State and Territory Resources

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State and Territory Resources

Use this listing to identify State licensing authorities and resources for confirming the status of a facility that is regulated or licensed by a State or local government agency, which is required for streamlined oversight. Some States provide a searchable website that allows the review of information on a specific facility, while others provide contact information only.

This information is posted on the Fiduciary Staff intranet site:

In an effort to keep this information current, please notify VAVBA\CO\F&FE with any changes or additions.

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31.New Mexico

32.New York







39.Puerto Rico














53.U.S. DHHS

  1. Alabama

Alabama Department of Public Health
A to Z Index

Home Care Services – Certificates, Licenses & Permits

Health Care Facility Licensure Application Materials

Facilities Directory – includes Assisted and Specialty Care Living Facilities, Home Health Agencies, and Nursing Homes. The below website provides the agency and License type. You will need the county of the agency.

  1. Alaska

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Alaska Pioneer Homes Assisted Living facilities are licensed by the State of Alaska. The six homes are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, Palmer, and Sitka.

Personal Care Assistance Program of Alaska provides help with activities and instruments of daily living.

The Agency-Based Personal Care Assistance provides agency oversight and is rendered through Medicaid. The program also provides Consumer-Directed Personal Care Assistance that is managed by the consumer. Consumers choose the personal care assistance and the individual chosen must be enrolled with Medicaid as a renderer. All personal care assistance must complete state-approved training.

The website below, provides access to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, the site provides information on a provider: (provider name or region, City and service categories)

  1. Arizona

Arizona Department of Health Services

Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, and other medical facilities

Long-Term Care or nursing homes are licensed by the Arizona Division of Licensing Services’ Office of Long-Term Care. The URL below provides access to search a facility:

Assisted Living Facilities are licensed by the Division of Licensing Services Office.

Other medical facilities, residential facilities, Intermediate Care facilities, Hospice Centers, and Home Health Agencies are licensed by the Office of Special Licensing. Records may be searched for these facilities using the facility/provider name, location and provider type by copying and pasting the below URL in your browser and clicking on the facility specialty type of your choice.

  1. Arkansas

Arkansas Department of Health
In-Home Health Care and Hospice Services

These services provide case management services for those who want to remain home due frailty or illness. In-home health care includes long-term care. Case management also assists in contacting resources that provide the help individuals need at home.

Home Health Care

Nursing services, supplies, and help with daily activities are some of the services provided. Medicaid and Medicare certify the providers for the home health care and hospice services. The below website provides Arkansas counties and phone numbers for in-home health and hospice care:

  1. California

California Department of Health Care Services

Long-Term Care Alternatives, Seniors, and Veterans


Assisted Living Waiver, In-Home Operations, and Multipurpose Senior Services Program Waiver

California Health & Human Services Agency


Residential Care, In-Home Care, Day Care (for children and adults) and More Services that provides supportive services for in-home care

Nursing home license

Copy and paste the below URL into your browser and click on the “Verify Nursing Home Administrator Licenses On-Line” link to access this link:

  1. Colorado

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Within the Health Facilities link, under the Licensure link, “Providers We Regulate” contains a list of facilities by type and includes assisted living residences that are licensed by the State. This site does not list the residences and licenses.

Under the Certification link, “Providers We Regulate” contains a list of facilities by type and includes assisted living residences that are certified by the State. This site does not list the residences and licenses.

Copy and paste the below URL into your browser to search for a Colorado Health Facility by Name:

  1. Connecticut

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Regulation and Licensure

Verify a License

This link provides categories of facilities and an additional link to look up a license.

Services and Programs, A to Z

Also contain the Verify a License link
Within the Health Care Facilities/Organizations link, assisted living services agencies, chronic and convalescent nursing homes, rest homes with nursing supervision, home health care agencies, homemaker-home health aide agencies, hospices, and residential care homes links are listed. A “facility search” link is provided to verify a license. Copy and paste the link below for the facility search and click on Lookup a License:

  1. Delaware   

Delaware Health and Social Services


Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities

Provides caregiver and support information on assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

Home and Community Based Services

Provides information on personal care services, and nursing home transition with contact information for each.

Information and Support

Provides information on case management, and assistance information.

Residential Care

Nursing Homes - Provides information on nursing homes.

Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection, List Licensed Nursing Homes in Delaware

  1. Florida

Florida Health
Licensing and Regulation

Verify a License (within green box on right side of screen) or copy and paste the URL below into your browser:

  1. Georgia

Georgia Department of Human Services
Divisions & Offices

Division of Aging Services – Find Aging Services in my Community

Provides a database to search for agencies using the county and city

Senior Services

Long-Term Care Facilities – Facility location and information guide
Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services, Requirements for Non-Medicaid Home and Community Based Services – website below is informational only:

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii State Department of Health
Aging and Disability Programs

Health Care Facility Regulation

Licensing Regulations

Assisted Living Facility

Skilled Nursing/Intermediate Care Facilities

Home Health Agencies

Adult Residential Care Homes


Adult Residential Care Home Vacancy List

Assisted Living Facilities

Copy and paste this URL into your browser:

Licensing Care Homes

Medicare Facilities

Copy and paste this URL into your browser to verify if a business or individual is licensed

  1. Idaho

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Programs & Services

Adult Care – assisted living and nursing homes

Medical Services

Assisted Living Facilities

Health Care Facilities Licensing & Certification

Copy and paste the URL into your browser to access the “link to providers’ page”:



Facilities – Licensing & Certification

Copy and paste the URL into your browser to access the “link to consumers’ page”:

  1. Illinois

Illinois Department of Human Services
Disability & Rehabilitation

Independent Living – Home Services Program, etc.

For individuals 60 and above, refer to the Illinois Department on Aging below:

  1. Indiana

Indiana State Department of Health
Health Care Quality & Regulatory Commission

Long Term Care/Nursing Homes

Long Term Care Contact List provides a license/ownership contact telephone number.

Residential Care Facility Licensing Program: Informational only

  1. Iowa 

Iowa Department of Public Health
Division of Administration and Professional Licensure

Bureau of Professional Licensure

Public List of Active Licensees by Profession

Go to

  1. Kansas

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

This service manages all adult care homes, assisted living/residential health care, boarding care homes, home plus facilities, and adult day care. Copy and paste the below URL into your browser to access the website:

Licensure and Certification Division – provides information on this service, but does not provide access to verify facility licensure.

  1. Kentucky

Kentucky Department for Public Health
Find-It-Fast Index

Certification, Licensing, or Permit Programs

Health Care Facilities - The Division of Health Care is responsible for inspecting, monitoring, licensing and certifying all health care facilities.

Older Adult Health Care Programs

Adult Day Care and Alzheimer’s Disease Respite, Assisted Living Community Information and Certification, Caregiver Support Services, Guardianship, Homecare, Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Personal Care Attendant Program, and Senior Citizen Centers.

  1. Louisiana

Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals

Adult Residential Care, Nursing Home Program, and licensing/Regulations/Policy & Procedures information may be found by copying and pasting the below URL’s into your browser:

Adult Residential Care
Nursing Home Program

Licensing/Regulations/Policy & Procedures

  1. Maine

Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Caregiver Information

Long-term Care


Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services – Licensing Rules

This link does not provide access to view licensed facilities

  1. Maryland   

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Medical Assistance Programs

Primary Adult Care (PAC) Program

Long-term Care


Maryland Consumer Guide to Long-Term Care

The below URL may be used to search facilities. Copy and paste into your browser to view the site. (please wait patiently for the site to appear)

  1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts Health and Human Services

Family Services – Caregiver Support

Physical Health & Treatment – Long-Term Care

Family and Community Health – Older Adults – Healthy Aging – Additional resources

Rehabilitation Commission

Specific Populations – Veterans

Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke and Chelsea


Laws, Regulations & Policies – Regulations detailed table of contents

Home Care Assistance Program

Assisted living, supportive housing, congregate housing continuing care retirement communities
Licensed senior housing under Executive Office of Elder Affairs link at the below website to copy and paste into your browser.

  1. Michigan

Michigan Department of Human Services

Assistance & Services – Adult Services

Independent Living

Adult Foster Care & Homes for Aged
Statewide Search for Adult foster Care/Homes for the Aged Facilities website below to copy and paste into your browser.

  1. Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Health
Facilities & Professions

Facilities – Nursing Homes

Certifications – Health Care Homes certification


Licensed and Certified health Care Facilities Directory

The link is within the website

Services and Facilities Licensed by Minnesota Department of Human Services

The link directs out of the website

Nursing Homes Information

Regulations, Federal and State License Requirements

Assisted Living, Boarding Care Homes, Class A (Licensed Only) Home Care Provider

Home Care Providers, Hospice, Housing with Services, Nursing Homes, Supervised Living Facilities, and Supplemental Nursing Services Agencies.

Professions – certifications, licenses, etc.

Verify license of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse only on website below:
Verify license of Registered Nurse only on website below:

Verify license of Licensed Practical Nurse only on website below:

  1. Mississippi

Mississippi State Department of Health
Licensure – Professional Licensure

License Verification

Verify or list licenses – link

This link is limited and does not provide information for possible fiduciary related providers.

  1. Missouri

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

Senior & Disability Services

Help For Independent Living

Information for Providers of Home-Based – oversees individuals and companies that provide this service

Housing, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care
Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care

Licensing & Regulations

Nursing Homes and Other Long-Term Care – provides regulatory information

Online Services

Certified Nurse Assistant Registry Search – nurse’s social security number is required

  1. Montana

Montana Public Health and Human Services
A – Z Index

Assisted Living Packet – Licensure – Provides point-of contact telephone numbers

Home Health Aide

Licensee Lookup for nurse aides, healthcare and occupational licensees on website below to copy and paste into your browser:

Home Visiting

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Montana Veterans Home

Senior & Long-Term Care Division

  1. Nebraska

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Licensing & Registrations

The below website provides a search engine for individual and facility license information. Copy and paste the URL into your browser, then click on the radio button of your choice to conduct your search:

Seniors & Aging

Home Health, Hospice, and Ombudsman Long-Term Care.

  1. Nevada

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
Aging & Disability Services Programs

Elder Caregiver Information – directs to another website; Aging & Disability Resource Center below:

Services and programs

Personal Assistance Services

Veterans Services

The below website provides a search engine for facilities in the State of Nevada.

Copy and paste the URL into your browser to access the website:

  1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Bureau of Licensing and Certification – not a license research

Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services

  1. New Jersey

State of New Jersey Department of Health
Aging & Disability Resource Connection

Assisted Living Facilities database

Home Health Agency Licensure Standards

Provides a link to “Search Licensed Facilities & Services” by facility type. Informational only.

Long Term Care Facilities

Long Term Care Ombudsman

Nursing Homes

31. New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Health
Regulations & Licensure – offers only general information

Facilities – NM State Veterans’ Home

Resources & Information

Aging and Long-Term Services Department

Locate New Mexico’s Licensed and/or Certified Health Care Providers – look-up tool

Obtain/Renew a Health Facility License – offers only general information

32. New York

New York State Department of Health

A-Z Index

Health Care Professionals & Patient Safety

Home Care

Nursing Homes and other Long Term Care Services

Assisted Living

Nursing Homes in New York State

Licensed Home Care Services Agency

Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Other Health Care Facilities

Adult Care Facilities

Assisted Living

Home Care and Hospice

Long-Term Care

Nursing Homes and other Long-Term Care Services

Veterans Homes

Permits, Licenses & Certification

Licensed Nursing Home Administrators of New York State

Provides a list of administrators and license numbers

Related Sites

New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care

Provides information on the program to include protecting assets

Agency Listing – all inclusive of the State agencies

Veterans – NY State Veterans’ Homes
33. North Carolina
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Find all DHHS Programs and Services

NC Division of Aging and Adult Services – Elder Housing Locator by County

Other Housing Related Topic – Elder Housing, Home Repair/Improvement and Long Term Care Resources – Directory of Regulated Facilities – list of licensed facilities by category-Informational only

In-Home Aides

Long-Term Care Ombudsmen

34. North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Health
Topics A–Z

Home Health Agencies – provides a list of agencies by County and licensing rules

Skilled Nursing Homes - provides a list of agencies by County and licensing rules

Both are informational lists only

35. Ohio
Ohio Department of health

Nursing Homes and Other Health Care Facilities

Regulated by Ohio Division of Quality Assurance for licensure and certification

Home Health Agency – Health Care Provider and Services

Provides information that includes licensed facility information within the below website:

Licenses Provided by ODH - information

Licensees/Registrants – health care providers, nurse aide registry, and nursing homes/facilities

36. Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Department of Health

Online Services

Oklahoma Licensed Long Term Care Facilities – lists below facilities and if licensed

Nursing Homes

Residential Care Home

Adult Day Care

Assisted Living Centers

Nurse Aide Verification – database – the website below requests the name or certification number to verify if the individual is on the Registry:

37. Oregon
Oregon State Public Health Division

Forms, Regulations, and Licensing

Licensing – information only

Health Resources Development Service

Home Care Administrator Registry

Medical Facilities Division

Long Term Care

Provider and Partner Resources

Health Care Providers and Facilities – general information only

Licensing and Certification – click on within the website page to access

Licenses, Permits, and Registrations

License Lookup – copy and paste below URL into your browser:

Caregiver Registries

Home Health Agency

In-Home Care
38. Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Department of Health

Facilities, Providers, & Managed Care Plans – Nursing Care Facility – Locator Page

Long Term Living website below:

Includes: Caregiving & Family Support - Resources

Health Facility Licensure Regulations

Licensed facilities – information only

Outpatient Facilities

Health Care Facility Locator except Nursing Homes
39. Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Department of Health

Puerto Rico Department of Health – Office of Minority Health

Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professional

Note: Information posted in Spanish
40. Rhode Island
Rhode Island State Department of Health

Topics & Programs

Assisted Living Residence Administrator Licensing

List of Providers and Licensing Authority

Certified Nursing Assistants – provides license verification request database

Health Professions Regulation, Office of

Licensee Lists – database to search for licensees:

Home Health

Provides information on certified, non-certified and non-skilled agencies

Provides licensure and certification information on Nursing Assistants

Nursing Assistants – provides link at bottom of page to check for licensure

Nursing Homes – licensure and certification information

Nursing Home Administrator Licensing

List of Providers and Licensing Authority

Verification of Licensees

41. South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Home Health

Skilled Nursing and Home Health Aide services

Health Facilities

Licensed Health Facilities & Activities Listing – informational only

Residential Care Facilities – informational

Nursing Home/Assisted Living

Regulations, listing, and other information

In-Home Care Providers (currently not licensed)
42. South Dakota
South Dakota Department of Health

Licensing Boards – informational only

Health Care Providers

Health Facility Licensure - Office of Health Facilities Licensure & Certification – informational

South Dakota (SD) Nursing Facilities - search engine for licensure of facility provided below:
Assisted Nursing Facility – same as above search engine for licensure of facility provided below:

43. Tennessee
Tennessee Department of Health

Agency Services

License Verification – search engine for license verification below:
For Those in Need of Health Care – Find health care and research health care options

Find a Healthcare Facility – search engine below:
Nursing Home Information

Health Maintenance Organizations and Other Managed Care Organizations

44. Texas
Texas Department of State Health Services

Licensing and Regulation – Facilities and Occupations

Special Care

Verify a Business or Professional License

The below website provides a Public License Search and states a login is not necessary:
Certified Nurse Aides

Certified through the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)

Texas DADS

Provides information on Assisted Living facilities, home health care, home and community based programs, hospital based, and free standing nursing homes.
45. Utah
Utah Department of Health

Health Services

Licensing and Certification – The Bureau of Health Facility Licensing, Certification and Resident Assessment regulates health care facilities and providers in the State of Utah.

Medical Assistance Programs – Medicaid based and other

Primary Care Network

46. Vermont

Vermont Department of Health

Health Professionals

Licensing and Certification – Other professionals

Look Up a Licensee

Download a List of Licensees – Nursing Home Administrator or Nursing

47. Virginia
Virginia Department of Health

Licensure and Certification – Informational only

Long Term Care and Nursing Homes

Find A Provider – Link is general information

Additional Links – Links of facilities is general information

Home Care and Hospice
48. Washington
Washington State Department of Health

Licenses, Permits, and Certificates

Medical Commission – Medical licensing and resources

Verifications for medical doctors only

Nursing Commission

Nurse Licensing and more – Informational only

Professions – new, renew or update

More – provides alphabetical list of professions and license verification search permitted for providers only

Provider Credential Search – Same as above

49. Washington D.C.
District of Columbia Department of Health

Services – Health Care Facilities

Find a Health Facility – Informational only

Assisted Living Residences

Home Care and Home Health Agencies

Nursing Homes

Facilities Licensing – Informational only

50. West Virginia
West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources

Bureau for Medical Services – Home and Community Based Services

Home Health Services

Personal Care and Private Duty Nursing Services

Obtain a License/Permit – Informational only

51. Wisconsin
Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Family Care – Options for long-term care

Program Operations - Nursing Home Resources in the Family Care Benefit

Aging and Disability Resource Centers

Provides information on in-home care, assisted living, nursing homes, and other long term care facilities.

Find an Assisted Living Provider, Nursing Home or Other Health Care Facility

Licensing, Certification and Permitting – Information only

Caregiver Program

Adult Family Homes

Corporate Guardianships

Feeding Assistant, Medication Aide and Nurse Aide Program

Home Health Agencies

Hospice and Nursing Homes

Personal Care Agencies

Residential Care Apartment Complexes

52. Wyoming

Wyoming Department of Health
Aging Division

Healthcare Licensing and Surveys – Provides a list of agencies and information on the agencies.

State Healthcare Facilities – Informational only

Wyoming Pioneer Home

Wyoming Retirement Center

Wyoming Life Resources Center

Horizons Healthcare Center – long-term care

Veterans’ Home of Wyoming

Long-term Care Services for Veterans in Wyoming

53. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (U.S. DHHS)
This website provides health and human services information for the Nation.

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