Social: Christianity and Western Culture

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Motives for Imperialism

Social: Christianity and Western Culture

Economic: Markets and Resources

Political: Power/Military Power


1820: Missionaries went to bring Christianity

Sugar growers did not want to pay tariff

(Sugar growers had power)


Purchased from Russia for $7.2 million; a result of expansionism.


  • 1853: Matthew Perry went to Japan to “request” ports for trade.

  • 1854: Treaty of Kanagawa gave US two ports to trade.

  • 1905: Treaty of Portsmouth stopped Japan from taking other countries.

  • 1906: Gentleman’s Agreement stopped immigration from Japan.


  • Open Door Policy (2nd presentation) came due to US power against Boxer Rebellion.


  • 1899: USS Maine went to Cuba as a show of force during the Cuban rebellion against Spain.

  • Became a protectorate due to Treaty of Paris.

Puerto Rico

  • 1898: Was taken by US during Spanish American War.

  • 1900: Foraker Act allowed US to set up the government.

  • 1917: becomes US territory


19th century imperialism due to ECONOMIC MOTIVES.

20th century imperialism due to POLITICAL MOTIVES.

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