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Slavery, Source Material and Critical Literature

Author Index

$2,500 reward.

St. Louis, Mo. 1852

(See also The twenty-five hundred dollar reward ...).

Fiche: 53,095 LCP
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot.

South and North; or, Impressions received during a trip to Cuba and the South.

New York, Abbey & Abbot. 1860

LC# 1-21521.

Fiche: A-10,000 LCP
Abdy, Edward Strutt.

American whites and blacks, in reply to a German orthodermist.

London, C. Gilpin. 1842

LC# 11-8346.

Fiche: A-10,433 LCP
Abdy, Edward Strutt.

Journal of a residence and tour in the United States of North America, from April, 1833, to October, 1834.

London, J. Murray. 1835

LC# 1-26738.

Fiche: 51,396-420 LCP
Abel, Annie Heloise.

The American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist; an omitted chapter in the diplomatic history of the Southern Confederacy.

Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clark company. 1915

LC# 15-7825.

Fiche: A-10,009 LCP
La abolicion de la esclavitud y el proyecto del senor Moret.

Madrid, Estab. tip. de T. Fortanet. 1870

LC# 14-8925.

Fiche: A-62,200 LCP
The abolition conspiracy to destroy the union; or, A ten years' record of the "Republican" party.

New York, Van Evrie, Horton & company. 1866

The opinions of William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward ... &c.; LC# 12-2988.

Fiche: A-84,623 LCP
Abolition is national death; or, The attempt to equalize races the destruction of society.

New York, Van Evrie, Horton & co. 1866

LC# 12-2989.

Fiche: A-68,912 LCP
Abolitionism exposed, corrected.

Philadelphia, J. Sharp. 1838

By a physician, formerly resident of the South. With a plan for abolishing the American anti-slavery society and it auxiliaries. By a Tennesseean; LC# 43-38235.

Fiche: A-56,130 LCP
El Abolitionista espanol.

Madrid, Imp. de T. Fortanet.

ano 1; LC# 42-43732.

Fiche: A-75,449LCP
L'Abolitioniste francais, bulletin mensuel de la societe instituee en 1834 pour l'abolition de l'esclavage. t. 1- jan.-fev. 1844- Paris.

AU bureau du journa. 1844

LC# 25-24511.

Fiche: A-62,301 LCP
Adams, Alice Dana.

The neglected period of anti-slavery in America (1808-1831).

Boston and London, Ginn and company. 1908

LC# 9-9274.

Fiche: A-47,017 LCP
Adams, Charles Francis.

Richard Henry Dana, a biography.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company. 1890

LC# 4-16981/4.

Fiche: A-68,754 LCP
Adams, Charles Francis.

Some phases of the civil war; an appreciation and criticism of Mr. James Ford Rhodes's fifth volume.

Cambridge, J. Wilson and son. 1905

LC# 6-3151.

Fiche: A-102,618 LCP
Adams, Francis Colburn.

Justice in the bye-ways.

New York, Livermore & Rudd; [etc., etc.]. 1856

A tale of life; LC# 5-42965.

Fiche: 64,396 LCP
[Adams, Francis Colburn].

Our world: or, The slaveholder's daughter.

New York and Auburn, Miller, Orton & Mulligan. 1855

LC# 6-45939.

Fiche: A-77,675 LCP
Adams, John Quincy, Pres. U.S., 1767-1848.

Speech of the Hon. John Quincy Adams, in the House of Representatives, on the State of the Nation: delivered May 25, 1836.

New York, H.R. Piercy. 1836

Fiche: 52,783 LCP
[Adams, Nehemiah].

The sable cloud: a southern tale, with northern comments.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1861

By the author "A south-side view of slavery"; LC# 5-42973.

Fiche: A-77,698 LCP
Adams, Robert.

The narrative of Robert Adams, an American sailor, who was wrecked on the western coast of Africa, in the year 1810; was detained three years in slavery by the Arabs of the great desert, and resided several months in the city of Tombuctoo.

Boston, Wells and Lilly. 1817

With a map, notes, and an appendix; LC# 5-8629.

Fiche: A-10,019 LCP
Adams, W.E.

The slaveholders' war: an argument for the north and the negro.

Manchester, Union and emancipation society. 1863

Fiche: 12,997 LCP
[Addis, Wellford].

Bibliography [of Negro education.].

[Washington, D.C.]. 1895

Fiche: A-90,181LCP
An address of members of the House of representatives, of the Congress of the United States, to their constituents, on the subject of the war with Great Britain.

Windsor [Vt.]: Printed by Thomas M. Pomeroy. 1812

LC# 19-7270.

Fiche: 40,379 LCP
The address of southern delegates in Congress, to their constituents.

Washington] Towers, printer. [1848]

Fiche: 52,787 LCP
Address of the Free constitutionalists to the people of the United States.

Boston, Thayer & Eldridge. 1860

[2d ed.]; LC# 21-12500.

Fiche: 40,176 LCP
Address of the Free constitutionalists to the people of the United States.

Boston, Thayer & Eldridge. 1860

[2d ed.]; LC# 21-12500.

Fiche: A-26,315 LCP
Address of the Peterboro State Convention to the slaves, and its vindication.

Cazenovia [N.Y.] R.L. Myrick. 1842

Fiche: 52,785 LCP
An address on slavery, and against immolate emancipation; with a plan of their being emancipated & colonized, in 32 years.

New York, S.B. White. 1834

LC# 11-7355.

Fiche: A-26,317LCP
An address to ministers and Christian masters.


Fiche: A-68,503 LCP
Address to the Democracy of Missouri.

[St. Louis?]. 1850

LC# 8-25410.

Fiche: A-26,334 LCP
An address to the people of Great Britain, on the consumption of West-India produce.

[London] I. Phillips [etc.]. 17--

LC# 45-46845.

Fiche: A-26,319 LCP
Address to the people of Maryland, by a farmer and landholder, of Jessup's Cut, Maryland.

[Baltimore] Printed by Bull & Tuttle. 1863

LC# 20-6393.

Fiche: A-10,02 LCP
An address to the respectable people of every colour, and others if you please.

n.p. [1829]

LC# 42-45891.

Fiche: A-10,025 LCP
Adger, John Bailey.

A review of reports to the Legislature of S.C., on the revival of the slave trade.

Columbia, S.C., Press of R.H. Gibbes. 1858

From the April number of the Southern Presbyterian Review; LC# 11-8380.

Fiche: A-10,035 LCP
Adger, Robert Mara.

A portion of a catalogue of rare books and pamphlets, collected by R.M. Adger, Phila., upon subjects relating to the past condition of the colored race and the slavery agitation in this country.

Philadelphia. 1894

Fiche: A-90,183 LCP
Adrain, Garnett Bowditch.

State of the Union. Speech of Hon. Garnett B. Adrain, of New Jersey, in the House of representatives, January 15, 1861.

[Washington, Printed at the office of the Congressional globe]. 1861

LC# 18-15149.

Fiche: 52,789 LCP
African Academy of Arts and Research, New York.

Africa, today and tomorrow. April 1945.

African academy of arts and research. [1945]

Dedicated to Felix Eboue [and] Wendell Willkie. [New York]; LC# 42-2566.

Fiche: A-102,687 LCP
The Age [a southern monthly eclectic magazine].

Richmond, E. Lagarde & co., proprietors. 1864-65

Wm. M. Burwell & Ernest Lagarde, editors. v. 1, no. 1-5; Jan. 1864-Jan. 1865; LC# 6-7742.

Fiche: A-75,440 LCP
The agitation of slavery, Who commenced! and Who can end it!!.

[n. p.]. 1850?

Buchanan and Fillmore compared from the record.

Fiche: 52,791 LCP
Agnew, John Holmes.

Reply to Professor Tayler Lewis' review of Rev. Henry J. Van Dyke's sermon on Biblical slavery; also, to his other articles on the same subject, published in "The World.".

New York, D. Appleton and company. 1861

LC# 11-11590.

Fiche: A-20,352 LCP
[Aguilera, Francisco Vicente].

Notes about Cuba.

[New York]. 1872

LC# 3-25492.

Fiche: A-10,029LCP
Ahumada y Centurion, Jose de.

La abolicion de la esclavitud en paises de colonizacion europea. Exposicion de disposiciones.

Madrid, Imp. de F. Lopez Vizcaino. 1810

LC# 39-3343.

Fiche: A-26,321LCP
Aikman, William.

Government and administration: a sermon preached on the Sabbath succeeding the secession riots in New York city, July 19, 1863.

Wilmington [Del.] H. Eckel, printer. 1863

LC# 15-3863.

Fiche: 40,185 LCP
Aimes, Hubert H.S. (Hubert Hillary Suffern).

Coartacion: A Spanish institution for the advancement of slaves into freedmen.

[n.p.]. 1909

Fiche: A-75,164 LCP
Aimes, Hubert H.S. (Hubert Hillary Suffern).

A history of slavery in Cuba, 1511 to 1861.

New York and London, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1907

LC# 7-23727.

Fiche: A-20,272 LCP
Albertario, Emilio.

Un interessante testo di Giavoleno (D. 41, 2, 24 ex 1. 14 epist.).

Roma, Athenaeum. 1916

LC# 33-22611.

Fiche: A-47,022 LCP
Alcala y Henke, Agustin.

... La esclavitud de los negroes en la America espanola.

Madrid, J. Pueyo. 1919

LC# 29-7677.

Fiche: A-62,079 LCP
[Alexander, Ann (Tuke)].

An address to the inhabitants of Charleston, South Carolina.

Philadelphia; Printed by Kimber, Conrad, & co. 1805

LC# 6-44907.

Fiche: A-26,336 LCP
Alexander, Archibald.

A history of colonization on the western coast of Africa.

Philadelphia, W.S. Martien. 1846

LC# 11-8752.

Fiche: A-68,935 LCP
Alexander, George William.

Liberte immediate et absolue, ou esclavage. Observations sur le rapport de m. de duc de Broglie, president de la comission instituee per decision royale du 26 mai 1840, pour l'examen des questions relatives a l'esclavage et a la constitution politique des colonies francaises; adressees a tous les francais amis de la liberte et de l'humanite par Geo. W. Alexander et John Scoble.

Paris, Firmin Didot freres. 1844

LC# 10-2739.

Fiche: 40,238 LCP
Alexander, William T.

History of the colored race in America, Containing also their ancient and modern life in Africa ... the origin and development of slavery in the Old world, and its introduction on the American continent; the olive trade; slavery, and its abolition in Europe and America. The civil war, emancipation, education and advancment of the colored race, their civil and political rights.

Kansas City, Mo., Palmetto publishing co. 1887

LC# 4-19239.

Fiche: A-10,037 LCP
Alford, Julius C.

Speech of Mr. J.C. Alford, of Georgia, on abolition petitions.

Washington, Printed by Gales and Seaton. 1840

Delivered in the House of representatives, January 22, 1840; LC# CA10-3443.

Fiche: A-47,024 LCP
Alger, William Rounseville.

The genius and posture of America.

Boston, Office Boston daily bee. 1857

An Oration, delivered before the citizens of Boston, July 4, 1857. With preface and appendix; LC# 2-6439.

Fiche: A-47,026 LCP
Alger, William Rounseville.

The historic purchase of freedom.

Boston, Walker, Wise and company. 1859

An oration delivered before the fraternity, in the Music hall, Boston, Dec. 22, 1859, the two hundred and thirty-ninth anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth; 2d ed.; LC# 11-7354.

Fiche: A-10,032 LCP
The Algerine slaves; a poem.

Newburyport, Printed by A. March, 1798 (in Foss, John. A journal Of the captivity and sufferi. [1798?]

By a citizen of Newburyport; LC# 5-14286.

Fiche: A-10,053 LCP
Allard, Paul.

Les esclaves chretiens, depuis les premiers temps de l'eglise jusqu'a la fin de la domination romaine en Occident.

Paris, V. Lecoffre. 1900

3. ed., rev. et augm.; LC# F-2192.

Fiche: A-10,059 LCP
Allard, Paul.

... Les origines du servage en France.

Paris, J. Gabalda. 1913

LC# 17-23491.

Fiche: A-10,072 LCP
[Allen, George].

Resistance to slavery every man's duty.

Boston, W. Crosby & H.P. Nichols. 1847

A report on American slavery, read to the Worcester central association, March 2, 1847; LC# 11-8379.

Fiche: 40,729 LCP
Allen, James Lane.

The blue-grass region of Kentucky, and other Kentucky articles.

New York, Harper & brothers. 1892

LC# Rc-2635.

Fiche: A-68,692 LCP
[Allen, Joseph Henry].

The great controversy of states and people.

Boston, W. Crosby and H.P. Nichols. 1851

LC# 9-27193.

Fiche: A-75,375 LCP
Allen, Joseph Henry.

A reign of terror.

Bangor, Printed by S.S. Smith. 1856

A sermon preached in Union street church, Bangor, on Sunday evening, June 1, 1856; LC# 15-2170.

Fiche: A-47,009LCP
Allen, Stephen Merrill.

Democrat and Republican. Slavery and freedom. Past and present crises.

Boston, A.C. Getchell, printer. 1888

An historical address in behalf of the veteran founders of the Republican party upon the pending dangers of political corruption, anarchical disorganization, and increasing intemperance of the present day. ... Duxbury, June 17, 1888; LC# 43-29611.

Fiche: A-47,028 LCP
Allen, Thomas Newton.

Chronicles of Oldfields.

Seattle, Wash., The Alice Harriman company. 1909

LC# 9-30633 A.

Fiche: 75,377 LCP
Allen, William G.

The American prejudice against color.

London, W. and F.G. Cash; [etc., etc.]. 1853

An authentic narrative, showing how easily the nation got into an uproar. By W.G. Allen, a refugee from American despotism; LC# 1-26231.

Fiche: 42,193 LCP
Allison, John.

The slavery question.

[Washington, D.C., Buell & Blanchard, printers]. [1856]

Speech of Hon. John Allison, of Pa., delivered in the House of representatives, April 1, 1856; LC# 10-31612.

Fiche: A-62,203 LCP
Almada, Jose de.

... Comparative essay on indentured labour at St. Thome and Principe, by Jose de Almada, head-section in the Colonial office, private secretary to the minister for foreign affairs.

Lisbon, National printing office. 1913

LC# 16-9948.

Fiche: A-10,081 LCP
Alonso y Sanjurjo, Eugenio.

Apuntes sobre los proyectos de abolicion de la esclavitud en las islas de Cuba y Puerto Rico.

Madrid, impr. de la Biblioteca de instruccion y recreo. [1874?]

LC# 45-32707.

Fiche: A-75,380 LCP
Alston, William Jeffreys.

The slavery question.

[Washington,Printed at the Congressional globe office]. [1850]

Speech of Hon. Wm. J. Alston, of Alabama, in the House of representatives, April 18, 1850, in Committee of the whole on the state of the Union, on the President's message transmitting the constitution of California; LC# 19-15459.

Fiche: A-62,205 LCP
Alvarado, Hermogenes.

... Segunda conferencia historica de propaganda patriotica, por el doctor Don Hermogenes Alvarado h.

San Salvador, El Salvador, Tip. la Union. 1920

LC# 24-9634.

Fiche: A-68,637 LCP
Alves Pocadas, Jose Augusto.

... La main d'oeuvre indigene a Angola.

Lisbonne, Impr. "A Editora limitada,". 1914

LC# 15-19700.

Fiche: A-55,960 LCP
Alvord, Clarence Walworth, ed.

... Governor Edward Coles.

Springfield, Ill., The trustees of the Illinois state historical library. 1920

ed. with introduction and notes by Clarence Walworth Alvord; LC# 21-27170.

Fiche: A-68,639 LCP
American and Foreign Anti-Slavery reporter.

New York. 1840-1846

2 v.

Fiche: 52,864ALCP
[American and Foreign Anti-slavery Society].

An address to the anti-slavery Christians of the United States.

New-York, Printed by J A, Gray. 1852

LC# 11-7594.

Fiche: A-68,484 LCP
[American and Foreign Anti-slavery Society].

Address to the inhabitants of New Mexico andCalifornia, on the omission by Congress to provide them with territorial governments, and on thesocial and political evils of slavery.

New York, The Am. & for. anti-slavery society. 1849

LC# 11-11727.

Fiche: A-68,496 LCP
[American and Foreign Anti-slavery Society].

The Fugitive slave bill: its history and unconstitutionality; with an account of the seizure and enslavement of James Hamlet, and his subsequent restoration to liberty.

New-York, W. Harned. 1850

3d ed.; LC# 11-25819.

Fiche: A-62,209LCP
American Anti-slavery Society.

Commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the American anti-slavery society, in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, T.S. Dando & co. 1884

LC# 34-5909.

Fiche: A-62,211 LCP
American Anti-slavery Society.

[Erklarung] und constitution der Amerikanischen gegensclaverey-gesellschaft.

Harrisburg, Pa. 1836

Fiche: A-62,207 LCP
American Anti-slavery Society.

Platform of the American anti-slavery society and its auxiliaries.

New York, N.Y. anti-slavery society. 1853

LC# 11-7598.

Fiche: A-68,635 LCP
American Anti-slavery Society.

Platform of the American anti-slavery society and its auxiliaries.

New York, Published by the American anti-slavery society. 1836

Fiche: A-66,688 LCP
American Anti-slavery Society.

Platform of the American anti-slavery society and its auxiliaries.

New York, Published by the American anti-slavery society. 1855

Fiche: A-68,690 LCP
American Anti-slavery Society.

Prejudice against color.

New York. [n.d.]

Fiche: 52,795 LCP
American Anti-slavery Society.

... To the people of the United States; or, To such Americans as value their rights, and dare to maintain them.

[New York, American anti-slavery society]. [1836]

Fiche: 52,793 LCP
[American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions].

On receiving donations from holders of slaves.

Boston, Printed by Perkins and Marvin. [1840?]

LC# 10-33475.

Fiche: A-47,011 LCP
American Convention for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery and Improving the Condition of the African Race.

Minutes of the proceedings ... 1794-1803.

Philadelphia: Zachariah Poulson, Junior, 1794. 1794-1803

Fiche: A-105,775-779 LCP
The American in Algiers; or, The patriot of seventy-six in captivity.

New-York, Printed and sold by J. Buel. 1797

A poem in two cantos; LC# 12-11546.

Fiche: A-10,097 LCP
The American question. Secession. Tariff. Slavery.

Brighton, H. Taylor. 1862

LC# 19-12109.

Fiche: A-47,013 LCP
American slavery.

Boston, B.H. Greene. 1845

A protest against American slavery, by one hundred and seventy-three Unitarian ministers; LC# 11-17858.

Fiche: A-26,324 LCP
American slavery.

[London] E.T. Whitfield. 1851

Report of a meeting of members of the Unitarian body, held at the Freemasons' tavern, June 13th, 1851, to deliberate on the duty of English Unitarians in reference to slavery in the United States. Rev. Dr. Hutton in the chair; LC# 20-23917.

Fiche: A-56,132 LCP
American slavery.

New York, J.A. Gray, printer. 1860

Demonstrations in favor of Dr. Cheever, in Scotland. Letter of sympathy from distinguished clergymen and other gentlemen. Speeches at meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow, by Drs. Candlish, Guthrie, Alexander, Buchanan, and Smyth. And a statement of Dr. Cheever's case, by Rev. H. Batchelor. Letter of Dr. Guthrie to the Presbyterian; LC# 11-7353.

Fiche: A-20,277 LCP
American Society for Promoting National Unity.

[Programme, constitution and proposed members].

New York, J.F. Trow. 1861

LC# 11-20401.

Fiche: A-62,213 LCP
American Statistical Association.

Memorial of the American + Statistical Association, praying the adoption of measures for the correction of errors in the returns of the sixth census.

[Washington, Gales and Seaton]. [1844]

Fiche: A-100,150 LCP
American Union for the Relief and Improvement of the Colored Race.

Report of the Executive committee of the American union, at the annual meeting of the society, May 25, 1836.

Boston, Printed by Perkins & Marvin. 1836

LC# 19-1308.

Fiche: A-10,099 LCP
An American, pseud.

Letter on America slavery.

Edinburgh, Printed by Miller and Fairly. 1846

Addressed to the editor of the "Witness," 8th July, 1846.

Fiche: 12,971 LCP
America's misfortune; or, A practical view of slavery.

Buffalo, Thomas & Lathtrops' steam presses. 1856

By an American; LC# 11-7593.

Fiche: A-62,215 LCP
Americus, pseud.

Thoughts for the times: addressed to the considerate people of the northern states.

London, Printed for the author. 1862

LC# 3-30673.

Fiche: 43,337 LCP
[Amicus], pseud.

Slavery among the Puritans.

Boston, C.C. Little and J. Brown. 1850

A letter to the Rev. Moses Stuart; LC# 19-1003.

Fiche: A-10,436 LCP
Analyse e commentario critico da proposta do governo imperial as camaras legislativas sobre o elemento servil, por um magistrado.

Rio de Janeiro, Typographia nacional. 1871

LC# CA10-3739.

Fiche: A-62,111 LCP
Andrews, Eliza Frances.

The war-time journal of a Georgia girl, 1864-1865.

New York: Appleton. 1908

illustrated from contemporary photographs; LC# 8-27163.

Fiche: 5,288-5,297 LCP
Andrews, Ethan Allen.

Slavery and the domestic slave-trade in the United States.

Boston, Light & Stearns. 1836

In a series of letters addressed to the Executive committee of the American union for the relief and improvement of the colored race; LC# 11-7592.

Fiche: A-62,172 LCP
Andrews, William Trent.

In memoriam.

[Washington] Howard university printed. [1891?]

Tally R. Holmes, of South Carolina, and Col. Joseph T. Wilson, of Virginia. Eulogies by W.T. Andrews and. J.W. Cromwell, held under the auspices of the Bethel literary and historical society of the Metropolitan A.M.E. church ... Dec. 8, 1891, at the John Wesley A.M.E. Zion church, Washington, D.C.; LC# 18-14437.

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