Social studies 10 research essay questions: Was the Execution of Louis Riel Justified?

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Questions: Was the Execution of Louis Riel Justified?

    1. To what extent was the execution of Riel justified?  Evaluate the role of Riel in BOTH the Manitoba and Saskatchewan rebellions

  • Minimum 1000 words

  • Minimum 3 print sources

  • 2 online sources

  • Annotated Bibliography ( 1-2 sentences on how the source was helpful)

  • Footnotes (Chicago Style)

  • Bibliography page (Chicago style)

Due Dates

Essay outline: Day 1: May 14th (1-3) Day 2:May 13th (2-2)

Annotated Bibliography: Day 1: May 12th (1-3) Day 2: May 9th

Final Essay: Day 1: May 20th Day 2: May 15th (2-2)

Internet research suggestions:

Canadian History Project: Manitoba Joins Confederation

Canada a People's History: The Northwest Rebellion:

Collections Canada, "Louis Riel." :

Linder, Douglas, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law "Famous Trials: Louis Riel Trial 1885.":

Metis Nation of Ontario, "Louis Riel"

University of Saskatchewan, "Northwest Resistance Digitization Project"

Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Every source you use must have an annotation. An annotation includes: an assessment of the source’s reliability, a summary of the sources main idea or argument, and how you intend to use the source’s information.

The bibliography must be in Chicago style and listed in alphabetical order according to author.

1: Introduce the source. Is it a primary source or secondary source? Is it a textbook, article, interview, online encyclopedia etc? Who is the author? What are their credentials? When was it written?

2: What is the main idea or argument? What evidence or details does the source provide to support the main idea or argument?

3: What are the overall strengths of the source to your essay? How will you use the source? What are the overall weaknesses/limitations to the source? Are there gaps in the information/evidence? Is there a clear bias or point of view?

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