forms

  • Daycare being unable to care for the child without hiring additional staff specifically for him or her

  • Repeated harmful, destructive or disrespectful behavior of child toward other children, staff or property

  • Harmful or disrespectful behavior of parents toward staff or other families enrolled in daycare while on daycare premises.

All children will be given a two week adjustment period beginning upon first day of care. If staff members, directors or parents feel the child is not adjusting well, the two-week notice of termination will be waived.
There will be a yearly revision to this handbook and the accompanying contract. All families will sign a new contract each year. Stepping Stones reserves the right to make changes in rates and policies as deemed necessary. You will be notified, in writing, of any changes that may occur.
Any changes of circumstances which may affect the ability to comply with licensing rules, i.e. new program location, building renovations/remodeling, suspected in house child abuse or neglect, ownership change, employee felony convictions or new director/program planner, will be reported. Stepping Stones reserves the right to contact any previous daycare for reference checks as needed.
Stepping Stones is an equal opportunity provider. We accept children and employees without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, color, creed, physical or mental disability or any other protected status.
Stepping Stones welcomes your child and family to our daycare. We know that much thought and careful consideration went into this important decision. Our staff takes seriously the trust and responsibility that you are sharing with us.”
-Hollie Pearson

Stepping Stones Child Enrollment and Information Form

(Please Print)

Child’s Name: ­­­ ­___________________________________________________________

(First) (Middle) (Last)

Birth Date: _____________________________Nickname: ________________________

Social Security #: __________________________________________________________

Child’s Name: ____________________________________________________________

(First) (Middle) (Last)

Birth Date: ____________________________Nickname: __________________________

Social Security #: __________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Mother’s Name: ___________________________________Home Phone # _____________


Social Security #:____________________________________________________________

Place of Employment: _________________________________Position: ________________

Work Phone #: ______________________ Cell Phone #: ____________________________

Father’s Name: ____________________________________ Home Phone #: _____________

Social Security #:_____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Place of Employment: _____________________________Position: _____________________

Work Phone #: ______________Cell Phone #: ______________________________

Which parent (or both) is child(ren) living with? ______________________________________

If separated or divorced, what is the custody/visitation arrangement? ______________________

E-mail address:________________________________________________________________

Names of Brothers/Sisters:

Name: ________________________________________ Age: _______________________

Name: ________________________________________ Age: _______________________

Name of other people who live with child(ren) and relationship:

Name: ____________________________________ Relationship:______________________

Persons authorized to remove child from daycare (for your child’s protection, parents will still need to give notice as needed when someone other than usual will be picking child up, even if you authorize them on this form):

  1. __________________________________________ Relationship to child______________________

  1. __________________________________________ Relationship to child _____________________

  1. _________________________________________ Relationship to child_______________________

  1. _________________________________________ Relationship to child ______________________


Consent to emergency first aid and transportation:

I hereby give permission that my child(ren), _____________________________________, may be given emergency treatment by a staff member at Stepping Stones Child Care Center. I also give permission for my child to be transported by car, ambulance or staff car to an emergency center for treatment, and agree to hold Stepping Stones Child Care Center and its employees harmless.

Parent’s Signature: _________________________________________________________________


Consent to medical care and treatment:

In the event that I cannot be contacted immediately, medical or surgical treatment can be administered to my child in the case of an accident or emergency, as prescribed by treating physician, and hold Stepping Stones Child Care Center and its employees harmless.

Parent’s Signature: _________________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________


Child’s Physician _________________________________ Phone #___________________________

Preferred Hospital _________________________________ Phone # __________________________

Child’s Dentist ____________________________________ Phone #__________________________

Insurance Company ______________________________

Policy # _______________________________________

Regular Medications ________________________________________________________________

Blood Type (if known) _______________________________________

Medicine Allergic to_________________________________________

Food Allergies______________________________________________________________________

Any Other Allergies__________________________________________________________________

Any special health conditions of concerns_________________________________________________


Parents will be contacted first, if possible. If we cannot get a hold of parents, please list names of others that can be reached in an emergency situation and will be able to make medical decisions on your behalf.

  1. Name:__________________________________________ Home Phone# _________________

Work Phone #_________________________ Cell Phone #________________________________

Relationship to child___________________________

  1. Name: __________________________________________ Home Phone # _________________

Work Phone # ___________________________ Cell Phone # __________________________

Relationship to child _________________________________________


Has child(ren) ever been in daycare situation? __________________________________________

If yes, where? ___________________________________________________________________

Was child care a positive or negative experience for child(ren)? Please explain_________________________________


Expectations of Stepping Stones Child Care Center and staff___________________________________________


How did you hear about Stepping Stones?____________________________________________________


How would you describe your child’s personality?


Any special fears_____________________________________________________________________________

Does child prefer to play in a group or alone_______________________

Favorite foods__________________________________________________________________________

Least favorite foods _____________________________________________________________________

Favorite activities _____________________________________________________________________________

Any pets (kind and name)_________________________________________

What special interests and/or abilities does your child(ren) have?_________________________________________

Is there anything concerning your child(ren) that the daycare should know about? __________________________________________________________________________________________

We may be transporting your child/children in our 15-passenger van for various activities (parents/guardians will be notified ahead of time). Do we have your permission? ______________________________________________________________

Occasionally photographs of the children may be used for daily crafts, newspaper or media release (parents will be notified if this occurs.) Do we have your permission to photograph your child for these purposes?__________________________________________________

What meals will your child typically be eating at daycare (please circle):

Breakfast Lunch PM Snack

Parent Signature ___________________________________________ Date_______________________

Parent Signature ___________________________________________ Date ______________________


********* My schedule is a set weekly schedule and I agree to drop my child(ren) off and pick him/her up by the contract hours below:

Monday: __________________ am/pm to _______________________________ am/ pm

Tuesday: __________________ am/pm to________________________________ am/pm

Wednesday ________________ am/pm to _______________________________ am/pm

Thursday __________________ am/pm to _______________________________ am/pm

Friday ____________________ am/pm to ________________________________am/pm

_______ (please initial)


*********My schedule rotates and I agree to fill in my schedule on the calendar by the door no later than one week ahead of time. I understand that if my schedule is not posted, the directors have full authority whether or not to accept my child that day and will only accept my child if there is enough staff available.

_______ (please initial)

I agree that if I should no longer need care for my child (ren), I will give Stepping Stones a 2 week notice, along with a 2 week payment up front. If I am unable to give 2 weeks’ notice, I will pay a full 2 weeks tuition anyway. I understand that if I do not pay as contracted, Stepping Stones will turn the account over to a collection agency to recover the funds.

***I have read and fully understand everything involved in the Stepping Stones Handbook, and have taken all opportunities to clarify any questions prior to signing this contract, and understand that I will be held legally responsible for all payments discussed in handbook. ***

We (I) ______________________________ & _________________________ have received and read the Stepping Stones Child Care Center Handbook on Policies and Procedures and will comply with all provisions contained therein, and will at this time enter into an agreement with Hollie Pearson, of Stepping Stones Child Care Center, for the care of my (our) children.

Full Name: _______________________________ Birth Date: __________________

Full Name: _______________________________ Birth Date: __________________

Full Name: _______________________________ Birth Date: __________________

Starting Date: ______________________________

Parent Signature ______________________________ Date____________________

Parent Signature_______________________________ Date___________________

Provider Signature_____________________________Date____________________

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