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Thesis: Must address the EXTENT that the Jacksonian’s view of themselves as the guardians of POLITICAL DEMOCRACY, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, AND EQUALITY OF ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY was TRUE. Must have a clear, concise thesis.

Outside knowledge:

Spoils system, inauguration shenanigans, kitchen cabinet, excessive use of veto, states’ rights philosophy of Democrats, Jackson’s humble beginnings and belief in “common man,” issues facing recent immigrants (especially Irish) in Northern cities, hatred of Second Bank of U.S. as related to Biddle/Clay and Election of 1832, Peggy Eaton Affair and breakup of his own cabinet/relationship with Calhoun, pet/wildcat banks and demise of Second Bank and results (Panic of 1837), Indian Removal Act supposedly to support people of state of GA, disregards Marshall decision in Worcester v. GA, Trail of Tears, Tariff of Abominations/Nullification Crisis due to economic issues and Jackson does NOT remain true to states’ rights philosophy, Force Bill, Southern Exposition and Protest, Compromise Tariff by Clay that avoids war.

Docs relating to POLITICAL DEMOCRACY: A, E, F

Docs relating to INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY: A, D, E, F, G

Docs relating to ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: B, C, F, H

Student MUST have effectively used documents to prove their stance on whether or not Jacksonians lived up to their ideals and to what extent they honored their beliefs in POLITICAL DEMOCRACY, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, and ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY.

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