Specification Content Learning Outcomes

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Specification Content

Learning Outcomes

Teaching and Learning Activities


Introduction to Early Exploration

Students will be able to:
Understand and explain the influence of different factors that helped stimulate early exploration.
Identify and explain the motivations of early explorers.

Students will answer the following questions that will be discussed as an introduction to European exploration.

  1. What are the reasons for space exploration?

  • Colonization; seeking resources; curiosity; international cooperation opportunity (international space station);

  1. What have been some technological spin-offs (laptops, solar power, better batteries, cordless power tools, preserved food); communications systems development; intelligence (spying).

  2. What may go through the mind of an astronaut?

  3. Should humans be exploring space? Why or why not?

Making Inferences

Being able to make inferences is an important historical skill that all students should practice. Based on the reading “ Foundations of European Exploration” students infer what the conditions were like to stimulate exploration in the 1400’s.

Homework Task


Students complete the tasks using their textbooks and classwork and write the answer in extended answer question style.
H/W: Students complete the assigned reading Task

Beck et al (2009)Modern World HistoryPatterns of Interaction, McDougal and Littell pp. 94 - 101

Foundations of European Exploration (word)

Factors that stimulated early exploration (word)

Age of Exploration reading (word)


Students should be able to:

Evaluate documents using SOAPStone and analyze them for POV.

The teacher will begin with a background reading on Columbus using the worksheet who was Columbus. Columbus is often referred as a hero or villain, why?
The Columbian Exchange
Student complete the Columbus inhabitants worksheet

Run to the Hills – make notes on the negative aspects for the indigenous peoples. – brainstorm positive aspects for indigenous

Document Analysis

Using the worksheet the students will examine the documents and determine the positive and negative effects of the Columbian Exchange. Students will then analyze the POV of two of the documents.

H/W: Students will read the article “Columbus: Hero ot Murderer?” and discuss via Todaysmeet.com
Link to the article:



Beck et al (2009)Modern World History – Patterns of Interaction, McDougal and Littell pp. 94 - 101
Who was Columbus (word)
Columbian Exchange Document Analysis (word)
Christopher Columbus Hero or Murderer (word)

Jared Diamond: Guns, Germs and Steel

Students should be able to:
Assess the impact of European Exploration on the Americas

Students complete the questions that supplement the video.
Plenary / Review
The effects of European Exploration on the Americas

Worksheet on Diamonds Conquest (word)
DVD Player


The effects of European Exploration on the Americas (ppt)

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