Specific international criminal courts and tribunals

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International Criminal Justice – Selected Bibliography

Specific international criminal courts and tribunals:

ICC: http://www.pict-pcti.org/courts/bibliographies/ICC.doc

ICTY: http://www.pict-pcti.org/courts/bibliographies/ICTY.doc

ICTR: http://www.pict-pcti.org/courts/bibliographies/ICTR.doc

Sierra Leone: http://www.pict-pcti.org/courts/bibliographies/sierra_leone.doc

Cambodia: http://www.pict-pcti.org/courts/bibliographies/cambodia.doc

East Timor: http://www.pict-pcti.org/courts/bibliographies/east_timor.doc

Kosovo: http://www.pict-pcti.org/courts/bibliographies/kosovo.doc

Other topics related to international criminal justice:

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