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1A – True Wartime Experience

1st Prize and the Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop Memorial Award – Judy Wilson-Compt – Remember Vietnam, Survive by Forgetting

2nd Prize – George Logan – Hot Buttered Toast - Vietnam 1970

3rd Prize – Alfred Hewitt – Avoiding Death from Several Hundred German Bullets

The Australian Defence Force Journal Award – Michael Muschamp – A Korean Four Leaf Clover

The Ron Brockie OAM Memorial Award – Ronald Becker – The Kokas Raid

Honourable Mentions:

Arthur Haskell – Good Things Happen at Sea

Percy Titchener – Every Man and His Dog

Sam Wijesinha – Entreating with Death

William Woodburn – Journey to Reality

1B – True Life Experience

1st Prize – Clyne Buckingham – A Legacy of ‘Scotland The Brave?’

2nd Prize – Gniare Foster – The Bingo Trail

3rd Prize – Gwenyth Simcoe – Reflections at St Thomas’s

Honourable Mentions:

Florence Craig – Mrs Sand-d-ley

Jill Dawson – In Search of Uncle Les

Patrick O’Donnell – Dealing with Demons

Roni Wildeboer – The Other End of The River

1C – Fiction

1st Prize – John Harris – The War Was Over

2nd Prize – Natalie Gretton – Homecoming

3rd Prize – Dorothy Wright – Supernatural Cat

Legacy Novice Award for a First Year Entrant in Writing – Runner-up – Denise Ogilvie – The Endless Summer

Honourable Mentions:

Iris Allan – A Journey Towards Tomorrow

Geoffrey Guilfoyle – Observation Post B

Meryl Nickels – I Spy

George Rutter – Bed and Breakfast

Marjorie Ward – Meeting Mrs Postlethwaite

1D – Poetry/Prose

1st Prize – Marjorie Ward – Missing

2nd Prize and The Vice Admiral William Rooke Creswell Poetry Encouragement Award – Roni Wildeboer – A Faithful Dog

3rd Prize – John Ricardo – 45 Out in The Shade

Honourable Mentions:

Audrey Dahlstrom – War Letters

Margaret Hay – A Woman After My Own Heart

Colin Montfort – Reunions

Anne Parratt – On The Death of a Priest

1E – Women and War

1st Prize – Lois Dalziel – Women and War

2nd Prize – Pauline Rimmer – Taffi of The Naafi

3rd Prize – Dorothy Wright – Embarkation Leave

Legacy Novice Award for a First Year Entrant in Writing – Winner – Sybil Spall – Radar Mechanics

Honourable Mentions:

Doreen Black – The Women of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria

Judy Wilson-Compt – I Remember When, Survive by Forgetting

Lynne Redman – Joan of Ack Ack

Phyllis Vance – Women in War

2A Art- Oils – Novice

1st Prize – Anne Heyes – Grooming (Sisterly Love)

2nd Prize – Ross Atkins – The Bubble Maker

3rd Prize – Francis De La Rue – Clydesdale Portrait

The RAR Association Novice Award for a First Year Entrant in Painting – Winner – Susan Kacinskas – Friends at Queenscliffe

Honourable Mentions:

Susan Kacinskas – Friends at Queenscliffe

Donna Worrall – Country Autumn River

2B Art- Oils – Experienced

1st Prize – Russell Halden – Mount Sonder - NT

2nd Prize – Anthony Stancombe – On Patrol

3rd Prize – Bette Franke – Firey Sunset on The Yarra

Honourable Mentions:

George Broadhurst – Magic

Keith Nihill – The Bugler

Patricia Stringer – Memories

2C Art – Other Media – Novice

1st Prize – Jack Van Tongeren – Clouds of Comfort (Pencil)

2nd Prize – James Saxton – Road Kill Iguana Creek (Block Ink)

3rd Prize – Joan Gorway – The Form (Acrylic)

The RAR Association Novice Award for a First Year Entrant in Painting – Runner-up – Ron Johnson – Hawkesbury Shed (Watercolour)

Honourable Mentions:

Donald Chalmers – Peace and Harmony

Francis De La Rue – Wattle Reflect

Dianne Hughes – Giraffe

Michael McCrae – My Stalwart Asian Lady

2D Art – Other Media – Experienced

1st Prize – Janice Harris – Silken Beginnings (Pastel)

2nd Prize – Michele Mitchell – HMAS Canberra, Hobart and Perth on manouveur (Acrylic)

3rd Prize – Robert Wadsworth – Return of a Little Yellow Bird at Regeneration Time (Watercolour)

Honourable Mentions:

Lorena Allison – Lorena at 17

Ross Atkins – Persona

Lurlean Butcher – African Ladies Day Out

Alan Chawner – Rat In a Jam

Jessie Orchard – Ultimate Sacrifice

2E Art - Advanced – All Media

1st Prize – Alan Chawner – The Artists Dog “Donna” (Acrylic)

2nd Prize – Lea Jones – Service Rendered (Oils)

3rd Prize – Ilma Duncan – Brolga (Watercolour)

Defence Force Welfare Association Viewers’ Choice Award – Art – Alan Chawner – The Artists Dog “Donna” (Acrylic)

Honourable Mentions:

Anita Daymond – Tiger

Robert Macaulay – Reflections from The Tranquil Water

Maureen Norris – All Seasons

Erif Vincent Australian Landscape

3A Craft – Textile & Fibre

1st Prize – Margaret Hogan – Desert Landscape (Hand Felted)

2nd Prize – May Brown – The Partying Penguins

3rd Prize – Margaret McNeill – Coral’s Bedspread (Hand Crocheted)

Honourable Mentions:

Joyce Burns – Crochet Table Cloth

Zena Dann – Genuine Emu’s Egg Decoupage (Hand Made)

Dianne Hughes – Knitted Babies Circular Shawl

Norma Wylie – Lacy White Patterned Babies Jacket

3B Craft – Needlework

1st Prize – Kathleen Lambert – Tibetan Coat (Quilted)

2nd Prize – Angela Grutzner – Les Boutiques (Quilt)

3rd Prize – John Alexander – Leather Shoulder Bag and Crocodile Wallet

The John Quinlivan TPI Special Recognition Award – Runner-up – David Anderson – Melbourne Tram (Cross Stitch)

The Jessie Mary Vasey Memorial Encouragement Award – Kathleen Lambert – Child’s Dress (Hand Smocked)

The Rehabilitation Work Group Encouragement Award – Winner – Dulcie Chard – Celtic Spring (Cross Stitch and Beading)

The Rehabilitation Work Group Encouragement Award – Runner Up – Annette Neale – Lest We Forget (Cross Stitch)

Defence Force Welfare Association Viewers’ Choice Award – Craft – Barbara Oakes – Yin and Yang (Cross Stitch)

Honourable Mentions:

Valma Brundell – My Unusual Doll

Sue Degrassi – Doily (Hand Made Bobbin Lace)

Sharon Martin – Fabric Puzzle Blocks (Hand Sewn)

Marjorie Wallis – Supper Cloth with Crochet Edge

3C Craft – Ceramics/Glass

1st Prize and The Sir Edmund Herring Memorial Prize – Alan Chawner – Thinking of Home

2nd Prize – Joyce Burns – Knitted Glass Bead Dressed Doll

3rd Prize – Anita Daymond – Ships (China Painting)

Honourable Mentions:

Anita Daymond – Mixed Fruit Bowl (China Painting)

Sue Fricker – Sleeping Beauty

Margaret Jones – Orange and Yellow Roses Jug (China Painting)

Gloria Welch – Lillies Along the Roadside (Vase with China Painting)

3D Craft – Wood

1st Prize – Anne Heyes – Vase / Plant Stand

2nd Prize – Charles Safstrom – Dark Inlaid Blackwood Tea Tray

3rd Prize – Geoffrey Newman – County Class Heavy Cruiser – “HMAS Australia”

The John Quinlivan TPI Special Recognition Award – Winner – Colin Marsh – Mulga Captive Ball (Hand Carved)

Honourable Mentions:

Bill Harris – Simpson and Donkey

Colin Marsh – Mulga Captive Ball (Hand Carved)

Charles Safstrom – Blackwood Walking Stick

Bill Smith – Folding Cedar Whatnot

4A Photography – War/Armed Services

1st Prize – Amanda Brewer – Legacy

2nd Prize – Lynette Denbesten – Story of a Mother’s Son

3rd Prize – Roger King – It’s Finished

The Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia (Victoria) Prize – Winner –

Barry Pearce – Fire Mission - Vietnam 1971

The Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia (Victoria) Prize – Runner Up –

David Anderson – Flags Flying

Defence Force Welfare Association Viewers’ Choice Award – Photography – Amanda Brewer – Legacy

Honourable Mentions:

Elizabeth Brown – Tail End Charlie

Gregory Carr – Avro 504K

Harold Heslop – Reinforcing Gun Pit

Roger King – One Rainy Day

4B Photography – Open

1st Prize – Dorothy Smith – Montsalvat Crypt

2nd Prize – Suzi Duncan – A Day in a Duckling’s Life

3rd Prize – Gregory Carr – Twenty Four-Seven

Honourable Mentions:

Anne Brown – I’ll Protect You

Pamela Green – Bass Coast, Victoria

Raymond Jenner – Steam Power

Brian Start – Snow Gum

4C Photography – Portraits

1st Prize – Margaret Ricardo – Bubbles

2nd Prize – Anne Brown – Dad and His Best Mate

3rd Prize – Amanda Brewer – Slumberland

Honourable Mentions:

James Saxton – Warriors II

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