Statement of Principles for Victorian local governments working in East Timor

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Statement of Principles for Victorian local governments working in East Timor

In recognition of East Timor as an independent nation and in acknowledging of the struggles of the heroic people of East Timor, the people of Victorian through their representatives in local government and the people of East Timor through their representatives in the National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT) herby agree that:

  • A lasting friendship shall be built on a partnership of mutual respect; this friendship shall at all times respect and value local as well as national cultures and decision-making processes;

  • Local governments and organisations at a community level have expertise and experience in caring for and developing local communities;

  • The knowledge and expertise of local governments in Victoria shall be shared through partnerships with the people of East Timor;

  • This agreement welcomes East Timor as a close neighbour of Australia at all levels of democratic government.

  • Material contributions by local governments in Victoria to the re-building of the nation of East Timor shall most effectively be provided in consultation and co-operation with the local as well as national representatives of the people of East Timor;

  • Recognising the need to supplement the contribution of the United Nations, other international agencies and non-government organisations and parties now wish to implement community to community partnerships; and

  • We shall respect and honour the efforts of all those Victorians and East Timorese who in a spirit of democratic endeavour work to improve the quality of life of their communities.

Signed this day 4 May 2000
Xanana Gusmao


Cr Julie Hansen


Cr Brad Matheson


Hon Bob Cameron MP


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