South in Black and White Final Exam Study Guide 2016

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South in Black and White

Final Exam Study Guide 2016
Blues impulse

Gospel impulse

Jazz impulse

“the invisible institution in the antebellum South”


“Steal Away”

“everybody talkin’ ‘bout heaven ain’t going there”

“Go Down, Moses”

“Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?”

“O Mary Don’t You Weep”

Abraham Galloway

David Walker

Mary Ann Starkey

Equal Rights League


Charles B. Aycock

White Supremacy Campaign

Wilmington Race Riot of 1898

Red Shirts

Fusion movement

“Murder, Memory and the Flight of the Incubus”

March on Washington Movement 1941

Janie Crawford

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

A. Philip Randolph

“social equality”

Detroit Riot 1943

Cold War and civil rights

Brown v. Board of Education

James “Catfish” Cole

“organizing tradition”

“Negro Domination”

Robert F. Williams

“Kissing Case”

Gov. Luther Hodges

“Communist Front Shouts ‘Kissing Case’ to World”

Ellen Williams

Azalea Johnson

“The Crusader”

Women’s Political Council

Montgomery Bus Boycott

E.D. Nixon

Committee for Equal Justice for Mrs. Recy Taylor

Gertrude Perkins

Highlander Folk School

Rosa Parks

Claudette Colvin

Jo Ann Robinson

Tallahassee Rape Case 1959

Fannie Lou Hamer


“master narrative” of the civil rights movement

election of 1948

Amzie Moore

Medgar Evers

“Give Light and the People Will Find A Way”

Ella Baker

Bob Moses

Freedom Rides

Herbert Lee

armed self-defense

“Bob Moses, asked how you organize a town, said: ‘By bouncing a ball.’” (Payne, 243)

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Civil Rights Act of 1964

1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City

Fannie Lou Hamer in the Winona, MS jail




“From SNCC to Slick” and “Mrs. Hamer is No Longer Relevant” (Payne’s chapters)

Black Power

nonviolent direct action (nonviolence)

Lumbees and the Ku Klux Klan 1958”

1959 NAACP convention

“meet violence with violence”

Ethel Azalea Johnson (or “Asa Lee”)

Martin Luther King, Jr. versus Robert F. Williams debate

Greensboro sit-ins

“Radio Free Dixie” (not the book)


Joan Little

Mack Ingram

Claudette Colvin

Tallahassee Rape Case 1959

Jim Clark

Jimmie Lee Jackson

Viola Liuzzo

Norman Cannon

Albany campaign

Laurie Pritchett

Birmingham campaign

“Bull” Connor

Fred Shuttlesworth

Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights

16th Street Baptist Church

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP)

March on Washington 1963

J. Edgar Hoover

Edmund Pettis Bridge


Jim Crow segregation

Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination

Oxford, North Carolina 1970

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