Springfield Babe Ruth League Volunteer Application

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Springfield Babe Ruth League Volunteer Application
A copy of valid government issued photo identification must be attached to complete this application.

□ Photo ID seen ________________________________

League Official Signature and Date
Name___________________________ Date of birth _______________ Soc. Sec. #______________
Home phone_________________ Business phone__________________ Cell___________________
Occupation___________________ Employer_____________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________
Special skills, training, certifications_____________________________________________________
Previous volunteer experience ________________________________________________________
Do you have children in the program _______ If yes, at what level? ____________________________
Do you have a valid driver’s license? ________ Driver’s license #_________________ State________
Have you ever been convicted of or plead guilty to any crimes? _______ If yes, describe each in full__
Have you ever been refused participation in any other youth programs? _______ If yes, explain_______
In which of the following would you like to participate? Check one or more.
League official_____ Manager_____ Coach_____ Umpire_____ Other_________________________
Please list three references, at least one of which has knowledge of your participation as a volunteer in a youth program:
As a condition of volunteering, I give permission for Springfield Babe Ruth to conduct a background check on me, which may include a review of sex offender registries, child abuse and criminal history records. I understand that, if appointed, my position is conditional upon the league receiving no inappropriate information on my background. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability the local Babe Ruth League, the officers, employees and volunteers thereof, or any other person or organization that may provide such information. I also understand that, regardless of previous appointments, Babe Ruth is not obligated to appoint me to a volunteer position. If appointed, I understand that, prior to the expiration of my term, I am subject to suspension by the President and removal by the Board of Directors for violation of Babe Ruth policies or principles.

Applicant Signature_____________________________________Date___________________________

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