Spanish I and II project

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Spanish I and II Project

Integrating History, Art, Literature, and Culture in the Spanish Classroom

Here students make a PowerPoint on the history, art, literature, and culture of a Spanish-speaking country

1. Research a Spanish-speaking country of your choice.

2. Create PowerPoint presentations with the information gathered about your Spanish-speaking country.

3. Don’t forget to integrate history, art, literature, and culture

4. In groups of four — each student choosing one area to research individually. For those students who elected to work by themselves, they would be responsible for all four areas. If they elected to work with a partner (2 people), they would each be responsible for two areas.

5. Site all your sources

6. Present to the class
Essential Question:

1. How has Spanish art, history, culture and literature influenced our lives?

2. How is Spain different from the other Spanish-speaking countries, including the United States?

3. What was the main cause of the Spanish Civil War and how was this different from the American Civil War?

4. Name two famous people, during the Spanish Civil War, who lent their talents to the Spanish cause.

5. What are the names of the King and Queen of Spain?

6. Compare and contrast your family tree to that of the Spanish royal family of Juan Carlos.

  • We will discuss how one culture can influence another: discuss celebrations; identify family members/family trees.

  • How cultures adopt, often in altered forms, aspects and traditions of other cultures.

  • Identify one of the principal artists of the Spanish world along with his/her work: correlate Spanish history to Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”.

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