Some Hotels near Emerson Waldorf School Residence Inn by Marriott

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Some Hotels near Emerson Waldorf School

Residence Inn by Marriott 101 Erwin Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 919-933-4848. This is the closest hotel to the school, and features suites with kitchens. It is a short drive of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and many restaurants, but none are within walking distance.
Holiday Inn, Chapel Hill. Fordam Blvd/15-501, CH, 888-452-5765 A family friendly hotel, with a swimming pool and within walking distance (over a busy 4 lane road) of Trader Joe's and several restaurants (Boston Market, Bruegel's Bagels, China Chef). It is a standard, motel-style Holiday Inn, without much character, but clean and efficient. It is about 10 minutes drive from EWS.
Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel, 1 Europa Drive, Chapel Hill, 919-968-4900

Also a family friendly, clean and efficient hotel, about 10 minutes from EWS. It

is just a short drive from the shopping center with grocery store and restaurants listed above.
The Carolina Inn, 211 Pittsboro St. Chapel Hill, (919) 933-2011

This is a deluxe hotel in the middle of UNC campus, just a short walk from Franklin

Street, the center of Chapel Hill, with numerous restaurants and shops. This inn is pricey, but full of character. Blue Grass music concerts on the front porch in the summer, High Teas in the winter. 15 minutes from EWS.
The Franklin Hotel, 311 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, 919.975.5601

This is a luxury boutique hotel in the center of Chapel Hill, on the main street with lots of restaurants and shops.

Sienna Hotel, 1505 E Franklin Street, 800-223-7379

This is a deluxe hotel; about 10 minutes drive from EWS. It has a 'fine dining'

restaurant and is an easy walk from Caribou coffee, two chain restaurants (Appleby's),

and a 10-minute walk from a shopping center with a Whole Foods store and other shops

and restaurants.
Inn Town Apartments, Hillsborough St., 888- 708-1201

One and two bedroom condominiums available for short term stays. Within

walking distance of Foster's, an excellent, informal take-out and restaurant serving

breakfast, lunch and dinner. 10 minutes from EWS.

Durham: There are also many chain hotels on 15/501 in Durham, near the intersection with I-40, which are a short drive from our campus.

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