Social Studies Indentured Servants Project

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Social Studies

Indentured Servants Project


Indentured servitude had a significant impact on the colonies. Settlers needed workers to help in planting and harvesting cash crops such as tobacco. Poor people in England who had been displaced from their land needed work. The settlers and the indentured servants signed contracts in which they agreed that the servant would work for the land owners for a certain number of years in exchange for food, clothing and, most importantly, passage to the New World. The land owners were also able to secure more land because they paid the passage of the indentured servant. Often, the landowner did not live up to the contract and abused and mistreated the indentured servant. The servant hoped that once their time of indenture was over they would have an opportunity to own their own land. Once they were free, many moved to the backcountry of the colonies in order to claim their own land.
Project Requirements

Design a poster advertising for indentured servants needed in the English colonies. Include what will be required of the servant, how long they must work, and what will be given to them after their service. Also, describe the English colony that they will be working in.

  • Include the necessary skills needed to be successful

  • Describe the job (what is it, what would the servant be doing on the job)

  • Give a description of the house they would be living in and information about the colony that would attract someone from 3000 miles away (wildlife to hunt, cheap land, fishing, religious freedom, etc.)

  • Include at 3 to 5 facts about the colony the indentured servant will be working in

  • Be very persuasive. Remember that your ad should be so persuasive that it would make someone want to become an indentured servant

  • Use your imagination and be creative!

  • Your poster should be colorful, neat, and your best work. It should be presented in a creative and clear fashion.


October 31
How Project will be Graded

Content (75 points)

Job and Skills description (25 points)

Description of colonial house (25 points)

Facts about the colony (25 points)

Persuasiveness (10 points)

Creativity (10 points)

Neatness/Colorfulness (5 points)

Possible Resources

  • Social Studies textbook

  • Public library

  • Internet resources

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