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Hallenbeck, McKay & Associates (1971-78); Hallenbeck Associates (1978-2002)

Founded by John J. Hallenbeck, Jr., GE (BSCE ’56 Berkeley), who worked for Woodward-Clyde in Oakland, and Alan McKay, SE around 1971. They were based in Berkeley, then Oakland, and finally, in Emeryville. Principals included Edward W. “Tim” Timmons, Geoff Van Lienden, GE (BSCE ’68; MS ’69 Berkeley), Curt Jenson, GE (BSCE ’68; MS ’69 Berkeley), Joseph Michelucci, (BSCE ’75, MS ‘76 Berkeley), Adel G. Kasim (MSCE ’73, PhD ’78 Berkeley), Jim Lott, etc. For many years their chief geologist was Kiyoshi O. “Ki” Tanamachi, CEG (1926-95). Around 2002 Hallenbeck firm was absorbed by Allwest Geoscience, Inc. (founded in 1992 in southern CA as a DVBE firm). Hallenbeck-Allwest is now located in Pleasant Hill (profiled below).

Logistics International Consultants (1977-79); GeoResource Consultants (1979-2008)

Firm originally founded as Logistics International Consultants in 1977 by Alvin K. Joe, Jr., CEG (1945-95). He was the son of Alvin K. Joe, Sr. (BSCE ’37, MS ’39 Berkeley), who worked for EBMUD. His junior partner was Alan D. Tryhorn, CEG (BS Geol ‘69; MS ‘72 Minnesota-Duluth), and the firm’s headquarters was in San Francisco. Prior to this Joe had worked for Hallenbeck-McKay. Vice President and Principal Engineer was Eric S. Ng, GE (BSCE ’73, MS ’74 Berkeley). Staff geologists in early 1980s included Roberta J. Rodrigues-Wright and Lisa Derth, CEG. They also operated an office in Washington, DC, between 1985-87, on contract with the EPA.

Alvin Joe, Jr. died unexpectedly of a heart attack in August 1995, at age 50 and his wife, Jeanie Joe, who was the CFO, took over the reins. In 2006 the firm’s day-to-day operations were taken over by Senior VP Alan Tryhorn, CEG and the firm moved its headquarters to Oakland, around 2002-03. Dr. Robert M.Bob” Pyke and engineering geologist Ken Karaba worked with them for several years. The firm shut its doors in 2008.
Merrill & Seeley (1979-85); MS Geotechnical Consultants (1985-92)

Founded around 1979 by Mike Merrill, PE and Marc Seeley, CEG (BA Geol ’69 Berkeley; MS ’85 CSUH) of Woodward-Clyde’s Oakland office and based in Pleasanton. Their senior geologist was Mike Perkins, CEG (MA Geol ’74 Berkeley, PhD ’98 Utah). The firm dissolved after pile settlement problems associated with the Benicia Marina project, around 1985. A successor firm, MS Geotechnical Consultants, was operated by Mike Merrill, GE, out of Tracy. Their records were later purchased by Alan Kropp. Marc Seeley moved to Herzog as their environmental services manager from 1989-91 before founding Environmental Geology Services, based in Santa Rosa (profiled below).

Richard Weiss Associates (1980-94); dba Aguatierra Associates, Inc. (1994-present)

Founded by Richard Weiss, CEG (BS Geol ’67 NYC; MS EngGeol ’70 Stanford) in 1980, after working for Woodward-Clyde (1972-76) and Harding-Lawson (1977-80). It was the first hydrogeology consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay area with more than two employees. Originally based in Berkeley, it grew rapidly with the geoenvironmental sector in the mid-1980s, and relocated to Emeryville.

Weiss’s first employee was Mike Dresen, CEG, CHG (BS Geol ’76; MS ‘79 CSU-EastBay), who came from Merrill & Seeley in 1982, eventually assuming the role of President and Chief Executive Officer. During their first decade the firm’s largest client was Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Aguatierra Associates was formed as a dba around ~1994, based in Emeryville. Jerry McHugh, Joe Iovenitti, PG, and Bill McIlvride, CEG, CHG (BA Geol Boston U; MS ’82 Massachusettes) are also managing principals. Tom Fojut, PE is their principal engineer and Donald G. Hill, PhD, PGP is senior geophysicist. Don McEdwards, CEG, CHG (BA ’72 CSUN; MS ’73; PhD ’79 Berkeley) and Prof. Jacob Bear (PhD MinE ’60 Berkeley) of Technion Institute in Haifa were two of the consultants Weiss frequently drew upon in their early years. Bear was a renown groundwater modeler, and the author of the 1972 textbook Dynamics of fluids in porous media.
Margason Geotechniques (1983-99)

Edward Margason Geotechniques, Inc. was founded in late 1983 by B. Edward Margason, GE, CEG (BA Geol ’52; MSCE ’63 Berkeley), after he served as Oakland office manager for Woodward Clyde over the previous 25 years. Ed operated Geotechniques from his home in Moraga and specialized in forensic geotechnical engineering with clients such as CalTrans Legal, bay area cities and counties, legal firms, and as a consultant to other geotechnical firms. Around 1999 Ed retired again and moved to Santa Rosa CA, where he served as president of his homeowners association and as consultant on the Rodgers Creek Fault.

Levine-Fricke (1983-95); Levine-Fricke-Recon (1995-98); LFR-Levine Fricke (1998-2008); ARCADIS (2008-present)

Began in 1983 as a two-person geoenvironmental firm founded by geotechnical engineer James D. Levine, PE (MSCE ’79 Berkeley) and hydrogeologist Carl Fricke (BA Geol Augustana College; MA and MS Wisconsin), who had both worked for Woodward Clyde’s Oakland office. The firm has always been based in Emeryville. They combined with Recon Environmental Corporation in October 1995 to become Levine-Fricke-Recon. Carl Fricke left the firm in 1995 and Jim Levine served as president till 1998. Ted Splitter, GE (MSCE ’74 Berkeley) was chief geotech engineer (became CEO of Northgate Environmental in 2000) and Chris Nardi, GE (MSCE ’81 Berkeley) senior geotech engineer in Emeryville, from 1991-2005.

In November 1998 the name of the company was changed to LFR Levine Fricke in California and LFR Inc. elsewhere, because the name Recon" was reserved in a number of western states. In August 1997 Levine-Fricke-Recon and Zurich Services Corp. formed an alliance to venture into the risk management market. In Dec 2000 they acquired Reimer Associates, which became LFR-Reimer. The firm eventually grew to have 450 employees with 29 offices, from Maine to Hawaii, with officers Frank Lorincz, Gary Coates, Kevin Warner, Matthew Sutton, Steven B. Blake, and Steven J. Niparko. In January 2008 LFR Inc. was acquired by ARCADIS, and this integration was completed on Jan 1, 2010. LFR’s Principal Geotechnical Engineer was Jeffery R. Raines, GE. ARCADIS bills themselves as a 15,000 person environmental management and consulting engineering firm.
GeoData, Inc. (1978-90); R.A. Holsinger (1983-2002)

GeoData was founded by Richard A. Holsinger, GE (BSCE ’73, MS ’74 Berkeley) was a general building contractor based in Berkeley, who specialized in geotechnical construction, slope stability, and foundation repairs. R. A. Holsinger was a consulting company based in Oakland. In 2002 Rick Holsinger affiliated with Engineered Soil Repairs in Walnut Creek.

Johnston-Ridley-McConnell (1984-85); Johnson-McConnell (1985-89); Bay Engineers (1990-2005)

Started by Robert E. “Bob” Johnston, PE, Al Ridley CEG, and Jack McConnell, GE of Woodward Clyde’s Oakland office in mid-1984. Originally based in the Kellaway Hardware store on North Main Ave. in Walnut Creek. Al Ridley returned to Woodward Clyde, becoming a senior principal in their Las Vegas office, and later, affiliated with Ninyo & Moore. JRM did a lot of work for insurance companies. After Bob Johnston retired in 1989, Jack McConnell, GE and Norm Brudigam, PE (MSCE ’89 Berkeley) started Bay Engineers, based in Lafayette, around 1990. Around 2005 Jack retired and moved to Santa Maria. David B Hop, PE was another engineer with the firm. Brudigam became President of Klaus Parking Systems, Inc., a German based firm.

Geomatrix Consultants (1984-2008); AMEC Geomatrix Consultants (2008-present)

Founded by Mahmut Otus, GE (BSCE ’56 Robert College; MS ’57 Harvard), Maurice S. ‘Maury’ Power, GE (BSCE ’61 Stanford; MS ’62 Berkeley), Carl Basore, GE (BSCE ’61 UCLA, MS ’62 Berkeley), Charles L. ‘Chuck’ Taylor, CEG (BS Geol ’58 SDSU), Mohamed Radwan ‘Rod’ Akky, GE (MSCE ’70; Ph.D. ’74 UC Davis), and Khosrow ‘Ross’ Sadigh, GE (MS ’66 Princeton; MSCE ’68; PhD ’72 UC Davis). All six of the founding partners came from Woodward Clyde’s office in Oakland/San Francisco, and Geomatrix was initially based in San Francisco, with 10-20 employees at the end of their first year. The firm established branch offices elsewhere as they grew. They dominated the geotechnical work for the Port of Oakland, Caltrans, and many other government agencies. They eventually grew to have branch offices, nationwide.

Other early principals included: Faiz Makdisi, GE (BSCE Amer Univ Lebanon; MS ’71, PhD ’76 Berkeley), Robert ‘Bob’ Youngs, GE (BSCE ’66, MS ’73, PhD ’82 Berkeley), Michael L. Traubenik, GE (MSCE ‘74 Illinois-Chicago), Kevin Coppersmith, CEG (BS Geol ’74 Washington & Lee; PhD ’79 UCSC), Cynthia L. [Shaw] Egan, GE (managed the firm’s Oakland office), Frank S. Szerdy, GE (BSCE ’81 Kings College; MS ’82; PhD ’85 Berkeley), Susan M. Gallardo, GE (BSCE ’80; MS ’84 Berkeley), Pamela H. Rey, GE (BA Geol ’78 Dartmouth; MSCE ’80 Berkeley), Kelly McIntosh, N. Tim Hall, CEG (BA Geol ’61 Hamilton College; MA ‘65 Berkeley; PhD ’84 Stanford), Robert H. Wright, CEG (BA Geol ’68 SJSU; PhD ’82 UCSC). By 1994 the firm had over 300 employees in seven regional offices across the USA. That year Mahmut Otis and Chuck Taylor both retired and attorney Edward A. Firestone (JD ’73 Stanford) served as President of the firm until 1997.

In June 2008 Geomatrix was purchased by AMEC Earth & Environmental. Makdisi, Youngs, and Gallardo served as Vice Presidents and Principal Engineers. Egan retired and Rey moved to Exponent in Oakland.

Leo A. Devito & Associates (1987-93); Geo-Risk Associates (1998-present)

Founded by San Francisco native Leo A. Devito, CEG (BA Geol ’75 SFSU) around 1987 in San Francisco, then as Geo-Risk around 1998, in San Jose. Leo had previously worked for Woodward-Clyde’s engineering geology group in San Francisco. After closing down his Devito & Assoc., Leo served as Kleinfelder’s project geologist for the Silver Creek development in southeast San Jose in the 1990s, where he and Russ Graymer of the USGS identified the Silver Creek Gravels and the Thompson Creek fault (Graymer, R., and DeVito, L., 1993, Geology of the southeast Bay Area Hills, Field Trip Guidebook: Peninsula Geological Society, Palo Alto, California, 18 p.). Former Caltrans District 4 Geologist David G. Heyes, CEG worked with Leo for many years. Leo has also worked as a sub consultant for a number of firms, including Rogers/Pacific.

Treadwell & Associates (1988-91); Treadwell & Rollo (1991-2010); (2010-12); Langan Treadwell Rollo (2010-present)

Founded in 1988 by Donald D. Treadwell, GE as Treadwell & Associates. Don completed his BSCE in 1964 and MS in 1966 at the University of Arizona, then joined Woodward Clyde. He worked on his PhD at Berkeley under Jim Mitchell from 1969-73 (PhD ‘73 Berkeley). His article summarizing his PhD research received ASCE’s Middlebrooks Award in 1976. Don returned to Woodward-Clyde in 1973, and was part of the grioup that departed to found Geomatrix in 1984, where he was an expert in pile foundations and coastal engineering. In 1988 he founded Treadwell & Associates, and was joined by San Francisco native Frank L. Rollo, GE (BSCE ’63 and MS ’64 Berkeley), who had worked for Harding-Lawson’s SF office since 1964. The firm reorganized itself as Treadwell & Rollo in 1991. Rollo also served as President of San Francisco’s Olympic Club in 1992.

In 1993 Richard D. Rodgers, GE (BSCE ’71, MS ‘72 Berkeley) joined the firm as their Senior Geotechnical Engineer, coming from Lee & Praszker. He is now Managing Principal/Exec VP. The original associates included Craig Shields, GE (who left in 2006) and Philip T. Tringale, GE (BSCE ’76 Northeastern; MS ‘77 Drexel; MEng ’79; PhD ’82 Berkeley), came aboard in 1992 and assumed the firm’s presidency in 2003. Other senior associates include: Dorinda Shipman, CHG (BS Ohio, MS Wright State), Hadi J. Yap, GE (PhD ’81 Berkeley), Jeffrey Ludlow, PG (BA Geol Southern Oregon), John Gouchon, GE (BSCE ’84; MS ’85 Berkeley), Lori Simpson, GE (BSCE ’87 Stanford, MS ’88 Berkeley), Maria Flessas, GE (BSCE Illinois, MS IIT), Patrick Hubbard, CEG (BA ‘76 MA ’79 Berkeley), Phil Smith, PG (BA Rhode Island, MA Massachusetts), and Ramin Golesorkhi, GE (PhD ’85 Berkeley) [from Dames & Moore). In 2015 Lou Gilpin, PhD, CEG (profiled below) joined the firm as their chief engineering geologist.

In November 2010 Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, a privately held consulting firm based in Elmwood Park, NJ, with 500 employees in 14 offices around the world, acquired Treadwell & Rollo. The acquisition was the first in Langan’s 40-year history, establishing a coast-to-cast footprint for the company by adding 70 high-caliber professionals from Treadwell & Rollo’s offices in San Francisco, Oakland (in 2000), San Jose (2007), and Sacramento.

Environmental Geology Services (1989-present)

Geoenvironmental and engineering geology firm founded by Marc Seeley, CEG (BA Geol ’69 Berkeley; MS ’85 CSUH) and based in Santa Rosa. Marc had previously worked for Woodward Clyde, then as a principal for Merrill and Seeley, and division manager for Herzog Associates and Roy F. Weston.

Jensen-Van Lienden (1990-2012)

Founded in 1990 by Curtis N. “Curt” Jensen, GE (BSCE ’68; MS ’69 Berkeley) and Geoff Van Lienden, GE (BSCE ’68; MS ’69 Berkeley), who both grew up in Marin County and attended Cal Berkeley for their undergrad and graduate degrees in civil/geotechnical engineering. Both also served as principal engineers at Hallenbeck. Their office was based in south Berkeley, on Alcatraz Avenue. While he was with Hallenbeck and thereafter, Curt Jenson supervised a lot of the geotechnical work that went into the development of Bay Farm Island, dealing with complex consolidation and settlement issues, even employing Menard’s dynamic compaction techniques, etc.

William Lettis & Associates (1990-2007); Fugro/William Lettis & Associates (2007-12)

Founded by Bill Lettis, PhD, CEG (BS ’76 Forestry, Humboldt State; MS Geol ’79; PhD ‘82 Berkeley) in 1990, after he worked for Woodward Clyde and the USGS for several years. The firm originally specialized in neotectonics work, with its biggest client being PG&E. The firm received numerous USGS-NEHRP grants. By 2007 they supported a staff of 75 with annual income of $15 million. Principals included Keith Kelson, CEG (BA Geol ’82 UCSB; MS ’86 New Mexico), Jeff Unruh, PG (BA Geol ’80; PhD ’85 UC Davis), Jeff Bachhuber, CEG (BS Geol ’84; MS ’87 SJSU), Chris Hitchcock, CEG (BS Geol ’90 UCSB; MS ’92 Utah), John Baldwin, CEG (BA Geol ’87 UCSC; MS ’96 SJSU), Mike Gray, CEG (MS Geol ’84 Arkansas), Steve Thompson, PG (BA Geol ’92 Dartmouth; MS ‘97; PhD 2000 Washington), Bill Godwin, CEG (BS Geol ’80 Redlands), Mike Angell, (BA Geol ’85 UCSC; MS ’87 Imperial College), Janet Sowers, PG (BS ’76 Virginia; PhD Geol ’85 Berkeley), Justin Pearce, CEG (MS Lehigh), and many others, including John Wakabayashi (BA ’80 Berkeley; MA; PhD ’89 UC Davis), who went onto Fresno State as a geology prof.

In December 2007 Lettis & Associates were purchased by Fugro NV and Bill Lettis joined Fugro’s board (in 2012 he left to begin a new firm, profiled below). Lettis & Associates acquired Risk Engineering Analysis (founded by Robin McGuire) of Boulder Colorado in ~2008. L&A also maintains offices in southern California, Denver, Boulder, and Augusta. They also opened an office in Hong Kong, managed by Kevin Clahan, CEG.
Engineered Soils Repairs (1992 - present)

Founded in 1992 by Steve O’Connor, PE (BSCE ’81 Oregon State), William J. Gibson, PE (BSCE ’87 SJSU), construction manager Mark Wilhite, and Morgan Anderson after all had previously worked for Ned Clyde Construction. Firm was originally based in Pleasant Hill, moving to Walnut Creek in 1995. ESR is a design-build construction company, who are capable of doing their own geotechnical engineering. They also provide forensic evaluations of damages and cost of repairs. Senior engineers include Chris Wilhite, PE (BSCE ’99; MS 2004 CSU Sacto), Lisa Hobson, PE (BSCE ’94 UOP), and Rick Holsinger, GE (profiled above).

Allwest Geoscience, Inc. (1992 - present)

Founded as a full-service geotechnical and geoenvironmental SBE and DVBE firm in 1992 with offices in Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara and Contra Costa Counties (in Bay Area through acquisition of Hallenbeck Assoc. in 2002). In 2007 the principals included: Ambrose A. McCready, PE (BSCE ’72 CSU Sacramento), Joseph J. Miller, PE (BSEnvE CPSU San Luis Obispo), Mark J. Erickson, PE (BS EnvE CPSU SLO), Michael D. Geyer, PE (BS AgEng, BS Soil Sci ’85 CPSU SLO), Michael L. Leonard, PE (BSCE ’72, MS ‘74 Illinois), Robert T. Quarles, PE (BSCE 2001 Georgia Tech; MS SDSU), and Adel G. Kasim, PhD, GE (BSCE ’71 Iran; MSCE ’73, PhD ’78 Berkeley). Their geologist in San Jose is Rob Wilson, CEG.

Michelucci & Associates (1995-2009)

Founded by Joe Michelucci, GE (BSCE ’75, MS ‘76 Berkeley) principal engineer at Hallenbeck in 1995 and based in Burlingame. They added satellite office in Santa Rosa, which was operated by Dan Caldwell, GE (BSCE ’78, MS ’80 Berkeley), until July 2009. Caldwell previously managed Hallenbeck’s Santa Rosa branch office (from 1985-95).

Northgate Environmental Management (2000-present)

Northgate Environmental Managament is based in Oakland, which opened in January 2000, with Ted Splitter, GE (MSCE ’74 Berkeley), former chief geotechnical enghineer of Levine-Fricke, as a partner and principal of the new firm. In 2002 he was joined by Dennis Laduzinsky, CEG (BS Geol ’75 NE Illinois; MA ’85 UCSB), who served as their principal engineering geologist. Deni Chambers, CEG, CHG (BA Geol ’85; MS EngSci ’88 Berkeley) now serves as the firm’s president, which is a woman-owned business enterprise. Maile Smith, PG (BS Geol SJSU; MS 1998 UBC) serves as principal geologist.

Terra Engineers (2007 - present)

Guilaine L. Roussel, PE (BSCE ’75 Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées-Paris; MS ’78 Berkeley) is President and her husband Robert C. Kirby, GE (BSCE ’69 Northeastern; MS ‘72 MIT) the Vice President of Terra Engineers, Inc., an Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) geotechnical firm, based in San Francisco. Both previously served a VPs of Woodward Clyde. Senior personnel include Richard D. Harlan, CEG (BA Geol CSU Chico), Mark R. Caruso, CEG (BA Geol ’89 and MSCE Berkeley), and Curtis A. Hill. They have been providing innovative solutions to analyze and retrofit earth dams to resist seismic loading, in the South Bay and East Bay areas. In 2007-09 they partnered with Ninyo & Moore to design the seismic retrofitting of San Pablo Dam.
Infra Terra (2011 – present)

Firm founded by Ahmed Nisar, PE (BSCE ’86 Lahore-Pakistan; MS ’88 Berkeley) and Chris Hitchcock, CEG, GISP (BS Geol ’90 UCSB; MS ’92 Utah) as a WMBE firm, also certified as a small business enterprise based in San Francisco (LBE micro), specializing in geologic hazard characterization with engineered solutions for lifelines in the water and energy sectors. Hitchcock previously worked for Lettis & Associates as a task order manager providing geotechnical support for the California Department of Water Resources in the California Bay Delta area between 2003-11. Andy Lutz, CEG also works for the firm.

Lettis Consultants International (2012-present)

In 2012 Bill Lettis and several partners started Lettis Consultants International, Inc. (LCI), headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA with additional offices in Valencia, CA and Augusta, GA. Principal figures include: Bill Lettis, Hans Abramson Ward, John Baldwin

, Serkan Bozkurt, Kevin Clahan, Brian Gray, Andy Lutz, Steve Thompson, Jeff Unruh, Scott Lindvall, Ross Hartleb, Melanie Walling, Frank Syms, Randy Cumbest, Mike Gray, Gabriel Toro, Robin McGuire, John Vlasity, and Julia Phillips.
Dames & Moore Threadline
Dames & Moore San Francisco office (1941-2003)

Dames & Moore was formed in Los Angeles in August 1938. Their first branch office was opened in Seattle in early 1941 and a second in San Francisco, in the late summer of 1941. This expansion resulted from the firm’s involvement on a series of projects for the U.S. Navy and Army, using its soils and foundation engineering skills to assist in the construction of military facilities. During the war D & M also used its expertise in developing “field soils kits” for the Navy Seabees (construction battalions). In 1945 the senior office engineer in San Francisco was William W. Brewer, PE. In November 1947 Brewer and LeRoy Crandall in Los Angeles became the firm’s 3rd and 4th partners, with Brewer managing the San Francisco office between 1947-58. Bill Enkboll and Bill Moore transferred to San Francisco from Los Angeles in 1953-54, and Moore was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering in 1978.

SFO Principals: In 1958 Bill Brewer left the firm to start his own consultancy, leaving partners Bill Moore, William Enkboll, PE and Robert T. Lawson, PE, with Associate Charles L. Nichols. When Lawson departed to join Harding Associates in 1960, Nichols was offered partnership. Leon Winters, PE became Chief Engineer in the wake of Brewer’s departure. By 1966 the partners at the San Francisco office included: Moore, Enkeboll, Malcolm D. Horton, PE, Robert D. Darrah, PE Charles L. Nichols, PE, and Donald F. Javette, PE, with geologist George D. Roberts, CEG were listed as an Associates of the firm. Carl W. Garbe, PE became a partner around 1968 and coastal engineer H. Morgan Noble, PE in 1969. Garbe ran the firm’s Redwood City office in the 1960s and 70s, overseeing the enormous filling of what become Foster City, establishing himself as an industry leader in the handling and placement of dredge spoils.

By the mid-1960s, some of the senior staff included: Joe Jeno, PE, Roger A. Lowe, PE, John W. Desmond, PE, Howard Donley, PE, and Peter Quinn, PE. In 1963 structural engineer Neville C. Donovan, SE (BSCE ’54 Auckland U; MS Princeton; PhD ’59 Ohio State) joined the firm, where he chaired the panel that prepared the ATC-3-06 report and pioneered the use of probabilistic seismic hazard analysis procedures, which he later applied to D&M’s work on the Alaska Pipeline. Some of the 1960s associates included Karl Gauzer, Richard M. Wary, PE, James Angemeer, PE, Bill Wood, PE, and Jogeswar P. Singh, PE.

In the 1960s the D&M staff included engineering geologists George D. Roberts, CEG (1963-65; and again in 1967-75), Francis A. Stejer, CEG (from Porter, O’Brien, and Armstrong in ‘65), George N. Borgman, CEG, Seymour Goodmacher, CEG, Monzell R. Louke, CEG, Donald W. Maltzahn, CEG, Dick Richards, and Will A. Thomas, CEG. Roberts had previously served as the Corps of Engineers South Pacific Division Geologist, followed by assignments in the Kansas City, Little Rock, and Los Angeles Districts before retiring from the Corps 1962, then re-joining them in 1965-67 before retiring a second time. From the late 1970s to mid-1990s Dames & Moore’s senior geologist was Ray Rice, CEG (BSCE, BS Geol ’64 Lafayette College; MS Geol ’67 Rice Univ). He was succeeded by Eric McHuron, PhD, CEG (PhD Geol ‘76 Rice Univ), who then joined Roger Foott & Assoc.

In the 1970s some of the key geotechnical principals added were Julio E. Valera, PhD, GE (BCE and MA Notre Dame; PhD ’68 Berkeley) as a partner, Ed Rinne, GE (BSCE ’61 MS ’63 Berkeley) became a senior principal, J. P. Singh (profiled below) and Sukhmander Singh, PhD, PE (PhD ’79 Berkeley; later CE Dept Chair at Univ Santa Clara). Roger Foott, ScD, GE (profiled below) joined the firm in 1978 and became a managing partner in 1983. Demetrious C. Koutsoftas, GE, NAE (BS AgEng ’68 Technion-Haifa; MS ’71 and CE ’72 MIT) joined the firm in 1973 and became a principal. He managed the Hong Kong office before transferring to San Francisco in 1985 (he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2006, while working for Arup). Willem C. B. ‘Billy’ Villet (partner), Eddy Lau, John Gibbons, and Robert M. “Bob” Pyke (from 1973-76). I. M. Idriss, PhD, GE (BSE ’58 RPI; MSCE ’59 Caltech; PhD ‘66 Berkeley) worked for the Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco offices between 1959-69, before joining Woodward-Clyde. Later partners included Charles V. Logie, William Paratore, and several others. D&M was acquired by URS in 2000.

Derivative firms of Dames & Moore
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