Step 1: Schedule

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Family Values Worksheet
Step 1: Schedule

Make an appointment with your family to sit down together and complete this assignment. It may be helpful to have your parents and siblings look at the questions before the meeting so they have time to think about their answers.

Step 2: Family Meeting

Now that your family is together, look at the word bank of values. Your task is to circle the 5 most important family values. You might want to put a small dot beside all of the ones that your family feels very strongly about and then choose your top 5 from that list. *Go to for more information about each of the values.

Step 3: Origin and History of Values (at home)

Where have these values come from? Ask your parents where they got their values. Are these values passed down from your grandparents to your parents, are they cultural, are they from your parent’s life experience? Give real life examples of how and why these values are so important to your family. (4-5 sentences)

Step 4: Belief Statements (at school)

Now write these 5 values into clear statements about what your family believes are the most important guiding statements. Begin each statement with “We believe…”

**Think of each “We Believe” as an inspirational quote. Each statement begins with a strong introductory statement and is followed by an explanation of that value for your family. Consider using specific examples of when that value is important.
How to present this information:

Type the answers to Step 3, 4 & 5 and print them out.
Step 6: Family Mission Statement (at school)

Using the school’s new mission statement as a guide, create a Family Mission Statement using your top five values. Print your Mission Statement on A4 paper. Be sure to include a family logo.


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